God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 821

Yue Zhong’s eyes brightened up at those words, “Energy Shields and Converters!”

Yue Zhong had a few equipment that utilized the same concept, such as the Shield of Light from the system, and the Bronze Spiritual Bell. Both were examples.

However, with the passing of time, enemies grew stronger, and the effectiveness of the Shield of Light and Bronze Spiritual Bell diminished. Even so, they were precious defensive treasures.

If he could mass produce such equipment, the casualty rate of Yue Zhong’s soldiers would be brought down a lot, increasing their combat power to a whole new level.

Yue Zhong asked curiously, “Since the Storm Valley has such advanced technology, how come I don’t see your people equipping them?”

Liu Mei’er replied, “Although the Storm Valley possesses the resources and blueprints, we lack the ability to produce them. After all, there are various components required, and only Phinea of the Storm 8 Greats can produce some from Mutant Beast bones. As of now, there are only 40 such shields that could utilize the technology. Those 40 Storm Battle Shields have been brought by Phinea to guard at the Cracked Tooth Gorge, defending against the Dino-General Ku Ken!”

Yue Zhong’s brows arched as he asked curiously, “Defend against the Dino-General Ku Ken? You guys can hold your own against the Dino-people?”

The Dino-people had terrifying strength, which Yue Zhong had seen for himself in Temron Prison. They could summon a dozen Type 4 Low-Grade Dino-Generals and even a single Type 5 Mid-Grade Dino-General at the snap of a finger. With such forces, Yue Zhong could not fathom how the Storm Valley could possibly defend against them.

Liu Mei’er chuckled, “In terms of a frontal clash, of course, we aren’t their match. A single mid-grade Dino-General could lead 4 of his subordinates to wipe out entire forces over at Cracked Tooth Gorge out. However, the peaks of the Gorge are truly high, each peak towering at about 3,000 meters. The cliff walls are steep and hard to climb as well. The valley is narrow and hard to traverse, only allowing a single person through. Phinea had led a thousand of Storm Valley’s finest to stand guard there. Even a Mid-Grade Dino-General would find it hard to pass. Other than that, we also have an alliance with the Winged Race over there. With their help, there is no way that the dino-people can get through the Gorge.”

She turned serious, “In fact, Yue Zhong, if it hadn’t been for my overlooking of Zheng Zhen and Dao Ge, with just their own strength, it’s impossible for them to enter Storm Valley. Even for someone as strong as you, you wouldn’t be able to go against the entire Storm Valley. While every single one of the Storm 8 Greats is below you in strength, with their unique abilities, as long as all of them work together, together with the Storm Battle Armor, even a Type 5 Mid-Grade Dino-General would not be able to beat them.”

Yue Zhong nodded quietly as he listened. He knew that there were many strange abilities out here. Some sick, overpowered individuals could even kill Type 4 experts when they were just Type 3. After all, combat did not rely on just the level of strength they had. There were so many factors involved.

Yue Zhong had come across his fair share of experts stronger than him. Every single one of the Storm 8 Greats was talented geniuses, having strange abilities was not something unexpected. Instead, if they did not have them, they would have been torn apart by the Dino-race long ago.

Yue Zhong suddenly asked, “Can the forces over at Cracked Tooth Gorge defend against High-Grade Dino-Generals?”

That was an existence of the Type 6 realm, Yue Zhong did not expect the Storm Warriors to be able to fend one off just with the power of the Storm Armor alone.

Liu Mei’er laughed bitterly and shook her head, “A High-Grade Dino-General is a demon-like existence. If they were to attack, it would only take a single day for them to crush Cracked Tooth Gorge. Other than fleeing, there’s nothing else we can do.”

Yue Zhong’s heart sank when he heard that, as expected, a Type 6 Divine Warrior was still a terrifying disaster.

Liu Mei’er continued softly, “However, there are not many in the Dino-Race that have reached that level. I think there are only about 20 or 30 of them. They are all overlords and have their own countries or territories. Unless the Dino-King commands them, they would not act easily. Because of that, our Green Region is able to exist. If they were to act, even if all of Green Region banded together, it would not amount to much.”

He sighed before asking, “With Dino-General Ku Ken’s strength, rate the rest of the factions.”

Yue Zhong had a very bad feeling. In this world which was dominated by the Dino-Race, every single faction was a terrifying existence.

Liu Mei’er replied, “Dino-General Ku Ken is a Low-Grade one, he stands guard at Cracked Tooth Gorge, having tried a few times to invade Green Region, but failing each time, thanks to Phinea and her troops. He belongs to the Stegosaurus King’s Kingdom. The Dino-people of the Stegosaurus Kingdom follows the evolution path of the Stegosaurus, each of them possessing a dangerous close-combat ability. Their bodies are usually covered in spikes formed from bones. The King, Ku Raiken is a Type 6 Divine Warrior.”


Yue Zhong frowned, and asked a few more questions, before dismissing her to rest.

The Cracked Teeth Gorge was a crevasse of towering mountains and steep peaks, one of the few natural paths reaching Green Region within the Dolan Mountains, as well as the only path connecting the Stegosaurus Kingdom to Green Region.

At a particular narrow path with cliffs on either side, there was a huge wall of over 200m cast in greenrock.

There was no entrance in the wall, only a number of small bullet holes, with numerous Storm Warrior elites hidden behind, using their electromagnetic guns and battle spears to keep watch.

From time to time, a patrol troop formed out of a dozen winged people would fly one round from above the wall, checking on any potential attacks from the dino-people.

The 3,000m mountain peaks were an insurmountable wall to normal people, but to those of the dino-race, as long as they spent enough time and energy, they could traverse up the 3,000m-tall peaks. Without the Winged Race helping to scout, Cracked Tooth Gorge would have long since fallen.

A pretty lady with her long, blond hair tied up in a ponytail and wearing a Green Storm Armor came to the wall, asking one of her subordinates, “Jenny, how’s it?”

Jenny swiftly replied with respect, “Lady Phinea, there’s nothing out of the ordinary!”

Phinea’s gaze traveled to the dark, distant horizon.

Suddenly, from the skies, there was a blaring sound of an alarm.

Phinea’s face fell as she ordered loudly, “Enemy attack!! Everyone, prepare for battle!”

At the same time, a number of warriors charged into the interior parts of the wall, leaving only a few dozen Storm Warriors with shields.

Soon, from the skies, over 300 of the Winged Race came flying towards the Gorge, their expressions one of shock and fear as they flew over. Right behind them, there were huge swarms of Blood-Sucking Bees chasing after them.

“Ah!! Help!!”



A number of the weaker Winged people were slower and were immediately pounced on by the Blood-Sucking Bees. They struggled in agony for moments before turning into dried corpses, plunging to the ground.

When the rest of the Winged people saw this, they flapped their wings furiously, fleeing as fast as they could. There were only a few hundred of them, if they were caught, it would spell their doom.

When Phinea caught sight of the Blood-Sucking Bees, her eyes turned to one of shock, as she barked, “Prepare your fires!!”

The eyes of one particular pretty Storm Warrior narrowed, as her Type 3 Nucleus glowed. She opened her mouth and spat out a blazing trail of flames towards the skies, enveloping a huge patch of the bees.

As the flames licked around them, their wings were burnt off, and many of them fell towards the ground like rain.

Some of them twisted their bodies, transforming into a cloud of bugs that shot downwards.

Phinea followed up, “Winds!”

Another Storm Warrior waved her hands, sending powerful tornados up into the skies, clashing with the incoming bees. Together with the flames, both skills combined to form a powerful fiery tornado that seemed to blow everywhere, incinerating huge numbers of the bees.

The number of bees was too many, and they came from all directions. One of the Storm Warriors immediately stepped forward and readied her huge shield.

With a light flash, the energy shot out from the shield, forming a large barrier in front of the dozens of warriors at the city wall.

However, while it could protect them, it likewise prevented the fiery tornado from blowing out.

From the holes in the wall, a number of electromagnetic beams shot out at the skies, tearing apart the bees that were in the way.

Many of the bees managed to slip into these gun holes, and soon, there were miserable screams of the countless Storm Warriors from within.

Phinea looked at the cloud of bees and her eyes flashed with anxiety, “Shit! What do we do?”

The number of bees was simply too many, under such circumstances, the threat of these bugs was even higher than a Type 5 Divine Warrior.

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