God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 822

Out here in this pitch-black gorge, where there were bugs everywhere, a number of bright lights radiated out, as large patches of the bees were being shot down, shredded into pieces. However, at the same time, human screams filled the air.

The cloud of Blood-sucking Bees was like a calamity, swallowing everything in their path. No holes could escape their attention, as they got through the various crevices and cracks, pouncing on the Storm Warriors.

The various openings for guns turned out to be their downfall, as the bees made use of those to enter the city wall. However, while they were able to cause a widespread panic as well as some painful screams, they were unable to wipe them out quickly as the numbers flying in were still too little. It was not enough to cause a widespread pandemonium yet.


So far, 6 or 7 unfortunate Storm Warriors had been sucked dry, while the rest had been stung and were in agony, but not dead yet.

Many smart Storm Warriors made use of their belongings to stuff the holes, preventing more bees from entering.

As they were fending off the bees with all their might and will, behind the swarm of bees, a number of dino-people wielding long and sharp bone blades came marching through the narrow valley.

There was something that they had done, which caused the Blood-sucking Bees to ignore them entirely.

At the same time, borrowing the cover of the night, a number of them began to crawl up the face of the cliff, towards the city wall.


The peaks on either side of Cracked Tooth Gorge were truly exceptional and tall, impregnable to most humans. However, to these dino-people, it was not something that they could not handle.

In the past, with the alliance and help of the Winged Race, they could easily kill those Dino-people who attempted to scale the mountains. That was why they had not utilized such a method to attack last time.

Currently, due to the threat of the Blood-sucking Bees, the Winged Race people were actually fleeing, allowing the Dino-people to seize the opportunity and quickly climb.

On the wall, Phinea and the dozen Storm Warriors were being forced into a corner, as the flames continued to fire into the skies, burning many of the bees.

As the flames blazed red and the black swarms of bees clashed together, it created a furious mesh of colors.

All around Phinea, there were countless Blood-sucking Bees trying to get close, however, they were blown away by the tornados, unable to reach her.

Right at this time, a huge bone blade came swinging from the side of the wall, and with a slash, the flame-spitting Storm Warrior was decapitated.

Phinea howled in anguish when she saw it, “Sun Li!!!”

A number of bone spikes appeared from both sides of the wall, making their way towards Phinea and the rest.

3 of the Storm Warriors activated their shields, the Type 3 Nuclei on them glowing brightly, as huge energy shields were generated.

The sharp bone spikes landed on the shields, causing loud clangs, but were ultimately deflected off, while the shields trembled slightly.

Right at this moment, a figure of over 3m, wrapped in thick scales, his body full of bone plates and his claws long and sharp came over slowly. In his hands, there was a long and sharp blade made out of a tailbone. He spoke, “You are the Storm Valley’s Lady Phinea? Truly capable. I have not gotten my hands on such a cute pet before. Come be my pet, I will let you have a good life! If you don’t agree, I will capture you to feed my Red Tooth!”

Seeing that savage Dino-General whose body was emitting a thick blood scent, Phinea was immediately overwhelmed by his aura. She had already utilized the Storm Battle Armor to reach the Type 4 Divine Warrior realm, yet it was not enough to dispel the oppressive feeling.

A number of Dino-Generals came leaping over the wall, wielding bone blades, standing quietly behind this leader. Their gazes were full of bloodlust as they stared at the ladies. The thick pressure and bloodlust caused them to feel suffocated.


Phinea suppressed the fear as she asked, “You’re a Mid-Grade Dino-General from the Stegosaurus Kingdom?”

The Dino-General looked at Phinea with a condescending gaze as though he was staring at a dead person, “That’s right! I’m Ku Hazan, a Mid-Grade Dino-General from the Stegosaurus Kingdom! Do you choose to be my pet, or to die with your people here?”

Phinea revealed a smile as she pressed a button on her Battle Spear, “I choose… mutual destruction!! Let’s perish together!!”


At that instant, a bright light flashed out on top of the city wall, enveloping everything within its radius. The various Storm Warriors were swallowed up and blown apart in pieces, as the earthshaking shockwave traveled outwards. Under the detonation, the entire Cracked Tooth Gorge was forced wider, as rocks and boulders came tumbling down.

By the time the explosion ended, the city wall had been obliterated, leaving behind masses of broken boulders.

A large number of the dino-people on the wall and around it had also been consumed, leaving only about 20 Type 3 Dino-people who had been far away, thus, escaping the area of effect.

These 20 Dino-people began to dig into the rubble and debris right after they recovered from the shock.

“This is General Ku Hazan’s tail!!”

“This is his finger!!”


The 20 of them managed to find a variety of broken limbs and body parts. They stared at them while exchanging looks.

One of them asked, “What now?”

Another quipped, “I think, we can only go back to report this to the Commander!”

The operation this time had cost all the Dino-Generals to be killed, as small fries, they had no choice but to retreat and report.

Soon the 20 Type 3 Dino-people swiftly left in the darkness.

At the moment when the huge explosion occurred, the bright light radiated through the skies, a dirge sounded through the Storm Imperial City.

Luo Qing Qing was currently handling some affairs when she heard the sounds, and her body trembled, her eyes filled with anguish, “Phinea!! You actually chose to die together with those beasts!”

The pain faded quickly, as she summoned a beauty with short, grey hair, “Anina, go delegate your troops, prepare to evacuate Green Region!!”

Anina’s eyes flashed with a solemn look as she nodded, “Understood!”

After she left, Luo Qing Qing swiftly summoned Yue Zhong.

“Yue Zhong, this is the prehistoric tech that our Storm Valley has.” Luo Qing Qing spoke as she shot Liu Mei’er a look, frowning. With a wave of her hands, a Storm Warrior stepped up to hand a golden box to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong opened it up and took a look, noticing that there were indeed many resources and blueprints on the energy converters and shields. His eyes flashed with delight, before looking at Liu Mei’er.

Liu Mei’er spoke softly, “Luo Qing Qing might be overbearing, but her personality is truly trustworthy. Since she has already promised this to you, she wouldn’t go back on her words.”

“Yue Zhong, since you want control over the Imperial City, come with me!”

Luo Qing Qing then stood up and walked off suavely.

Yue Zhong chuckled lightly and followed after.

After passing through a number of corridors, he finally came to a control room with countless monitors, connected by various thick cables, linked to one main central computer.

The computer was supporting over hundreds of displays. However, every single monitor was black, evidently, the computer was not in use.

Luo Qing Qing pointed to it and said, “This here is the central computer of Storm Imperial City. As long as you can control this, you gain control over the entire Imperial City. However, it has already stopped working for over hundreds of years. As to how the Imperial City can stay afloat, and what the technology behind is, I am not sure myself. We can only stay here, but in order to truly control it, you will have to work it out yourself. I’m handing it to you.”


Yue Zhong looked at the central computer and frowned, pulling out his handheld display, revealing Bai Yi.

He asked, “How can I activate this central computer?”

A small radar appeared and began to emit waves, scanning the computer in front of her, as Bai Yi’s eyes turned to flashes of data.

Bai Yi then pointed to one corner of it and said, “Open that small door! After that, place a Type 3 nucleus in and press this button, you should be able to kickstart it.”

Luo Qing Qing looked at Bai Yi with a gaze of wonder.


Yue Zhong followed Bai Yi’s instructions and opened up the small hatch, inserting a Type 3 nucleus, before pressing a button.

At that moment, following a loud whir of gears and power, a number of bulbs started to glow, as the displays all turned on.

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