God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 826

As the party ran through the forest, Liu Mei’er quipped, “You’re intending to use the Green River to drown the dino army?”

Yue Zhong did not intend to hide anything, “That’s right!”

Liu Mei’er looked at Yue Zhong and immediately listed out the problems, “It’s useless! There’re too many strong Mutant Beasts within, over 200 of them residing inside! Not to mention the Type 3 Mutant Beasts. It’s impossible to form a dam with just us! Even if we sacrifice ourselves to do it, how are we going to redirect the water flow?”

Han Zi Xuan did not say anything, but her eyes flashed with agreement. She too did not reckon that the tactic was going to work.

Yue Zhong suddenly said, “Han Zi Xuan, what are your thoughts?”

She replied coolly, “I’ll obey Her Majesty, and listen to your commands!”

In the Storm Valley, Luo Qing Qing’s words were the law, even if Han Zi Xuan did not understand it, as long as it was Luo Qing Qing’s orders, she would carry it out.

“That’s good enough for me! I have my ways!”


Yue Zhong replied indifferently before continuing to run towards the direction of the huge Green River.

Liu Mei’er pouted helplessly before following him.

The party of 3 were powerful experts, and managed to dispose of the low-level Mutant Beasts along the way, finally arriving in front of the huge, gushing river.

He discovered that the Green River was very different from any he had seen on Earth. The width of the river from bank to bank was already over 100 or 200 km, as though one could not see the other side.

With just a look, he could already see many huge Type 4 Mutant Beasts frolicking and having fun in the water.

Other than these enormous beasts, a few Water-type crocodile-like creatures were also swimming within the waters. From time to time, one would observe the water Mutant Beasts engaging in slaughter, causing waves in their struggles.

Yue Zhong could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. If it wasn’t for the trump card in his hands, he would have decided to give the idea up.

Mutant Beasts were hard to deal with, engaging with water-based ones in their own terrain was 10 times hard than those on land. In this Green River, there were numerous gigantic beasts, even if all the top elites of Storm Valley were to come, it would only be suicide to take on these monsters.

Liu Mei’er stood one side and eyed Yue Zhong, her look one of gloating. Although she dare not go against him on the surface, she had long since viewed this plan of his with contempt.

With a thought, Yue Zhong channeled his Summon Tamed Beast Technique, and a void appeared in mid-air, before Greenie came flying out.

Seeing the sudden appearance of the beast, Liu Mei’er and Han Zi Xuan could not help but turn pale, “What the hell is that?!”

Greenie’s wingspan was already more than a hundred wingspan, its body huge and it looked like a mythical beast, exuding a powerful pressure.

At the same time, airborne Mutant Beast might not be the strongest or the sturdiest in defense, but their speed was undeniably the hardest to deal with.

Looking at Greenie, Liu Mei’er immediately turned to run.

Han Zi Xuan, on the other hand, turned pale while she ignited her Storm Armor and its Type 3 nucleus, wielding her Battle Spear to leap forward in front of Yue Zhong, shouting loudly, “Quick, run! This is a Type 4 aerial Mutant Beast, we are not its match!”

Yue Zhong looked at her appreciatively, before saying, “No need to be afraid, it’s my Tamed Beast.”

He took a good look at this suave and brave yet beautiful girl and felt envious. Luo Qing Qing actually had such a powerful and loyal subordinate.

While Yue Zhong had his fair share of loyal youths who would die for him, they were all hot-blooded males. A beauty like Han Zi Xuan who was also an expert in her own right was rare amongst his ranks.

As to the beautiful Liu Mei’er, to Yue Zhong, she was just a pawn to be used. In times of trouble, he would not hesitate to abandon her.

Han Zi Xuan’s mouth was agape with disbelief, “Your Tamed Beast?”

This was a Type 4 Mutant Beast, an aerial one at that. They were hard to subdue, much less a Type 4 one.

The Storm Valley had their own Tamed Beasts as well, but they were mostly Type 2 and below, not comparable with Greenie.

With a powerful gust, Greenie descended from the skies, landing on the ground. Right in front of Han Zi Xuan’s look of disbelief, it lowered its head towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong reached out to pat it, before saying, “I’ll go and observe the river and terrain, stay guarded.”

She nodded silently, before watching him soar to the skies on Greenie’s back.

Her heart was filled with complicated emotions as she thought silently, “This man truly still has so much to show, no wonder Her Majesty is willing to befriend him!”

An aerial Mutant Beast was difficult to deal with, just a Type 4 Greenie was enough to cause the whole Storm Valley to have a headache. If they went against Yue Zhong, they would have to be prepared against this mighty beast, which will wear their energy down. Any single person who dared try to take it on would definitely perish.

She had not understood why Luo Qing Qing would be so courteous to such a man, but now, she was finally convinced.

Liu Mei’er also stepped out from one side, looking up at the skies, her expression one of embarrassment.

“This is it!” Yue Zhong sat on Greenie’s back, looking below. His eyes lit up as he was searching for a perfect spot for a damn, and urged Greenie down.

The location was a small tributary that flowed into Green River, it was fast flowing and less than a hundred meters in width. It was the best location to build a dam.

He got off and observed the surroundings a little, before channeling his Summon Tamed Beast technique again. This time, the gigantic Turtle came out of it.

After Yue Zhong had returned from the Sea of Mutant Beasts, he had fed his Tamed Beasts many Type 4 nuclei, causing most of them to reach the Type 4 Stage.

As Turtle crawled out, it nodded slightly at Yue Zhong, before entering the water. The moment it entered, it swung its tail and caused a huge wave, before it turned around and spat out a frosty air, immediately freezing the huge chunk of water into a block of ice.

As a Type 4 Mutant Beast with an incredible innate power, it was not long before a huge icy wall appeared, forming the rough shape of a dam.

Yue Zhong sat on Greenie and quickly brought the 2 ladies over.

When they got off Greenie’s back, Han Zi Xuan saw the ice dam that had appeared out of nowhere, her eyes full of shock, “The dam was actually done!!”

Liu Mei’er herself stared at the Type 4 Turtle with shock as well.

Yue Zhong replied, “Not yet! This is just the rough shape, the other details require you to fine-tune!”

Turtle had just created these huge blocks as per Yue Zhong’s instructions, but there were plenty of areas that needed more specific and careful adjustments with Han Zi Xuan’s ability. With her, Turtle could quickly create more blocks, and save its energy.

“Understood! I will adjust it now!” She nodded and flashed forwards, immediately beginning work on the huge chunk of ice.

As they were working on the dam, a Type 4 Anatosaurus was attracted and it swam over quickly.

Back on Earth, the Anatosaurus had been known to be land-based. Yet, the Type 4 ones of this world had evolved to be amphibian. In truth, after the various evolutions, many of the dinosaurs on this world were vastly different from those on Earth. The only similarities left would be their looks and names.

Most other Type 3 Mutant Beasts were fearful of Type 4 ones, hence, Turtle’s aura had been enough to scare off most others. However, Type 4 Mutant Beasts were different, each of them highly territorial. Since Turtle had appeared, it was regarded to have intruded on the Type 4 Anatosauruses area. As an overlord, it would not sit and watch idly.

Yue Zhong caught sight of it swimming over and ordered, “Damn! Greenie, take care of it!”

Greenie was soaring above them, and with a flap of its wings, countless hurricanes were generated, before it shot down like an arrow with a Mach-2 speed, its claws stretching out for the head of the Type 4 Anatosaurus.

Aerial Mutant Beasts tend to excel in speed, and while the Type 4 Anatosaurus had an advantage in strength, it was not able to react in time. In an instant, the claws of Greenie pierced through the head of the enormous beast.

Greenie then flapped its wings furiously, channeling its innate ability, causing powerful tornadoes to be generated. It forcefully tugged at the Type 4 Anatosaurus, pulling it out of the water and upwards into the sky. If it had not used its innate ability, it would definitely not have been able to lift such a heavy beast.

The life force of the Type 4 Anatosaurus was pretty strong, and although its skull had been pierced by Greenie’s claws, it continued to struggle and twist, its huge tail swinging up in an attempt to slap Greenie.

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