God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 827

However, the struggles of the Type 4 Anatosaurus was futile. Due to its body structure, there was no way its tail could reach its head. With its short front limbs, there was no way it could claw above its head as well.

Greenie continued to use its ability to flap up high into the skies, before letting go. The gigantic Anatosaurus started to plunge down towards the ground like a cannonball, smashing into the earth and its body was destroyed.


With a forceful peck, Greenie bore into the skull of the Type 4 Anatosaurus, before gobbling up the nucleus as well as flesh inside.

The other Type 4 Mutant Beasts throughout the river saw this and sank back into the water.

The moment they submerged themselves, Greenie would be helpless against them as well. If it tried, those beasts would definitely drag it down underwater.

Yue Zhong continued to stare warily into the distance, after discovering that there were no other strange movements from the Type 4 Mutant Beasts, he heaved a sigh of relief.

On the other side, the seemingly endless army of Dino-warriors was charging without stop towards the direction of Storm Valley.

“Go to hell! Go to hell!!”

In a narrow gorge, 30 Storm Warriors were hidden within the tall grass, each wielding an electromagnetic gun. They fired shots at the passing Dino-warriors.

Blanketed by the countless beams, 2 of the dino-warriors were instantly blown full of holes.

The rest of them leaped up from their mounts, some climbing up the cliff sides, while some others ducked behind cover.

A number of the dino-warriors weaved in and out of the fire, and in a few breaths, one managed to dash in front of a Storm Warrior, opening his huge jaws to clamp down viciously. With a loud snap, the female Storm Warrior’s head was crushed in two, with blood flowing out the Dino-warrior’s jaws.

“Xiao Li!! Beast!!”

Another Storm Warrior besides the unfortunate lady saw her comrade being killed, and let out a scream of anguish, whipping up her Electromagnetic Gun to aim at the Dino-warrior.

To her horror, by the time she brought up the gun, she discovered the dino-warrior in front of her.

With a single swipe, and a flash of a shadow, the head of the pretty warrior was in the claws of the dino-person. There was still an expression of shock and fear on the just-deceased Storm Warrior, her spine still connected to her head. It was a truly gruesome scene.

4 other Dino-warriors also charged into the midst of the Storm Warriors, causing screams to ring out in a manner of seconds.

Soon, the 30 Storm Warriors who had been stationed to defend this post were all wiped out, leaving only one Dino-warrior corpse whose head had been blown apart by an electromagnetic gun.

While the other one had been shot full of holes, his heart and brain had been missed, thus, relying on its regenerative abilities, in just a short matter of time, it was able to return to the battlefield.

When this outpost was destroyed, the dino-warriors continued to surge onward to the next one like a tidal wave.

Their forces were numerous, and there was no faction in Green Region that could stand in their way.

Luo Qing Qing had organized her troops to continue sniping and firing at the Dino-warriors.

Other than leading the elite troop herself, the rest of the units had been deployed out to various areas to impede the dino-warriors, unfortunately, they were quickly obliterated.

The combat strength of these Dino-warriors was truly too powerful. Every one of them had at least a peak Type 3 Divine Warrior strength, even higher than when Yue Zhong first entered the 2nd World. Such monsters could easily become the head of a faction anywhere on Earth. And yet, here, they were just ordinary rank-and-file soldiers.

With such a fearsome army, even though the Storm Warriors were experienced hunters and warriors, there was no way they could fend them off for long.

A number of bright white lights shot to the skies in beams, displaying the last resort that most of them had taken when they failed to fight back the Dino-warriors. These Storm Warriors were not any weaker than any men, yet, when the dino army marched through, they would leave no lives behind.

When the large dino army invaded Green Region, they separated into 4 large units, 3 of them making their way towards the Sun Alliance, Pterosaur Mountain as well as Storm Valley separately, while the last one stayed to hunt any other vagabond factions.

A large swarm of Blood-sucking Bees soared through the skies, ravaging through countless human villages as well as small herds of low-level Mutant Beasts.

A unit of Dino-warriors continued to march beneath these bees, especially to kill any enemy that was able to deal with the bees.

In the forest, the Blood-sucking Bees had their natural enemies, for example, the thick-hide Mutant Titan Beetles, the Type 3 Mutant Rhinoceros Beetle, the Mutant Hummingbirds and various other life forms.

Once any of these appeared, the Dino-warriors below would act out to slaughter them.

The majority of the dino-warriors continued to spread out in various directions, some of the Type 5 experts specially deployed to deal with the tough Type 4 Mutant Beasts.

Under such circumstances, Luo Qing Qing and her subordinates fought hard for 2 whole days, managing to deal with 400 Dino-warriors.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the resistance, their scope of operations was reducing every day, before finally being forced to take a last stand at the entrance of Storm Valley.


The death of 400 dino-warriors had caused the upper levels of the dino-army to take an interest.

At a certain location in Green Region, within a large stone house, over 40 Dino-Generals from the Stegosaurus Kingdom were gathered. They all had impressive physiques and were covered in bone plates. These were Mid-grade Dino-Generals and were at the Type 5 realm.

The commander of them all barked out with a sharp light in his eyes, “In these 2 days, we lost 800 of our subordinates, first was the vanguard wave, then it was those sent to the Storm Valley. What’s going on? We even lost 2 Dino-Generals!”

When the rest of the Mid-Grade Dino-Generals heard this, their faces were one of shock as well. Due to their connections with Zheng Zhen and Dao Ge, they were clear that there had only been Type 4 experts among the humans.

Any Low-grade Dino-General would be able to compare with a human Type 4 Divine Warrior, yet within 2 days, they had lost over 800 subordinates. It was an unbelievable loss.

One of the Mid-Grade Dino-General spoke, “I think we have underestimated the humans. Ku Hazan had lost his life because he had underestimated these humans. They might be weak and can be slapped to death anytime, but their intelligence is not to be taken lightly. They know how to use traps. Because of our oversight, we did not even send a Mid-Grade Dino-General, that was why we failed to suppress them. Based on the intel that Zheng Zhen sent us, the Storm Queen Luo Qing Qing should only be at the peak of Type 4 Divine Warrior. Furthermore, with the enhancement of their Storm Armor, she could reach the Type 5 realm. Without anyone stopping her, our troops would naturally not be able to stand up to her.”

The rest of the Mid-Grade Dino-Generals nodded at those words.

A Type 5 Divine Warrior was truly no joke. A person could easily wipe out hundreds of their ordinary Type 3 Divine Warriors. Without a proper general to suppress such a character, it was impossible for the Dino-army to not suffer losses.

Ku Kinken’s eyes flashed dangerously and ordered, “Since this is the case, Ku Ichimine, Ku Mitsuo, go lead the 3rd Battalion, in these 2 days, I want the Storm Valley’s defense destroyed!”

“Understood! For the glory of His Majesty!” The 2 appointed Mid-Grade Dino-Generals stood up and exclaimed loudly.

Riding 2 Type 3 Pterosaurs, Ku Ichimine and Ku Mitsuo quickly arrived in front of the 3rd Battalion. Not long after, they immediately launched an attack on the entrance of Storm Valley.


The warriors began to get on the long iron chains between the 2 cliffs, crawling over like ants.

The Storm Warriors had long since been prepared and began their own assault on the Dino-warriors on the chains.


One of them had the ability to manipulate the lightning and thunder. Her body glowed with the help of the Type 3 Nucleus behind her, and she grabbed onto one of the chains, allowing a bolt of electricity to flow through the chain.


In the ensuing screams, the dino-warriors began to plunge towards the bottom of the cliff.

The precipice was extremely deep, over 1300m, even with their Type 3 Divine Warrior strength, these dino-warriors would still die from such a fall.

Another Storm Warrior made use of her ability to control wind blades and fired a particularly strong one towards another metal chain.

The wind blade sliced through, causing many of the warriors to have no choice but to leap to avoid it. The moment they leaped up, they were quickly blown apart or ripped to shreds by the raging tornados between the cliffs.


Another dozen warriors on their Pterosaur mounts tried to fly over but were quickly caught in the tornados, flinging them to the bottom of the cliff, their bodies bursting apart upon impact.

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