God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 828

Among the elites of Storm Valley, those who had other abilities numbered little. Most of them were versed in wind-related skills. At the same time, the Storm Battle Armor helped enhance those abilities. Therefore, when those powerful wind blades slashed at the Dino-warriors, many of them would be dismembered or lifted high into the air before plunging down to their deaths.

Luo Qing Qing had not given the order to cut the iron chains precisely because she wanted to utilize them to deal with the Dino-people.

Many of them had powerful jumping abilities, and they attempted to leap over the chasm with their pure might. However, the moment they got too close to the tornado, they would be blown away and smashed to bits.

Borrowing the natural forces of the tornadoes and cliffs of the Storm Valley, within a short time of the battle, over 200 Dino-warriors had been killed without even putting up any resistance.

Ku Ichimine frowned as he watched his subordinates being slaughtered helplessly and ordered, “Suppressing fire!!”

With his order, a number of bow-wielding dino-warriors stepped out and readied their bows and arrows, firing at the opposite side.

The sharp bone arrows shot towards the other side of the cliff like shooting stars, made out of Type 3 and Type 4 Mutant Beasts. Their sharpness was unparalleled, and with the immense strength of the dino-warriors, they could easily pierce through tanks which even heavy machine guns could not.

If there were any downsides to the bone arrows, it would be that they could not be fired out as quickly as heavy machine guns.

With the rain of arrows, a number of Storm Valley warriors were nailed to the ground.

In response, the rest were forced to duck behind cover.

The other dino-warriors took the opportunity to attempt another scaling over the iron chains.

Not long after they started to crawl, the Storm Warriors again came up to the iron chains, unleashing their different abilities.

The Dino-warriors suffered another bout of casualties, with many of them dropping to the bottom of the cliff.

The Dino-warrior archers began to fire a flurry of arrows once more.

On the Storm Warriors’ end, there were a few of them who could utilize the energy shield, and they raised them up, powered by the Type 3 Nuclei. A huge shield appeared, blocking the salvo of arrows.

Protected by the shields, the Storm Warriors quickly came out and launched their attacks once more.

When Ku Ichimine saw this, his expression turned dark.


The terrain of Storm Valley was too dangerous, even harder to navigate than Cracked Tooth Gorge. The natural tornados made it hard for them to traverse.


After a short moment of silence, he gave a cool order, “Build the bone bridge!!”


Many dino-warriors came to the cliff-edge, and from their bodies, a number of bone spikes exploded out as they extended towards the other side.

Over a hundred dino-people had bones bursting out of their bodies that stretched to the other side.

In a few seconds, the bone bridges were formed.

Dozens of them would hug and encircle one another, forming large bone nets.

The other dino-warriors quickly made use of this to clamor over to the other side.

With the appearance of the bone bridge, dozens of Low-Grade Dino-Generals quickly got up, leading 400 Dino-warriors over to the other side, stepping on the blood-filled bones.

At this moment, a few electromagnetic guns that had been hidden fired out continuously, blasting the bone bridges into pieces, shattering them.

Just like this, they found out that the Storm Valley had many of hidden weapons and mechanisms, powerful technology that was powered by the Mutant Beast nuclei.

However, the consumption was large, and based on the terrain of the Storm Valley, once these weapons were used, they were hard to repair and maintain. Therefore, it was under the most extreme of circumstances before these were employed. However, since it was already at such a critical juncture, they had no choice.

With the mass bone bridges being destroyed, even more dino-warriors plunged to their deaths.

One of the Low-Grade Dino-Generals was unfortunate, his movements restricted by the powerful tornado. He was then pierced by 2 electromagnetic shots, forcing him off the bone bridge and he plummeted to his death.

The battlefield was cruel, and luck played an important part. While the Low-Grade Dino-General might have strength similar to Yue Zhong or Luo Qing Qing, he still died under such circumstances.

After all, a single Low-Grade Dino-General could possibly kill Zheng Zhen or Dao Ge on his own, but who would have expected that before he had even seen the other side of the cliff, he would have died?

The remaining Low-Grade Dino-Generals managed to lead some of their warriors successfully to the other side.

Right at this time, with a loud explosion, a number of energy bombs planted at the entrance went off, as a huge beam of light shot up to the skies.

With the explosion going off, many of the Dino-Warriors, together with some Dino-Generals were ripped to shreds.

Ku Ichimine watched this and sucked in a breath of cold air. Had it been him who had led the frontal charge, he might have been the one to be killed.

Before the dust settled, 2 Low-Grade Dino-Generals and 20 Dino-Warriors leaped out from the dust, charging into the midst of the Storm Warriors.

The 2 Low-Grade Dino-Generals were incredibly savage, dashing into the group of Storm Warriors, and quickly tore at their hearts and heads.

Their 20 subordinates were no different, acting like tigers among a flock of sheep. They had suffered earlier due to the Storm Valley’s defenses, but now, with the opportunity to display their might, they quickly made short work of many Storm Warriors.

As they were unleashing carnage, Luo Qing Qing readied her Battle Spear, her entire being exuding a raging storm, as she appeared in front of one of the Low-Grade Dino-Generals in a flash, and sent a thrust into his head.

The Low-Grade Dino-General was prepared for Luo Qing Qing’s attack, as it waved its right hand and sharp claws, slashing at the incoming spear.

A number of sharp wind blades exploded forth from the Battle Spear, tearing the right claw of the Dino-General up. He borrowed the recoil to leap backward.

With a tap of Luo Qing Qing’s foot, she came right after him once more relentlessly. She needed to deal with him as soon as she could.

There were plenty of experts among the Dino-army. If Luo Qing Qing was about to kill this Low-Grade Dino-General soon, there would be 3 others that could easily catch up and defeat her.

The Dino-General raised his right elbow, a sharp bone blade striking at her Battle Spear. The powerful tail of the Dino-General swung towards Luo Qing Qing in response.


If she was struck by that sharp tail, Luo Qing Qing would also be impaled by countless blades, turning into a corpse.

With a wave of her Battle Spear, Luo Qing Qing slammed the bone blade away, pulling her spear back, before thrusting out at the tail of the Dino-General. The wind blades surfaced once more, tearing the tail apart in a shower of flesh and blood.

Having been blocked, the other Low-Grade Dino-General caught up, his own elbow striking towards her face.

Luo Qing Qing had to use her Battle Spear to deflect, with the power of the wind blades, causing the Dino-General attempting to route her to be sent flying.

At this time, the other one who had been forced back slightly, dashed back into the battle to engage Luo Qing Qing.

With 2 opponents now, Luo Qing Qing would not be able to defeat them quickly.

On the other side, the 20 Dino-warriors were being surrounded by the various Storm 8 Greats and their subordinates.

Just when it seemed that the tides of the battle were in favor, a horrifying scene that caused Luo Qing Qing and her subordinates to despair, happened. Over hundreds of dino-warriors had come to the cliff’s edge once more, their bodies exploding, creating large bone nets that extended through the chasm. The dino-warriors started to cross, eyeing the opposite cliff with a savage glint.

This time, Storm Valley had extinguished all means that they could use, once the Dino-warriors got over, they would definitely be defeated.

Luo Qing Qing eyed them, a sense of despair overcoming her as she prepared to shout for retreat.


Ku Ichimine eyed them with a look of excitement, roaring loudly, “Conquer Storm Valley, ransack and slaughter them for 3 days!!”


Hearing Ku Ichimine’s order, the Dino-warriors became frenzied with excitement, their morale surging.


As Ku Ichimine was celebrating, a Dino-warrior ran up to him in panic and shouted, “General! Not good! Water!! There’s water rushing here!!”

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