God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 829

A huge flood was flowing out in all directions of Green Region, the moment they brushed past the dino-warriors, the dino-warriors were submerged and swept away.

It was like a disaster that struck, and as the waters churned towards the direction of Storm Valley, the dino-warriors caught up along the way were swept along as well.

At the same time, there were some powerful water-based Mutant Beasts that appeared and swallowed some of the dino-warriors.

Ku Ichimine quickly rode his Pterosaur and flew up in the air. With a glance, he could see the large water body inching closer towards their position, countless dino-warriors struggling under the water, before being swallowed up by Mutant Beasts.

Once the overlords of the land were submerged, they could not even best the water-based Mutant Beasts and were easily swallowed up.

He saw the incoming flood and his face fell, “Shit!! Quick!! Quick!! Everyone attack!! Get into Storm Valley!!”

If they were submerged by the water, then the entire army would perish at the jaws of those water Mutant Beasts or swept down to the chasm below. While a few might survive on their Pterosaur, the losses would be unimaginable.

With the threat of imminent death, the thousand-plus Dino warriors quickly charged to the edge of the cliff, their bodies splitting as huge bone nets stretched over towards the other side.

A large number of Dino-warriors began to get on the bone nets in a scramble to crawl over. It was the only way of survival, as what was awaiting them if they stayed was the flood.

The Storm Warriors on the other side also stepped up the ferocity of their defenses, many of them ignoring all forms of danger to activate their abilities, destroying the bone nets and sending the dino-warriors to their deaths.

The dino-archers continued to fire their arrows at the Storm Warriors, piercing them and nailing them to the ground.

Hundreds of Storm Warriors charged out from various ambush points, destroying the bone nets as best as they could, sending the Dino-warriors to their death.

From time to time, a number of Dino-warriors would make it through successfully and began to clash with the Storm Warriors.

Both sides continued to fight it out with every fiber of their being, and there were casualties every second.

By this time, Luo Qing Qing’s eyes were bloodshot from the countless slain enemies. The Storm Battle Armor helped push her strength to the Type 5 realm, and she could dispose of any Low-Grade Dino-General in a single blow. She had fended off 6 Low-Grade Dino-Generals that had just crossed. However, under the enhancement of the Storm Armor, her Stamina and Spirit consumption was high, and she could not hold on for long.

On one side, the dino-army was invading crazily, while the other consisted of the elites of the Storm Valley employing all techniques they had to defend.

In terms of strength, the Storm Warriors were not a match for the Dino-warriors, but with the help of Storm Valley’s terrain, it helped balance the conditions, causing both sides to be evenly matched.

The cruel battle continued for a long while, as the flood got closer and closer. Huge troops of dino-warriors would be enveloped by the water and could not even put up a resistance.

With a powerful tidal wave, the thousands of dino-warriors who were gathered at the edge of the cliff were swept by the flood, falling to the bottom of the cliff.

In the skies, Ku Ichimine watched as the numerous dino-warriors struggled, his eyes flashing with pain as he announced bitterly, “The 3rd Battalion is over!”

Many of the other generals also wore expressions of pain and fury, they had almost made it to Storm Valley. If only they had another 3 hours, they could have invaded successfully. Even if the flood came then, they would have been safe on the other side. Falling from the feeling of heaven to the depths of hell, such a huge change was enough to make them throw up blood.

“Damn it!! Damn it!!”

Ku Ichimine roared to the skies in helplessness and fury.

“Long live!!”

“We’re victorious!!”

“Long live Her Majesty!!”


On the other side, the Storm Warriors who were covered in blood saw the flood washing away the dino-warriors and immediately erupted in cheers.

These Storm Warriors knew the difficulty in fending off the naturally-stronger Dino-warriors. Even if they had the upper hand in the terrain, facing their relentless assault, they still suffered greatly. Had it been dragged on any longer, they would have surely lost.

With the flood breaking off any possible reinforcements of the dino-warriors, the majority of the dino-army had been stuck at the edge of the cliff, thus being washed away. Those that managed to cross, other than the 6 held back by Luo Qing Qing, there were only 40 others, and they were currently engaged in battle with the Storm Warriors.

However, even without their reinforcements, the 40 dino warriors were as ferocious as ever, tearing apart a few of the Storm Warriors. Under the leadership of the Storm 8 Greats, and the combined efforts of over a hundred warriors, they managed to finally take down the 40 dino-warriors.

After killing the 40 warriors, the Storm 8 Greats continued to lead their subordinates to take down the Low-Grade Dino-Generals one by one.

With their combined efforts, the Dino-General held out for merely 10 seconds and his head was destroyed by a spear thrust from Luo Qing Qing,


The remaining Dino-Generals increased the ferocity of their attacks, killing another 40 Storm Warriors, before finally being killed by Luo Qing Qing.

“Long live Her Majesty!!”

“Her Majesty is always victorious!!”

“Her Majesty is always victorious!!”


When all the dino-warriors were dealt with, the Storm Warriors erupted in loud cheers once again. They had seen the terrifying strength of the Dino-warriors themselves, if it wasn’t for Luo Qing Qing holding them at bay, they would have been annihilated.

“He actually succeeded!!” In the midst of cheers, Luo Qing Qing looked out towards the chasm, eyeing the countless corpses of dino-warriors, her eyes flashing with a look of surprise.

If it was not for this sudden flood, Storm Valley would definitely have fallen to the invasion of the Dino-army. At that time, Luo Qing Qing and her subordinates could only choose to quickly get up the Storm Battleship and abandon everything in retreat. This area of abundant resources and natural defenses would then fall into the hands of the Dino-race. Without it, the population on the Storm Battleship would not be able to survive for long.

Hai Xi looked at the remnants of the battlefield, and could not help but sigh, “He actually succeeded! What a person! How did they do it?”

Yue Zhong had actually directed such an amount of water from the Green River in these 2 days, rocking Hai Xi’s beliefs. She had not thought it possible.

Luo Qing Qing nodded, her eyes flashing with curiosity as well.

The flood continued to flow unhindered throughout Green Region, causing a number of dino-warriors, Mutant Beasts and dinosaurs to be enveloped and swept along, turning the entire place into a submerged region.

In the waters, a Type 5 Diplodocus was currently swimming lazily, looking like a floating mountain. Beside it, a Type 4 Crocodile Snapping Turtle, and in the air, a mythical and enormous green bird was soaring.

On the back of the Type 5 Diplodocus, there were 2 women and a man, precisely Yue Zhong’s gang.

Yue Zhong sat on top of Type 5 Mount Tai’s back and looked down, discovering many of the dino-warriors struggling in the water, while water-based Mutant Beasts swam up and consumed them.

Behind Yue Zhong, Liu Mei’er and Han Zi Xuan were looking at him with complicated gazes, their hearts in turmoil. They had not expected Yue Zhong to be successful in routing the water flow.

Initially, with the ice blocks, the collected water had been little. However, with Type 5 Mount Tai’s strength, Yue Zhong forcefully destroyed the natural dam of Green River, causing that heaven-calamity flood.

A Type 5 Diplodocus was truly a dangerous weapon, with the ability to destroy an entire faction. When the 2 ladies had seen Yue Zhong summoned Mount Tai out, their eyes almost fell out their sockets.

Mount Tai continued to traverse through the submerged lands leisurely. From time to time, it would open its huge mouth to draw in a deep gulp, absorbing dozens of Dino-warriors into its mouth. With a forceful crunch, the unfortunate dino-warriors would be crushed into meat and blood.

Even Type 4 Turtle was also enjoying itself by gobbling a number of dino-warriors.

Inside the Green River, there were many ferocious Mutant Beasts, once they were unleashed out in Green Region, they immediately went for the dino-warriors. These were Type 3 Divine Warriors, their energy raw and pure. To these Mutant Beasts, they were a delicious source of nutrients, and way to evolve. Hence, the beasts aimed for the dino-warriors to consume them.

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