God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 830

Other than those dino-people, many other land-based Mutant Beasts also became targets for the water-based Mutant Beasts.

Within the waters, one would see various Type 2 Sabertooth Tigers, Type 2 Direwolves, Type 2 Mutant Tigers and other creatures being assaulted by various Mutant Lobsters, Mutant Prawns, Mutant Crabs, even Mutant Piranhas. These overlords on land could only struggle futilely in the water, exhibiting only about 10% or 20% of their prowess. Unfortunately, they were consumed helplessly.

The entire Green Region had become some form of hunting ground, except that this time, the hunters were not the Dino-race, but the aquatic Mutant Beasts, while the prey was everything else, including humans.

Yue Zhong broke the dam of Green River to flood the dino-army, but it also caused countless humans to suffer due to the catastrophic scope of the flood.


As Yue Zhong sat atop the head of Mount Tai, he looked towards the distance coldly.

He could see the equally large Type 5 Triceratops atop the water standing firmly as well, walking slowly but steadily towards the direction of the Stegosaurus Kingdom. On it, there were the upper echelons deployed for the mission this time – 36 Type 5 Divine Warriors. Other than them, there were also hundreds of Low-Grade Dino-Generals, and over 3,000 Dino-warriors.

Just the forces crawling on this Type 5 Triceratops was enough to deal devastating damage to the Saint Clan of the Second World.

Around the Type 5 Triceratops, there were hundreds of Pterosaurs, each of them with a Low-Grade Dino-General riding on top that was keeping a wary eye on their surroundings. There were even 2 other Type 5 Divine Warriors on their own Pterosaur.

The frame of the Type 5 Triceratops was massive, thus the flood was only able to reach its knees, but it was enough to make it hard to move smoothly.

A few Type 4 aquatic Mutant Beasts swam close to the Type 5 Triceratops, eyeing it with wild looks, but not daring to make any moves.


The might of a Type 5 Mutant Beast was too terrifying, especially such gigantic ones. While the flood was enough to affect their combat powers, it was not enough to submerge them fully, thus not causing any major life-threatening conditions.

They continued to stare at the Type 5 Triceratops while circling it constantly, seeking for an opportunity to strike.

While a Type 5 Mutant Beast had terrifying strength, the flood had diminished its combat prowess slightly, causing some of these water-based Type 4 Mutant Beasts to be bolder.

If they could consume it, these Type 4 Mutant Beasts would take a huge leap in their evolution.


Yue Zhong stared at the Type 5 Triceratops and pointed at it while ordering Mount Tai, “Go kill it!”

Type 5 Mount Tai immediately began dashing towards the Type 5 Triceratops.

The various Mutant Beasts circling the Type 5 Triceratops quickly got away, not daring to get in the conflict between 2 Type 5 behemoths.

The various Pterosaurs and their Dino-warriors quickly discovered Mount Tai’s strange actions. Under the lead of their 2 Type 5 Divine Warriors, they swooped over swiftly.

The 2 Type 5 Divine Warriors had already prepared their bows at the maximum tension, in a flash, 2 sharp bone arrows shot down towards Mount Tai, causing 2 bloody holes in its head.

Their attack was enough to break through even the new scale that Mount Tai had recently grown. At the same time, those arrows were covered with a powerful toxin, called the Gods Annihilation Poison, once injured, it would affect the recovery abilities of the Type 5 Mutant Beasts. After all, the toxin was concocted from various poison-attribute Type 5 Mutant Beasts, and it was incredibly lethal.

On the back of a Pterosaur, many Low-Grade Dino-Generals had also nocked their bows, firing sharp bone arrows towards Mount Tai.

The majority were easily deflected by the new scales on Mount Tai’s body, however, some were accurate enough to pierce the wounds of Mount Tai, aggravating the injuries.

Mount Tai stared up at the skies and roared out in fury. Although it possessed immense strength and could level an entire building with ease, it could not do anything about those aerial Mutant Beasts. Its innate ability was its Strength, not wind nor ice, or other elements.

The Type 3 Pterosaurs, together with Mid-Grade Dino Generals, were a powerful combination, hunting various preys. However, they could not do anything to Type 5 Mutant Beasts with elemental attributes.

Intelligent life forms tend to be weaker in terms of strength and abilities but their gap in strength could be covered by their wits and other abilities. This was the terrifying feature of intelligent life forms.

At this time, a powerful tornado blew past, which was the effect of Greenie in the skies activating its innate ability. With the roaring winds, Greenie’s speed was pushed to 2.5 Mach, even faster than the Type 4 Flame Bird.

The speedy Greenie instantly swooped down on one of the Type 3 Pterosaur that was carrying a Type 5 Divine Warrior, flapping its wings. Powerful wind blades shot out, slicing the Type 3 Pterosaur in two.

The Type 5 Divine Warrior could only fall helplessly down to the ground.

Greenie did not chase after the plunging Type 5 Divine Warrior, instead, tearing through the flock of Pterosaurs. Each time it pecked, a Type 3 Pterosaur would be killed, and the Dino-warrior on top of it would plunge together with the corpse.

After consuming a Type 5 Nucleus, although it had not yet reached the Type 5 realm, Greenie had already evolved to a stage where it was more powerful than most Type 4 Mutant Beasts. Those Type 3 Pterosaurs could not do anything to it.

In the skies, the Pterosaurs dropped like rain.

The Pterosaurs that the Type 5 Divine Warriors were riding on were easily killed by Greenie, and they plunged down from the skies.

However, the physique of the 2 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals was truly perverse, not dying even from falling from such a height.

At this moment, a huge tail over a hundred tonnes came slapping down towards the 2 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals.

The moment they plunged into the water, their movement speed was slowed to a crawl. Eyeing the incoming tail, their bodies radiated with their Radiance of Life, reaching out with their hands to try and block the blow.

Type 5 Mount Tai’s tail swung down viciously, instantly destroying the Radiance of Life, slapping the 2 into minced meat. Type 4 Turtle immediately drew a deep breath, sucking in both corpses.

Had they been on normal land, Mount Tai would not be able to do anything to them, because its speed was too slow. However, in water, they were lambs awaiting slaughter. A single slap of its tail was enough to crush the both of them. To a Type 5 human, these Type 5 Dino-Generals were tough, but compared to a Type 5 Mutant Beast, they were truly weak.

Liu Mei’er’s eyes flashed with disbelief as she cried out, “Those 2 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals just died like that? For real? Did my eyes go blind?”

Han Zi Xuan continued to mutter with part-joy and part-disbelief, “It’s real! It’s real!! 2 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals were killed!! They’re dead!!”

Those Mid-Grade Dino-Generals were Type 5 existences, even Luo Qing QIng with her Storm Armor might not be able to handle them.

And yet, 2 of them had died just like that, causing Liu Mei’er and Han Zi Xuan to be thoroughly shocked. These Type 5 existences were top figures among the Dino-race and were invincible existences.

Yue Zhong did not seem to mind their shock, as he pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun to fire at the Triceratops.

A number of beams shot out, blasting above the body of the Triceratops, killing the Dino-warriors gathered on top. At the same time, some of the shots managed to pierce the scales of the Triceratops, causing some bloody holes. However, the recovery of the Type 5 Mutant Beast was terrifying, quickly regenerating at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Yue Zhong continued to kill the Dino-warriors in an unbridled fashion while absorbing their life force through his God and Devil Imprint.

Faced with such an assault, the Type 5 Triceratops was enraged and quickly turned, stomping on the submerged ground, and dashed towards Mount Tai.

Mount Tai also began to launch its own charge towards the Triceratops.


2 island-sized behemoths charging at each other, the tremors and motions caused the water to billow out in waves as the 2 beasts got closer to each other.

Right as they were about to get close, Mount Tai suddenly swung its massive tail, sending out a big wave as it smashed towards the head of the Triceratops viciously.

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