God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 831

The huge tail of the Type 5 Diplodocus was incredibly powerful. With a single swing, the entire Type 5 Triceratops was sent tumbling backward, the intense force reverberating through its body. The dozens of Dino-warriors were all flung off, landing in the water.

In the clash of these two beasts, although there were no other behemoths, there were plenty of aquatic Mutant Beasts awaiting in the water.

The moment those dino-warriors landed in the water, these aquatic Mutant Beasts pounced forward.

In a breath, the screams of the Dino-warriors rang out. They might be the terrifying overlords of the land, but in the water, they were lambs waiting for slaughter.

As for the 36 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals who had Type 5 Divine Warrior strength, they had quickly jumped up into the sky when the two titan-sized beasts clashed, leaping towards the back of Mount Tai.

On the ground, these Mid-Grade Dino-Generals were ferocious fighters, however, if they ended up in the water, then their combat prowess would diminish, and might end up as food for the aquatic Mutant Beasts. Their only path of survival was the back of the Type 5 Diplodocus, and to kill it.

Beside Mount Tai, Type 4 Turtle had opened its mouth and activated its innate ability, sending a gust of freezing air towards all 36 Dino-Generals.

Kacha! Kacha!

When assaulted by the freezing breath, thick layers of ice started to form on the bodies of the Dino-Generals. They also started to fall towards the ground.


The bright glow of the Radiance of Life shone from the bodies of the Mid-Grade Dino-Generals, breaking out of the ice.

However, these Dino-Generals were still in mid-air, and their speed was affected.

It was right at this moment that Mount Tai swung its tail viciously towards these Dino-Generals. In the blink of an eye, 6 Type 5 Divine Warriors were smacked into a meat paste by the sheer force, shooting towards the water.

As a Type 5 Mutant Beast, Mount Tai’s attack style was simple, but with the power and force its body contained, its tail could flatten even some Type 6 Divine Warriors that had no special abilities, not to mention Type 5 Divine Warriors.

As for the rest of the Mid-Grade Dino-Generals that had been frozen due to Turtle’s ability, they had become perfect targets, and Mount Tai continued to swing its tail once more, slamming into another 5 of them, blasting these seemingly invincible existences away.

These 36 Dino-Generals were recognized as the top experts of Stegosaurus Kingdom, with fearsome speed and strength, coupled with their terrifying physique and sharp bone blades. They could suppress any other similar-rank opponents, yet they lacked the ability to fly, thus, they were helpless in mid-air.

Mount Tai’s body was huge, but its swinging of tail was extremely accurate. As it continued to swing it about, it would turn more of these Dino-Generals into meat paste.


“Get into the water!!” The leader of the operation, Ku Kinken roared out in rage, and using a secret technique, he plunged downwards even faster into the waters.

Once he landed in the water, his legs suddenly glowed with the white Radiance of Life, supporting himself on the surface of the water.

The remaining Dino-Generals seemed to stir from their shock and quickly employed similar techniques. They pushed themselves to the water and supported their own standing on the water.

Making use of the Radiance of Life to support themselves on the water, this was a high-level utilization of skill and control. Only Type 5 Divine Warriors were able to do so. At the same time, since the Radiance of Life represented the usage of their stored life force, unless it was a critical situation, few would choose to do so.

Humans could step on water easily by equipping the Sun Armor and relying on the Mutant Beast nuclei. That was using equipment to help. Even Yue Zhong would not be able to do so without relying on equipment or his abilities.

The moment one Dino-General gained his footing, he quickly fled towards the distance.

Mount Tai’s massive tail came swinging down viciously towards a Mid-Grade Dino-General, only to smack into nothing. The Mid-Grade Dino-General had flickered and left the area of impact within a split second.

The intense battle had lasted for only a few seconds, but in those seconds, 30 Dino-Generals had already been flattened into meat paste.

At the same time, the Type 5 Triceratops had already recovered from Mount Tai’s attack. As a Type 5 Mutant Beast, it was naturally not so easy to kill it. Its ability to tank damage was also incredible.

The moment it recovered, it lowered its head, while its limbs dug into the water-filled ground, causing waves to spread out. It then charged towards Mount Tai.

Mount Tai swung its huge tail horizontally, slamming into the body of the Type 5 Triceratops.

The Triceratops shuddered, as it spat out fresh blood. However, it took the hit straight on, enduring the pain and dug its horns into the body of Mount Tai.

The moment those sharp spikes pierced Mount Tai’s body, blood shot out from the wounds in powerful spurts, dyeing the water red, as various Mutant Beasts came fighting over the precious blood.

Mount Tai let out an earth-shaking roar of pain, its huge tail slamming into the Triceratops incessantly. Each time it struck, the Type 5 Triceratops would spit out more blood.

However, the Triceratops continued to withstand the pain while pushing forwards, digging its horns further into the body of Mount Tai.


The combat style of intelligent life forms would be vastly different. As for Mutant Beasts, while it was cruel and gory, it was exceedingly simple, because it was a pure contest of strength and flesh.

Mount Tai continued to roar in pain while slamming its tail continuously, both parties caught in an impasse.

The Mid-Grade Dino-General Ku Kinken saw this and his eyes flashed with gloating joy, “Good opportunity! Everyone!! Go up and kill that beast!!”

If Mount Tai did not have an enemy, in these flooded lands, Ku Kinken and the rest would definitely have to flee and hide.

However, with the Type 5 Triceratops engaging it, it was a good opportunity for these Mid-Grade Dino-Generals.


The moment he gave that order, the surviving Type 5 Dino-Generals shot out with their Radiance of Life, charging towards Mount Tai.

Yue Zhong was on the back of Turtle, and he frowned when he caught sight of those 6 Dino-Generals, “They’re here! Damn bastards, there are still 6 alive!”

Due to the intense battle between the 2 behemoths, each time they clashed, there would be a powerful shockwave, forcing Yue Zhong’s party to get on Turtle’s back.

Yue Zhong patted Turtle’s head and ordered, “Attack!”

Type 4 Turtle immediately channeled its innate ability, opening its huge mouth to spit out a cold air towards those 6 Dino-Generals.


The innate abilities of Type 4 Mutant Beasts could be fearsome. Everywhere the frosty air touched, it would freeze, turning into large chunks of ice.

The faces of the 6 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals fell in horror as they hurried to get out of the way. One of them reacted too slow and was immediately frozen solid.

At the instant he was frozen, an electromagnetic beam shot out, slamming into the body of the Mid-Grade Dino-General.

The ice shattered, while the Dino-General spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. There was huge wound at his right chest.

The injured Dino-General shot a glare at Yue Zhong. With a tap of his foot, his Radiance of Life glowed brightly, as he fled the area. His injuries were not light, and in the waters where the conditions were disadvantageous, it would only be dangerous if he continued to battle. His experience was abundant, thus he would not choose to fight.

“Type 5 Divine Warriors are truly terrifying!” Yue Zhong stared at the fleeing Dino-General with a look of shock. Earlier, that was the combined strongest strikes of Turtle and himself, and yet, it only injured the Dino-General. Had it been on land, he would not even have the chance to shoot at the enemy.

“Kill those humans!”


Ku Kinken had finally caught sight of Yue Zhong, his gaze frosty as he ordered. He knew instinctively that if they did not deal with Yue Zhong, they would have no chance to help the Triceratops.

With Ku Kinken’s order, the Dino-Generals immediately charged forth with savage glints in their eyes, making for Yue Zhong.

Liu Mei’er saw the approaching Dino-Generals and was frightened by their aura, a chill overcoming her heart as she exclaimed, “Let’s flee!!!”

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