God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 832

Liu Mei’er might be a Type 4 expert, however, her strength was in management of affairs and plotting. Combat was not her forte, and seeing the ferocious expressions of those approaching Dino-Generals, she was filled with fear.

As for Han Zi Xuan, even though she was one of Storm 8 Greats, she was also intimidated by the aura of the Dino-Generals. However, she maintained her grip on her weapon, standing steadfast by Yue Zhong’s side with a pale face, intending to guard him.

In these 2 days, Yue Zhong’s miraculous ability to destroy the natural dam of the Green River, while summoning Mutant Beasts that were increasingly more terrifying than the other, had already caused Han Zi Xuan to fully accept Yue Zhong’s strength. Furthermore, with Luo Qing Qing’s order, even if she had to die for Yue Zhong, she would not frown. That was because she was a warrior, one of the best and resolute ones, that would not lose to any men.

Yue Zhong stared at Han Zi Xuan with a tinge of regret, “If only she was my subordinate, that would be awesome!”

Han Zi Xuan was so committed to helping Yue Zhong purely because of Luo Qing Qing’s orders. If Yue Zhong were to go against Storm Valley, she would point her spear back at Yue Zhong.

He threw all these distractions out of his mind, and his gaze fell on the Dino-Generals. He then patted Turtle’s head gently.

Turtle opened its huge mouth, as a powerful frost spread out, enveloping the Dino-Generals.

The 5 of them were already prepared, the moment Turtle opened its mouth, they had dispersed in various directions.

Turtle’s frost managed to freeze only one of the Dino-Generals.

The other 4 had seized the opportunity to wrap themselves in their own Radiance of Life, turning into 4 beams of light that shot on top of Turtle.

Yue Zhong had already donned the light-gold Sun Battle Armor, the Type 5 nucleus glowing brightly. The energy was coursing through his body, pushing him to the peak of the Type 5 realm.

The Type 4 Nuclei Sun Battle Armor would only push Yue Zhong’s strength to the mid of Type 5 realm. As for the light-gold Battle Armor, it could continue to push Yue Zhong’s abilities beyond the Type 5 realm, it was just that his body might not be able to handle, just like how Zheng Zhen’s body started to collapse on itself.

Yue Zhong’s current physique could still handle the peak of the Type 5 realm. If it had been any other human, the max was the mid-realm of Type 5.

When his strength reached that level, Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed as he activated his Gravity Manipulation, causing a powerful gravitational force to weigh down on the 4 Mid-Grade Generals.

They were caught in the sweeping force, and their movements faltered for a moment.


Immediately, Turtle opened its huge mouth to spit out countless ice picks, ice blades, ice arrows towards 2 of the Mid-Grade Dino-Generals. Under the buffeting storm of ice, even a Type 4 Divine Warrior would be torn to shreds.

Facing the sudden assault, the 2 Mid-Grade Generals wielded their bone spears and struck out at the impending rain of ice. Some of the sharp ice picks managed to pierce their body, causing them to be riddled with injuries.

With a single step, Yue Zhong’s body flickered, conjuring 3 clones, each of them wielding the Sun Battle Spear as their bodies were enveloped with Dark Dou Qi. They appeared in front of one of the Dino-Generals and thrust out.

The Mid-Grade Dino-General was in mid-air, and could not utilize any force to dodge. His eyes flashed with a fierce light, bringing his own spear to strike at Yue Zhong.


Yue Zhong and the Mid-Grade Dino-General came to blows, causing a powerful clash and shockwave to spread out.

“Strong! These Dino-people are truly freaks!!”

Yue Zhong felt his hand turn numb from the recoil, the Battle Spear in his hand almost knocked away. His heart was thus filled with shock.

As for the Mid-Grade Dino-General, due to him being in mid-air, he had been knocked flying a few dozen meters, landing beside Turtle.

Turtle immediately opened its mouth to draw a powerful breath, causing the Dino-General to fly into its mouth. With a sickening crunch, blood flowed out of Turtle’s mouth, and the Dino-General was thus consumed.

After sending one Dino-General to his doom, Yue Zhong turned around and noticed Ku Kinken already on Turtle’s back.

Ku Kinken stared back at Yue Zhong, his killing intent billowing. Without any words, he immediately shot towards Yue Zhong. In a breath, he appeared in front of him, sending out a powerful thrust towards him.

Yue Zhong raised his own Battle Spear to meet the incoming strike.

A powerful force traveled from the point of contact, sending Yue Zhong’s Sun Battle Spear flying away.

Ku Kinken’s cold glare was fixed on Yue Zhong, his left hand punching towards Yue Zhong’s chest with a sharp bone blade.

Yue Zhong twisted his body at an unbelievable angle, however, the blade still slashed past his chest, tearing the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake hide, as well as slicing through the Level 5 Defense Vest, leaving a wound which exposed the bones.

At the moment Yue Zhong evaded the killing blow, Ku Kinken’s sharp tail came swinging at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong was caught in a difficult position, unable to dodge further. His left hand opened wide, and 7 Shields of Light flashed out, blocking in front of him.

That sharp tail of Ku Kinken slammed into the energy shields, destroying them one by one at the blink of an eye. However, which each minor impediment, it bought Yue Zhong some time to breath, and he made use of the opportunity to retreat backward.

Ku Kinken lashed out in a roundhouse kick, his leg slamming into Yue Zhong’s body, together with the sharp spikes at his foot. The blow connected with Yue Zhong’s chest, tearing apart his stomach, while sending Yue Zhong shooting back dozens of meters, fresh blood and parts of his broken organs splattering out.

“Fuck! Fucking strong! Mid-Grade Dino-Generals are truly sick existences!!”

After receiving this single kick, Yue Zhong’s chest was split open, his inner organs rattled and injured. If it was not for the insane defense of the Sun Battle Armor, he might have already been split in two.

The ferocity of a Mid-Grade Dino-General was revealed for him to see, completely suppressing Yue Zhong even when utilizing the Sun Battle Armor.

Every Mid-Grade Dino-General was a Type 5 Divine Warrior, an expert that had crawled through battles to reach where they were. It was not advisable for Yue Zhong to engage them in any form of melee combat.

They were squashed to death in front of Mount Tai not because they were weak, but because Mount Tai itself was perverse in terms of strength as well.

Since Ku Kinken had injured Yue Zhong gravely, his eyes flashed fiercely, and his entire person charged towards Yue Zhong like a cannonball.

All of a sudden, a large hole appeared in mid-air, as 10 sharp bone spikes shot out from the void, aiming for Ku Kinken.

His eyes flashed, and he grabbed out with his right hand quickly, twisting forcefully, pulling White Bones from within, and lashing out with a kick.

With a loud crunch and countless shattered bone parts, White Bones’ entire lower body was destroyed by Ku Kinken.

He then tossed casually, sending White Bones hurtling towards the water like a broken rag doll.

Ku Kinken had just incapacitated White Bones, when Yue Zhong channeled his Devil Flame, as a beam of blazing flames shot towards him.

Frowning, he could feel a sense of danger from the red-hot flames. He tapped his foot and retreated explosively, after all, the extension of the Devil Flame could not compare to the speed of such a Type 5 Divine Warrior.

Right then, a green shadow swooped down from the skies at an unbelievable speed, slashing towards Ku Kinken’s body. The powerful Type 4 claws pierced his body. It was precisely Greenie, its speed raised to the maximum, exceeding even Ku Kinken’s reaction time.

This injury was grievous to Ku Kinken, as he spat out a mouthful of blood. He swung his spike tail towards Greenie. At the same time, he channeled his Radiance of Light in a bright flash, combined with the strike of his tail, causing one of Greenie’s claws to break away in a shower of blood.

Greenie was weak in defense in the first place. Although its claws were sharp, they were weak as well, and could not withstand such a blow from a peak Type 5 expert.

Breaking one of the claws, Ku Kinken swung once more, breaking the other, and he tumbled to the ground, escaping from Greenie’s clutches amidst heavy wounds.

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