God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 833

Having suffered such an attack from the Dino-General, Greenie also howled out in misery, flapping its wings to soar higher. One of its claws had been destroyed, even with the regenerative power of the Type 4 Mutant Beast, it would take another 1 or 2 days to recover. Meanwhile, its combat prowess was definitely affected.

Ku Kinken tumbled on the ground once before getting up immediately. At this time, Yue Zhong had already appeared in front of him with his Battle Spear, thrusting viciously.

Ku Kinken’s eyes flashed dangerously, sending an elbow strike. His sharp bone elbow slammed into Yue Zhong’s body, causing his body to crumble and disappear in a puff.


Ku Kinken was shocked, right behind him, another Battle Spear shot out towards his back filled with Yue Zhong’s power. At the same time, his body was weighed down by a sudden gravitational force.


Ku Kinken was also an experienced fighter, without even looking, it swung its sharp tail towards the direction Yue Zhong was at.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed fiercely as the Battle Spear was set ablaze with his Devil Flame, sending a powerful blow towards Ku Kinken’s chest. The Devil Flame instantly enveloped the Dino-General.

At the same time, Yue Zhong was slammed in the chest by the sharp tail. The force, combined with the sharp spikes, were enough to tear through the Sun Battle Armor, piercing into his body. At the same time, the immense force forced him a few hundred meters away. Yue Zhong tumbled for a few rounds, spitting out a large amount of blood.

Ku Kinken was not any better off. His body was enveloped in flames, as he screamed in pain. The Radiance of Life continued to glow, blocking the burning flames.


Liu Mei’er, who had been hiding one side, saw Yue Zhong being sent flying, and her eyes flashed with fear. She turned around to run towards Turtle.

Han Zi Xuan looked at Ku Kinken and his radiance, her eyes flashing with a decisive look. Her Storm Armor glowed as the Type 3 nucleus released its power. Under the enhancement, her strength was raised to the threshold of Type 4. She readied her Battle Spear and charged right behind Ku Kinken, thrusting her spear into his heart.


His heart had been destroyed, the Radiance of Life around him crumbling. The Devil Flames then continued to consume his body, causing him to scream.

As he screamed, his latent combat ability lashed out, as he sent a fist towards Han Zi Xuan’s chest. The terrifying strength burst out, penetrating through her Storm Battle Armor, sending her flying back dozens of meters.

“Damn it!! How can I die here!! How can I die at the hands of these ants!! I’m not willing!!!”

As he screamed, the Devil Flames on Ku Kinken’s body continued to burn, as he turned into a pile of ash, while a large amount of life force went into Yue Zhong.

“Congratulations, you have gained Vitality +30, Endurance +20!”


“Congratulations on killing a Mid-Grade Dino-General, you have gained +3 skill points. Since you have completed your objective, you can also reopen the Gates to the 2nd World.”

The moment the life force of the Type 5 Ku Kinken entered Yue Zhong’s body, a number of notifications rang out, at the same time, with the enhancement, Yue Zhong’s Regeneration kicked in and his wounds began to heal.

The Type 5 Divine Warrior’s life force was even more precious than the meat of a Type 5 Mutant Beast. With its nourishment, Yue Zhong’s Regeneration could exhibit its fullest potential, his wounds healing at a visible rate.


Once he could move, Yue Zhong flashed and appeared beside Han Zi Xuan.

Currently, her chest had been blasted wide open by Ku Kinken, and one could see her destroyed organs and flesh. It was a terrifying sight, and she was not far from death. Although she was a peak-Type 3 Divine Warrior, she did not have Yue Zhong’s Regeneration. To most normal people, having their chest burst open and their organs destroyed would be extremely fatal.

Han Zi Xuan’s eyes were half-closed and she could not say anything. She just looked at him, a look of comfort flashing past her eyes. At least she had completed her mission as a warrior.

The life force of humans was not comparable to Dino-people. Ku Kinken was able to scream and make noise even with his heart penetrated. As for humans, once their hearts were pierced, most would die on the spot. Other than some special cases like Yue Zhong, or those who had life extension-related abilities.

Yue Zhong grabbed her pale hands and barked out, “Don’t give up! With me around, you will not die!”

To those heavily injured, willpower was an important factor. If they did not have the intention to fight for their lives, then even the most miraculous medicine would not be able to drag them from away from death.

With that, Yue Zhong then pulled out the vial of the Type 9 expert’s blood. He took one in his mouth and quickly bent down to kiss Han Zi Xuan on her lips, passing the drop of blood through her throat.

A Type 9 Divine Warrior was extremely powerful, reaching the levels of god-like existences. Each of them would be mythical or legendary characters. Their blood held precious and valuable opportunities. To lower-level lifeforms, it was a sort of miracle drug.

The moment the blood entered Han Zi Xuan’s body, a large life force coursed through her body, instantly repairing her broken parts, healing the various wounds and injuries. Even her eyes regained some form of spirit.

When she regained her energy, she saw Yue Zhong kissing her and her eyes flashed with embarrassment, and her face flushed.

Yue Zhong lifted his head and saw this valiant female warrior, her expression one of shyness now, and his heart could not help but skip a beat. However, he recovered quickly, and barked, “Liu Mei’er! Come over!! Take care of Han Zi Xuan! If she dies, you can forget about living also!”


Liu Mei’er heard his tone and her face changed, gritting her teeth to reply, “Yes!”

She was clear that Yue Zhong was someone who would kill without batting an eyelid. If she dared to disobey him, she might really incur his wrath. Even with her looks, it would not help her one bit.

After she was called over, Yue Zhong gently placed the brave Han Zi Xuan down, while allocating the 3 skill points to his Dark Dou Qi, reaching the +2 stage. With a tap of his foot, he charged over to Turtle.

There were still 3 Mid-Grade Dino-Generals that were not dead, if any of them were to get on Turtle’s back, their party would perish.

The combat abilities of a Mid-Grade Dino-General was too terrifying. Even with his light-gold Sun Armor, he was struggling against them.


He swiftly arrived at Turtle’s head, only to see Turtle opening its jaws to fire out an icy storm at the 3 Dino-Generals.

They were still on the water, trying to dodge Turtle’s attacks. At the same time, they were trying to get closer.

Turtle was extremely crafty though, as it spat out the ice picks, it would retreat slowly. Each time the 3 Dino-Generals got closer, it would then utilize its innate ability to fire out a snowstorm to retreat further.


Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief, as long as they had no way of getting up on Turtle, he had a chance.

All of a sudden, a large tentacle came bursting out of the water, coiling around one of the Dino-Generals, pulling him downwards in a swift motion.

Shock flashed across the face of the Dino-General, and his body burst out with his Radiance of Life. He asserted all his might, and caused his bone blade to twist, slashing the tentacle into pieces.


It was just that once the tentacle was dealt with, another tentacle came slithering up, twisting around the Dino-General and pulling him further into the water. Both parties were engaged in a never-ending tug of war.


The other 2 Dino-Generals exchanged looks, both of them feeling fear. In these waters, danger was everywhere. If they were not careful, they would be ambushed by the aquatic Mutant Beasts.

Right at this time, the humongous Type 5 Triceratops shuddered, before slumping into the water, a large amount of blood pouring out of its mouth.

Mount Tai had slammed its tail viciously, in a bid to quickly defeat the Triceratops.

At the end of the day, Mount Tai held the upper hand. While the Triceratops was also an Overlord-class titan, if it had been on dry land, it could seriously injure Mount Tai in a charge. However, the waters caused its speed to be reduced drastically. Although it had managed to injure Mount Tai, it was not enough to damage it seriously, instead, it was injured severely.

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