God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 834

Seeing the fall of their Type 5 Triceratops, the remaining 2 Dino-Generals exchanged a look and quickly fled as their bodies turned into beams of life. On such terrain, they were not a match for Type 5 Mutant Beast.

Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that. Turtle had no way to continue utilizing its innate ability. If they were not careful, as long as one of the Dino-General got on the back of Turtle, it would be a disaster for them.


Yue Zhong’s gaze landed on the body of the Type 5 Triceratops, his eyes burning with desire. It was a powerful tool that could be used to break into cities. The moment it started its charge, any tanks and landmine formation would be destroyed by its pure might.

Right now, Yue Zhong had 2 Type 5 Nuclei, one was to power the light-gold Sun Armor, while another could be turned into a Type 5 Puppet Rune, meant to control Type 5 life forms.

Yue Zhong flickered forward, landing on Mount Tai’s body.

Mount Tai was intelligent and seemed to sense Yue Zhong’s intention. The moment Yue Zhong got on its back, it quickly opened its huge jaws to bite down viciously on the head of the Triceratops, before twisting forcefully. A huge, bloody hole was torn out, and Mount Tai’s tongue reached in to gobble up the contents, including the Type 5 nucleus.

Yue Zhong stared at this speechlessly, slapping down on Mount Tai’s head in anger, but could not bring himself to say anything.

All of Yue Zhong’s tamed beasts would consume their enemies’ nuclei to push their own evolution, while he, the master, only got their blood and flesh.

However, at the end of the day, these Mutant Beasts had used their own strength to defeat their enemies, thus Yue Zhong could not snatch their prize as well.

After swallowing the Triceratops nucleus, Mount Tai lowered its head to begin consuming the corpse. Turtle also swam over, munching on the corpse. The meat of these Type 5 Mutant Beasts was after all powerful nutrients to other Mutant Beasts.

The other aquatic Type 4 Mutant Beasts eyed the corpse for a good while, before dispersing helplessly.


Yue Zhong pulled out his tablet and ordered Bai Yi, “I wonder how the Vulture Valley is now! Bai Yi, activate the Storm Battleship and control it to fly here. Give Luo Qing Qing an hour to prepare.”


As a Super A.I, Bai Yi had already infiltrated the Central Computer of the Storm Battleship, replacing the authority of the ship.

Bai Yi replied, “Understood!”

Not long after, Bai Yi appeared on the display of the central computer back in Storm Valley, “Warning! Warning! The Battleship will be moving out after an hour, everyone, please make your preparations! Please make your preparations!”

Luo Qing Qing was in the captain room of the Battleship, when she saw the sudden appearance of Bai Yi, a complicated look appeared on her face, “He’s actually still alive!”

There was a manual and automatic mode of the battleship, if the central computer was affected by some invaders for whatever reason, the manual operation would come in handy.

Of course, within the whole Storm Valley, there was no one capable enough to pilot this Battleship. However, Luo Qing Qing liked to stay in the captain’s room. It was equipped with the decent communication equipment, and she could pass her orders from here.

She immediately gave her order, “Heed my command, everyone is to return to their room, prepare for take-off!!”

Hearing Luo Qing Qing’s order, the people busying on the ship quickly returned to their respective places.

After an hour, the ship glowed once, spitting out a large amount of gas, its speed gradually increasing as it shot into the skies.

Vulture Valley was an elevated place in Green Region, thus, it was currently surrounded by the flood, and the people trapped within the valley, but otherwise fine.


Han Qiong had led a dozen soldiers to the edge of the valley, eyeing the flood below that seemed to have no end, her brows furrowed.

She suddenly asked Ma Lei, “What’s the situation inside?”

Ma Lei responded seriously, “It’s still considered somewhat stable. Previously, after Leader executed those rebels, I think no one dares to act up now. However, it is likely temporary. Once there is an issue with the ration, things might fall apart.”

At this time, the 4 heads of Vulture Valley were Han Qiong, Sun Lan Lan, Shao Yun and Ma Lei. Although Ma Lei was slightly unhappy that Han Qiong was above him in position, seeing the Type 4 Divine Warrior Bolius guarding her, he knew that Han Qiong was more important than him to Yue Zhong. Thus, he could only obediently be her assistant.

Han Qiong considered it all quietly. When Yue Zhong had left and she was left in charge, she finally realized how difficult it was to become a proper leader in this cruel world.

Suddenly, the surface of the lake water churned, and a dozen 20m-long Mutant Water Snakes broke through, crawling up the city wall.

30 Type 2 Divine Warriors rushed up the city wall, wearing their Sun Battle Armor. They wielded powerful bone bows and nocked their arrows. Within seconds, the sharp bone arrows show towards the dozens of Mutant Water Snakes.

The bone arrows were filled with power, piercing the heads of the Mutant Water Snakes. However, their life force was strong, even after being buffeted by a number of arrows, they did not die. Instead, they charged forwards with renewed fury.

The 30 warriors had to fire another three volleys to take down 2 Mutant Water Snakes. Although their strength had been pushed to the Type 3 stage, their accuracy was poor, missing the vital spots of the Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong had conquered a number of tribes, and after cleansing those traitors during the uprising, the total number of elites left in his troops were little. There were only about 30 Type 2 Divine Warriors. Even after the enhancement of the Battle Armor, there was still some weakness.

Eyeing the incoming horde of Mutant Water Snakes, a lot of people lost their composure, as fear started to cloud their mind. If the Mutant Beasts were to break through, it would be a disaster.


At this time, Bolius waved his large beast bones and leaped down the city wall. The moment he landed, he appeared right on top of a Mutant Water Snake, smashing down viciously, causing the entire head to cave in.

He continued to weave in and out of the horde, the beast bones in his hand smashing out from time to time, directly killing Mutant Water Snakes with every hit.


Soon, beneath the walls, there was a large pile of snake corpses.


After he was done, Bolius flashed back up the city wall, standing quietly behind Han Qiong.

Seeing how he had casually taken care of the horde, everyone heaved a sigh of relief, their gazes towards him filled with respect and admiration.

At this moment, the waters at a distance started to churn, and a huge Type 4 Mutant Water Snake broke out of the surface of the water.


Beside the Type 4 Mutant Snake, countless Type 3 and Type 2 Mutant Water Snakes formed a disgustingly massive horde as they swarmed over.

When the people on the wall saw the sudden appearance of these snakes, their eyes were all filled with shock. If these snakes broke through the wall, the people within the city walls were sure to perish.

Bolius took one look and barked coldly, “Miss Han Qiong, please make preparations to leave with Miss Sun Lan Lan. I will protect the two of you in your retreat.”


Hearing his words, everyone’s expression turned pale, their morale almost collapsing. Even Ma Lei and Shao Yun were no exception.

Han Qiong’s expression sunk as she rebuked in a righteous manner, “Mr. Bolius, there are over hundreds of thousands of people in this valley, you’re actually thinking of fleeing without fighting, aren’t you ashamed?”

Bolius replied coldly, “There’s only so much I can do. The strongest Mutant Beast is likely a Type 4 Mutant Beast based on my conjectures. With my abilities, there’s only a 5% chance of winning it. However, there are so many other beasts aiding it, thus my success rate has been reduced to 0%. The task that Master Yue Zhong had delegated to me was to keep you and Miss Sun Lan Lan safe. I can sacrifice myself to protect you, but the life and death of everyone else are not within my consideration. If orders are to be changed, it has to be done by Master Yue Zhong.”


After Bolius had been subdued by the Puppet Rune, he had become a tool that only knew how to listen to orders. He would not listen to anyone else.


Ma Lei took a long deep breath, “Forget it! Han Qiong, you and Sun Lan Lan better prepare to leave! You guys have done your best!”

Although he was not willing, he had no way of overpowering Bolius, thus he could only comply.

Han Qiong gritted her teeth and exclaimed, “I won’t leave! I will live and die together with Vulture Valley!! Like this, Bolius, you will have to stay and defend as well! Because your mission is to protect me right? If I die, you will fail our mission as well!”

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