God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 835

“Then you’ll have to excuse my rudeness!” Bolius replied with an impassive look, before he suddenly dashed behind Han Qiong, and knocked her out with a single strike. He then placed her on his shoulders, before leaping deep into the valley.

Ma Lei turned to Shao Yun and asked, “Aren’t you leaving?”


Shao Yun laughed bitterly, “Now that the entire valley is surrounded by the damn water, other than that freak Bolius, no one else can leave, why not risk it and fight it out? Dying on the battlefield is an honor to us warriors.”

Ma Lei turned to the soldiers on the city wall and barked, “Well said! Brothers! Since we have no way to retreat, this is our final home, if we don’t protect it, who will? Let’s fight to the death!!”

“Fight to the death!!”

“Fight to the death!!”



The soldiers had felt low in spirits when Bolius left, but under the motivation of Ma Lei and Shao Yun, they were rejuvenated. Although they were facing a huge beast, their fear so powerful that their legs were shaky, they were still standing there, eyeing the distance.

Ma Lei looked into the distance at the incoming Mutant Snake horde, and sighed, “If only Leader Yue Zhong was here!! He would definitely have a way to deal with this.”

The moment he spoke about Yue Zhong, Shao Yun’s eyes flashed with a complicated gaze, “If it’s him, he definitely would have a way. It’s just that after he brought that Type 5 Diplodocus to destroy the Sun Alliance, there had been no news. Who knows if he’s dead or alive.”

Shao Yun had followed Yue Zhong in a bid to broaden his horizons and step on a bigger stage. He had seen for himself how Yue Zhong had created miracles after miracles. He knew that he was far from his match, and the jealousy towards him had long since disappeared, leaving only utmost respect.


Before everybody’s eyes, the horde of snakes was getting closer, and the fear in everyone’s heart was rising. The city wall that had fended off so many other Mutant Beasts was nothing to these snakes.

“Look at the sky!!”

Just then, a warrior suddenly pointed to the skies and exclaimed.


Everyone immediately looked up, only to see a floating fortress flying towards them. The gigantic floating city was enough to cover part of the sunlight, therefore almost blocking part of the sky.


Ma Lei looked up and could not help sucking in a cold breath, “That’s a floating city!!”


Shao Yun took a look at the Storm Battleship and conjectured, “There’s actually such a city?! What in the world could it be? Are there gods residing within?”

“May the gods protect us!!”

“May the gods protect us!!”

“May the gods protect us and lead us through this!!”



The soldiers began to get on their knees, praying and kowtowing to the ship.

The physique of the human warriors on this world was much stronger than those on Earth. However, most of them had never received any education before. Many did not know how to perform simple maths and were quite simple in intelligence. Hence, when they saw something they did not understand, they would attribute it to the higher powers.

As they prayed, a figure clad in light-gold suddenly descended down from the skies, turning into a beam of light that landed directly on the head of the Type 4 Mutant Water Snake.

The person was precisely Yue Zhong, he had made use of the Sun Battle Armor to push his strength to the peak of Type 5 realm. When he descended suddenly, the Battle Spear in his hands penetrated the head of the Type 4 Mutant Water Snake.

As the spear went through, a powerful force erupted, blowing a large hole in the head of the snake. The Type 5 force coupled with the sharp Battle Spear was enough to tear through even the armor of a Type 5 Beast, not to mention this Type 4 Mutant Water Snake.


Yue Zhong immediately burrowed through the fleshy wound, wielding his Battle Spear to tear the Type 4 Mutant Water Snake from within.

The mighty beast roared out in pain and rage, thrashing where it was, causing large waves to spread everywhere.


A number of Mutant Water Snakes of the basic and Type 2 realm were caught in the struggles of their overlord and were flattened into meat paste.


The rest of the horde quickly dodged to one side, eyeing their king with wide eyes.


This Type 4 Mutant Water Snake was their overlord, and since it did not move, they lost their command and were thrown into confusion as well.

After a few seconds, Yue Zhong emerged from the head of the Type 4 Mutant Water Snake, his hands holding a bright Type 4 nucleus.


The Type 4 Mutant Water Snake twitched slightly and slumped into the water.

With its death, the dozens of Type 3 Mutant Water Snakes instantly surrounded Yue Zhong. They could sense danger from this man, and they ignited their innate abilities, firing black venom at him.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed, and with a flash, he dashed across the surface of the water as though it was flat land, evading all the toxic spit.

When the black venom landed in the water, many of the lower-level Mutant Beasts were immediately poisoned to death, causing their bodies to float up.

Yue Zhong continued to leap from head to head, using his Battle Spear to thrust through their brains. He would then retrieve the nuclei before jumping to another.

With his enhanced Type 5 strength, he was practically invincible, flickering among the bodies of the Type 3 Mutant Water Snakes. In just a few breaths, all of them were killed by him, and he gained many nuclei as a result.

Right at this time, Greenie flapped its wings and shot down to the surface of the lake, biting down on a Type 2 Mutant Water Snake and lifted it towards the skies.

Greenie’s species, the Green-feathered Eagle was a natural predator of the Mutant Water Snake. When it was at a Type 2 Stage, it was already threatening to those Type 3 Mutant Water Snakes. Many of them felt the threat from above and quickly sought to flee.


In a few breaths, the huge horde of snakes was gone, leaving behind only the peaceful lake.


Seeing this, everyone on the city wall heaved a sigh of relief.

Yue Zhong watched the horde of Mutant Snakes disperse, then quickly heading back to the city wall, jumping on top in a few flashes.

The moment Ma Lei saw him, he got down on a single knee emotionally, “Leader!! It’s you!! That’s great!! We greet Leader!!”

“Long live Leader!!”

“We greet Leader!!”



The 200 soldiers erupted in cheers and excitement as they got down on a single knee and performed a respectful greeting.


Had Yue Zhong not appeared, the entire Vulture Valley would have fallen to those Mutant Water Snakes.

Seeing how Yue Zhong went to take on the mythical-like Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake by himself, as well as killing so many Type 3 Mutant Snakes and causing the rest to flee from terror, there was a blind idolizing in the hearts of the soldiers now.


Yue Zhong looked at these 200 soldiers and felt pleased, “You all could step forth even in times of danger, good! You’re all men!!”

He was pleased that he had such warriors who did not fear death for the sake of protecting their own homeland, those who did not give up even in the face of despair. He deeply appreciated such warriors.

“Thank you for your praise, Leader!!”



Hearing his words, all the soldiers felt a wave of emotions. They venerated him, and at this moment where their feelings were the highest, such praise from their leader would cause them to be even more moved.


He looked at all of them before frowning slightly in disappointment, “Where’s Han Qiong? How come she isn’t with you? Did she flee?”


She was someone Yue Zhong had grown to favor, possessing a resolute yet kind heart. In times of such danger, it was not strange that a lady might choose to flee. However, Yue Zhong had harbored hopes for her, and since he did not see her, he was naturally disappointed.

Ma Lei stepped forward to reveal the truth, “That’s not true, Leader! She did not run. It was Bolius who knocked her out for her own safety and brought her away. Han Qiong wanted to fight till the end together with us.”

Yue Zhong pointed to the descending Storm Battleship and said, “Ma Lei, go get Sun Lan Lan and convey my orders, everyone in the valley is to prepare to move to that city. From now on, that’s our home.”

“What!! That’s our city?!!”

“For real?! That’s our city!!”



The soldiers took a look at the floating city and their eyes flashed with delight and excitement. They could not help feeling that way knowing that they were about to reside in a powerful-looking floating fortress.

Ma Lei was naturally no exception as he replied excitedly, “Yes! Leader!!”

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