God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 839

Inside a secret room, Dorothy, Doreen, and the 2 handsome Winged men were seated, the atmosphere heavy and tense.

Doreen was frowning, a look of hesitation on her face, “Are we really doing this? The Storm Valley is our ally after all!”

One of the males had a resolute look, “Elder Doreen. We have to do this. We know clearly the might of the Stegosaurus. Any Mid-Grade Dino-General is not an existence we can handle. Now that the Cracked Tooth Gorge is destroyed, we don’t have any defenses left. We can only plead with their kingdom for survival!”

The other male also spoke up with an insufferable amount of arrogance, “Wayne is right! If we go against the Stegosaurus Kingdom, we’re just courting death. Although the Green Region is submerged with water now, they would never let off anyone involved with their losses. Especially since the Storm Valley is one of 3 main factions, they will be their target for vengeance. If we send them the Storm Queen Luo Qing Qing, they will be appeased, and let us off.”

Wayne spoke softly, “Although it would mean that we will become under the banner of the Stegosaurus Kingdom and lose our independence, it will avert the wipeout of our clan. Esteemed Elders, this is our only choice. If we hesitate any further, once the experts of the Stegosaurus Kingdom arrive, our entire Winged Race will be their targets as well!”


The Winged Race knew the might of the Stegosaurus Kingdom. They were just a small species of this world, and the last Winged Queen had merely been at the initial-Type 5 Divine Warrior stage, the only one of the entire Winged Race. However, even this Winged Queen had perished at the hands of a Mid-Grade Dino-General in a battle some time ago, highlighting the difference in strength between them and the Dino-people.


The current Queen Shailene had only ruled for 3 years. Although she had the exalted blood of the previous Queen, her age was still young, and her power was still at the initial Type 4 Divine Warrior realm. Among the Winged Race, she barely had any authority.


With the pressure of the Stegosaurus Kingdom weighing on them, the 2 Elders were starting to feel nervous. Their might could not compare to the Stegosaurus Kingdom. If they did not navigate properly, they would easily be wiped out.

In this Third World, the Dino-people were the overlords of this world. They had the strongest advantage and were also the most savage people. There were many species that had been wiped out by them, and they were widely feared.

Doreen looked towards Dorothy, “What do you think, Dorothy?”

Dorothy was silent for a long while, her eyes flashing with a complicated gaze, before she heaved a long sigh, “For the sake of our Winged Race, we can only sacrifice the Storm Queen.”


Doreen asked after a while, “Are we going to tell Her Majesty?”

Dorothy shook her head with a cold look, “Her Majesty values her relationships. If she knows we’re plotting against her friend, she would not agree. However, she is not stupid. When we go under the banner of the Stegosaurus Kingdom, she will understand our difficulties. Wayne, Lars, go make your preparations!”

“Understood!” The 2 handsome Winged men responded and left.

At night, within the honeycomb city, the glowing moss near the top of the enormous cavern was starting to dim. However, there were a few other plants that were radiating light as well, illuminating the city.

At a huge field, there was a bonfire, with numerous good-looking Winged people dancing around with festive clothes.

Silk existed in this world as well, however, only humans were able to produce beautiful silk by rearing some Mutant Bugs. The amount produced was not a lot, and even in the Winged Race, only a few ladies of higher caste could afford them. These were obtained through exchange with the Storm Valley in the past.

There was also a circle of tables, where the guests of the Winged Race would be seated.


Yue Zhong was currently seated at one of the table, drinking juice while enjoying the food provided by the Winged Race.

This time, the feast was of an important level, the juice was produced from various Mutant Plants and fruits that could boost the physique of humans. The culinary habits of the Winged Race were not particularly high, they only knew how to barbecue the meat roughly.However, the ingredients were collected from delicious Type 3 Mutant Beast meat. Furthermore, they were using spices and other seasonings that Yue Zhong had never seen or tasted before, causing the meat to taste even better.


On a podium, Shailene and Luo Qing Qing sat together, as the most important people of the honeycomb city.

Shailene looked at Yue Zhong curiously, “Sis, is that Yue Zhong your consort King? Based on your Storm Valley rules, you should have already reached the age to choose your King right? In fact, I’ve counted, today should be the day you choose a King. You actually brought him here, he should either be your King or a beloved concubine, yea? He doesn’t look particularly handsome though, why him?”

Shailene and Luo Qing Qin were the best of friends, and since Luo Qing Qing was older than Shailene, hence, when no one was around, Shailene would call Luo Qing Qing ‘Sis’. At the same time, since their factions were allies, Shailene knew the ritual of choosing a King.

Luo Qing Qing shot Yue Zhong a look, her own gaze filled with complicated emotions as she shook her head, “He’s not my King, nor concubine. He’s an ally, this time, thanks to him, our Storm Valley managed to survive.”

Shailene asked with curiosity, “Oh? What’s going on? Mind telling me?”

Just as Luo Qing Qing was about to say something, a bout of strong drum beats began to resound, as all the beautiful female dancers left the stage.


40 muscular men wielding spears and bows entered the scene. All of them had rippling muscles, their bodies taut, in combination with their good looks, they had attracted the excited screams and cheers of many women.

Shailene looked at the good-looking Winged men entering the parade square and became excited, “It’s starting! Sis, our Winged Race’s Courtship Offering!!! Look, these are all our strongest and handsome warriors. They are all much more good-looking than Yue Zhong! Wayne, Lars, do your best!”


Of the 40 males, Wayne and Lars were pretty outstanding in their demeanor.

Luo Qing Qing glanced at the excited Shailene and chuckled mildly.


The Courtship Offering was a sacred ritual of the Winged Race, in this ritual, the most outstanding males of the Winged Race would step forward to perform in front of the Queen, competing in battles to narrow down to the 10 most excellent warriors.


Of these 10 outstanding males, they had the chance to choose any females above the age of 25 of their liking, other than the Queen and Elders, to be their partners for one night.


At the same time, their performance would rile up the attention and adoration of countless women.

On top of that, in the past, there was usually a chance to become the King or concubine of the Winged Queen. Therefore, many males would strive to take part and do their best.

Of the Courtship Offering, there were 3 components to the competition, namely, close combat, archery and spear combat.

The Winged Race had a different sense of close combat compared to humans. Due to their wings, they could fly in the sky and engaged in a melee. It was a test of their control as well as combat.

In the skies, 2 gray figures clashed, when all of a sudden, they merged together and crashed towards the ground.



With a loud explosion, and after the dust dispersed, Wayne was standing on top of another Winged warrior.

The Winged warrior spoke with difficulty, “I admit defeat!”


“Wayne! Wayne!!”

“Wayne!! I love you!!”


Wayne took his leg away from the other Winged warrior, raising his hands up high amidst an explosion of cheers. He had revealed a suppressing strength, successfully defeating the other contestants. Even Lars had chosen to admit defeat. He was not his match.

As the sounds continued to ring out, Wayne walked over to Yue Zhong, his eyes filled with disdain as he challenged, “Yue Zhong, I heard that among the humans, you men are all weak trash, with no balls, hiding behind women. Do you dare compete against me?”


Wayne’s voice was not soft, and a number of condescending, curious and even excited gazes fell upon Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong shot Wayne a look, entering the stage, “You have successfully pissed me off, useless trash. I accept your challenge.”


Shailene squealed in delight, “He’s challenging Wayne!! This time, he’s in trouble!!”

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