God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 840

“Wayne, do your best!!”

“Finish him!!”

“Stuff his head into his arse!!”


Seeing Yue Zhong enter the stage, the spectators erupted in excited cheers and hollers. None of them thought that Yue Zhong could succeed as he was a human. Hence, they all shouted their support for the hero of their hearts, Wayne.

Wayne’s eyes flashed with a savage glint, “I had originally intended to teach you a lesson. Now, you have infuriated me. Yue Zhong! I will take your right arm and force it so far up your arse! In close-quarter combat, both parties have to be responsible for their own life and death! If you’re afraid, get down on your knees and lick my shoes, I will let you off and spare your life!!”

Wayne was the top male warrior of the Winged Race, having never suffered any setback during his growth. With the exception of the Queen and some other upper-class women, as long as he hooked his finger, any other female would gladly go to bed with him. He would also enjoy their adoration and respect. He looked down on the weaker humans, and thus, since he was challenged by an ‘ant’ he despised, he was filled with rage.

Yue Zhong eyed him and laughed coldly, “You spout too much bullshit! Get started, fool!”

Shailene called out excitedly on the podium, “Wayne! Go all out! Teach this arrogant fellow a lesson!!”

Since she had been queen for too short a time, and she was still young, there was still a little childish temperament to her. Because of that, although she had the strength of a Type 4 Divine Warrior, her authority had not yet exceeded the 2 Elders.

When Luo Qing Qing saw this, a strange glint flashed across her eyes as the corners of her mouth lifted in a strange smile.

Wayne got down on a single knee and declared to Shailene, “Understood! Glorious Queen, I will fulfill your wish!”

“Now, you can regret your foolishness and arrogance!!”

Wayne stood up, turned around, his eyes flashing fiercely. With a tap of his foot, 6 clones suddenly shot towards Yue Zhong.

“6 Shadow Clones! He can already conjure up 6 of them! Seems like his strength had reached the peak of Type 3, nearing the Type 4 realm!”

“Outstanding! He’s only 25 this year, and yet, his strength has reached such a stage! Seems like we might soon have a powerful Type 4 King!”


Upon seeing the 6 Shadow Clones, many Winged people had expressions of shock, as they began to discuss excitedly.

To the Winged Race, Type 4 experts were considered the pinnacle. There were only 5 of them in the entire race, thus, having one more Type 4 Divine Warrior meant that they would have an additional powerhouse.

Many of the pretty young ladies stared wide-eyed at Wayne, their eyes filled with adoration. With such a handsome and powerful man, it was impossible to not be attracted.

The 6 Shadow Clones pounced towards Yue Zhong, as long as he made the wrong judgment, Wayne would be able to grab hold of him and toss him to the ground. Even among most human Type 4 Divine Warriors, it would be hard to block against such a move.

Each of the clones was fixed on one of Yue Zhong’s vital areas, namely his waist, heart, throat, brain and other spots. The spectators were filled with glee, excitement and even bloodlust, hoping to see Yue Zhong heavily injured, if not dead.

Yue Zhong stared at them coldly, before sending out a casual slap towards one of the clones.

At the moment, all 6 clones disintegrated, while Wayne was sent soaring towards a wall in a flash, looking like a broken doll.

The handsome mug of his was contorted due to Yue Zhong’s strike, his teeth all knocked out, as blood gushed out in large amounts.

Seeing this, everyone was caught slack-jawed. They had never expected that their top male warrior to be defeated in a single move by this human without being able to defend himself.

Only Luo Qing Qing and the rest from Storm Valley who knew his strength did not falter. They had long since anticipated such an outcome.

Yue Zhong looked at Wayne who was stuck in the wall, laughing coldly as he shot towards him, “Still not dead? Your constitution is pretty decent, eh?”

Immediately, a dozen Winged Warriors came gathering in front of Wayne, protecting him as they raised their spears at Yue Zhong.

One of them barked out, “Yue Zhong, what do you think you’re doing?!”

Yue Zhong declared in a loud and self-justified manner, “Of course it is to end his life! It is a combat between the two of us! In this battle, as long as he doesn’t admit defeat, he still intends to battle! I’m going to end this, there’s not a single rule I’ve broken! Instead, you guys are trying to flout the rules eh? So the Winged Race is such a lawless place, is it?! You still don’t want to back off?”

Rebuked by Yue Zhong, the rest of warriors had ugly expressions. In the Courtship Offering ritual, it was true that there would be casualties during the competition. As long as one party did not acknowledge defeat, the spectators could not intervene no matter what. However, Wayne had been slapped silly by Yue Zhong, his mind apparently out of focus. He was not in the right state to admit defeat. If Yue Zhong were to go over now, Wayne would surely die.

Right at this moment, Shailene’s voice rang out, “All of you, stand down! Our Winged Race is not a clan that is not trustworthy! We do not flout our traditions and rules!”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

Hearing Shailene’s words, the warriors bowed and quickly stepped aside.

Shailene was currently emitting the bearing of a ruler, well beyond her years, as she looked at Yue Zhong, “Yue Zhong, our Winged Race will stick to our words. As long as Wayne does not admit defeat, you do have the right to kill him. However, I hope that you can let him off. I do not wish for our Winged Race and the humans to become enemies.”

Shailene might be naive and childish at times, however, she was after all raised to be the future Queen. At this current moment, she truly did have the bearing of royalty.


Yue Zhong stopped and shot Shailene a look of appreciation, “Fine, then who is the winner here?”

Shailene’s mouth curled, as she gazed back at him with a hint of a smile, “Of course, it’s you!”


Yue Zhong then stood at the center of the stage and shot the male warriors condescending looks, “Good! I’ve won this round! Who else dares to take me on!”

The male warriors all looked at him, their eyes flashing with fear. No one had the confidence to take on this human who had defeated their strongest with a single hit.

Among the female warriors, many had looks of fury as they glared at Yue Zhong. At the same time, a few beautiful ones were looking at Yue Zhong with appreciation. In this world where strength meant everything, as long as one was strong enough, there would be no lack of suitors.

“Who dares to challenge me?”

Yue Zhong continued to taunt the men as he looked down with disdain.

Many of the male warriors lowered their heads to avoid eye contact. If they were to go up and got slapped like Wayne, then after today, they would become a joke.

Yue Zhong smiled coldly and taunted once more, “Are there no brave warriors among the Winged Race?”

“I’ll challenge you!!”

Under his constant challenges, a beautiful girl with an oval-shaped face, her long golden hair tied in a ponytail, and her figure explosively sexy, came up to the stage. She stared straight at Yue Zhong, her voice ringing with anger, “I, Lai Wei, am here to challenge you!! Our Winged Race has no lack of warriors!”

Yue Zhong laughed lightly, “If I recall correctly, in the Courtship Offering ritual, females are forbidden to take part, am I right?”

In the Winged Race, the females had a higher strength than the men. Therefore, they were forbidden from taking part. Otherwise, there would not be a single man worthy to present themselves.

Just like on Earth, if there wasn’t a clear separation, then top female athletes could not compete against the top male athletes.

Lai Wei shot Yue Zhong a challenging look, “What, you’re scared? Coward!”


“You don’t even have the courage to accept another challenge, Yue Zhong?”

“You’re the coward!!”

“Lai Wei, teach this man a lesson! Although he fits my taste, he’s too arrogant!”


Among the spectators, many of the female warriors were screaming excitedly, with some even blowing wolf-whistles.

Yue Zhong flipped his hands and a Type 4 Nucleus appeared in his hand, “Of course not. I accept your challenge, however, let’s make it more interesting. If I do not defeat you in the allotted time, I’ll lose this nucleus to you. If I do defeat you, you will be my subordinate, even when I leave this honeycomb, you must come with me, and fight alongside me. How about that?”

Yue Zhong had observed this Lai Wei carefully and noticed that she had a valiant and sturdy aura, obviously the result of countless battles. He needed such talented warriors.

Lai Wei licked her lips in excitement, “No!! I want to change the conditions! If I lose, I’m yours. If you lose, you’re mine! You’ll have to stay here with me!!!”

Yue Zhong chuckled and nodded, “Fine!”

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