God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 842

Shailene’s face turned bad, her eyes filled with a chilly gaze, “A unanimous decision by the Elder Council? How come I wasn’t made aware of this?”

Under the gaze, the rest of the upper echelon all averted their eyes. Shailene was after all the Queen of the Winged Race. Keeping this matter from her was truly an offense.

Dorothy frowned as she chided Shailene with a tone as though rebuking a child, “Because you’re always so headstrong. The Elder Council was afraid that you might be too agitated, that’s why we kept it from you. Seems like our decision was right. Shailene, you’re still too young.”

In the eyes of Dorothy, Shailene was still a kid that had not yet grown up. Although they had chosen her to be the Queen due to her bloodline and heritage, she had basically zero authority.

Shailene stood up frostily, ordering with a majestic aura, “The decision of the Elder Council? What a joke. The Queen wasn’t even consulted in this. Is my position as Queen a joke? Elder Dorothy and Elder Doreen, I hereby command you in my position as Queen to stand down immediately, and take out the antidote right now!”

Dorothy frowned, “Your Majesty, you aren’t well. Doreen, go bring her back to rest.”

Doreen flashed and appeared right in front of Shailene, her face filled with a warm smile, “Your Majesty, come, let’s head back for a rest.”

Shailene’s eyes shimmered, as she gritted her teeth. She then turned to Luo Qing Qing helpless before apologizing in an exasperated tone, “I’m so sorry, Sis!”

Shailene only had the strength of an initial Type 4 Divine Warrior, whereas Doreen was near the peak. Furthermore, Doreen had experience under her belt, and Shailene was just not her match.

Luo Qing Qing spoke indifferently, “It’s nothing to do with you, I’ve been careless.”

She had not expected that as a Queen, Shailene could not even muster her authority. She had put too much trust in her character and was thus poisoned by her subordinates unknowingly.

Dorothy smiled, “Storm Queen, please rest assured, as long as you don’t resist, we will not hurt you.”

Luo Qing Qing retorted icily, “You guys want to hand me over to the Stegosaurus Kingdom. Shameless. To think that the Winged Race has fallen to such depths. Allying with you people had been blindness on my part.”

Luo Qing Qing was after all an outstanding leader, having seen the strange actions of Dorothy, she could immediately guess their intentions.

In truth, if the Winged Race did not want to leave, and lead a vagabond life, the only choice was to submit to the Stegosaurus Kingdom.

A look of guilt flashed past Dorothy’s eyes, in the end, she sighed, “It’s us who have let you down. However, for the sake of our future, we have to do so. Men, grab her, and keep her in the prison.”

The 20 Winged elites in Storm Armor charged towards Luo Qing Qing.

Right at this moment, a loud voice barked out, “Hold up! I have something to say!”

Everyone’s attention fell on the owner of the voice, Yue Zhong.

Dorothy eyed him coldly, “What is it?”


He chuckled, pointing towards the entrance of the cavern, drawling indifferently, “I think, you guys are in for some trouble.”

At this moment, alarms blared throughout the entire honeycomb city.


Following a loud sound, a huge explosion rang out from the caverns, as dozens of Winged people flew out, their mouths filled with blood.

At the same time, hundreds more flew out from behind them, seeming to flee pathetically.

Dorothy’s eyes flashed with shock as she screeched, “What’s going on? How can our defenses fall so easily? What’s happening?”

At the entrance of their caverns, there were plenty of defensive weapons. Even a Type 4 Mutant Beast would have to pay a huge price to try and invade. However, right now, their defensive line had been broken by some unknown force, this caused Dorothy to be shocked.


Right in front of them, a huge monitor lizard of about 10m, its entire body covered in scales came crawling in swiftly.

Yue Zhong activated his Eyes of Perception and received a flurry of information.

“Type 4 Mutant Beast: Prehistoric Monitor Lizard. It can easily scale mountain walls and possesses a tough hide. With its nimble movement and strength, as well as its innate poisonous ability, it is a formidable existence.”

After Yue Zhong’s Eyes of Perception was strengthened to the Second Order stage, as well as his physique reaching the peak of Type 4, the information he got from any Mutant Beast of Type 4 and below was a lot more comprehensive.

The Type 4 Monitor Lizard was covered with countless arrows stuck in its scale, as well as a huge bone arrow that had pierced through an area of its body. It was obviously enraged, and as it charged in, it began to crush and destroy a number of honeycomb structures.

The speed of the Monitor Lizard was extremely quick and deft, its charging speed reaching the sound barrier. In a few breaths, it had reached the center of the honeycomb city, and with every swing of its tail, it would cause a building to crumble, while the Winged warriors within would be forced to fly out.

The moment those Winged warriors flew out, they suddenly disappeared without a trace.


Seeing this, many others began to fly out from their own homes.

In just an instant, it was like a swarm of Winged people flying out of the honeycomb structures, looking like bees.

Since they were an intelligent race, while they might have some outstanding warriors, they would also have some cowards within them. A particular group made their way towards the entrance in a bid to get out of here.

To their horror, just as they reached the entrance, they suddenly disappeared in one fell swoop as well. Following that, another Type 4 Prehistoric Monitor Lizard leaped in from the entrance, entering the city.

Not long after that, yet another Type 4 Prehistoric Monitor Lizard followed suit.

Their numbers began to increase as they invaded and tore through the city. In just a few moments, there was a dozen of them.

They began to unleash carnage and slaughter everywhere they crawled. Their tails would swing into buildings, destroying them, and the moment the Winged people appeared, they would vanish mysteriously.

Even those that were flying at about a hundred meters in the skies, as long as they got near the Prehistoric Monitor Lizards, they would disappear without a trace.

Many brave Winged warriors flapped their wings, wielding their bows and firing at the Monitor Lizards. The arrows only served to bounce off the thick armors. A few stronger ones managed to land and pierce through, yet, those arrows were like toothpicks, not causing much damage.

Instead, the beasts continued to advance further towards the directions of the Winged warriors, causing them to disappear again. Such a strange sight was causing the rest to be bewildered and fearful.

Dorothy soared into the air, her face pale at the sight of hell within their homeland, “What’s going on? How did these Monitor Lizards suddenly band together to attack us?”

These Monitor Lizards were smaller than those Type 4 Diplodocus and Triceratops, and their strength might not be comparable to those large ones. However, they had fast speed, astonishing defenses, and strange means. To the Winged Race, they were practically disaster.

Dorothy’s eyesight was powerful, and she caught sight of a few Dino-warriors charging in from the entrance like ants. Her eyes flashed with despair, “Those are Dino-people!! Damn it!!! These are the troops from the Stegosaurus Kingdom!! They’ve come!!”

Yue Zhong’s heart sank upon hearing those words, “Dino-people? Shit!! We’re in a jam now!!”

Previously, Yue Zhong had managed to strike preemptively with the help of Mount Tai and Turtle. However, this cavern in the mountains was only about a few hundred meters away from the ground. If he were to summon Mount Tai, it would likely get stuck.

Hearing Dorothy’s cry of despair, many Winged people had looks of shock and fear on their faces as well. They knew the savagery their enemies were capable of. Once they killed their way over, all that awaited was death.

Lars’ eyes flashed with a strange glint as he pointed at Yue Zhong’s party, “It’s them!! Those humans must have lured the Dino-people over!! Kill them!! After that, we can present their heads to the Stegosaurus Kingdom to plead for mercy! They will spare us!!”

At Lars’ shout, many of the upper-class Winged people turned to stare at Yue Zhong’s party, their eyes filled with rage. Many of them raised their spears and let out howls of fury.

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