God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Military Camp Information

Yue Zhong coldly said: “Drag those two out!”

Four team members walked over and dragged Ma Ming and Li Yuan out like dogs.

Li Yuan’s face was appalled, and he angrily growled: “This is treason!! Counterrevolutionary!! You are abusing the death penalty, opposing the government, and committing crimes against humanity. You are an enemy to the communist party, the government, and the people. You cannot have a good ending if you continue like this.”

Ma Ming’s expression turned pale. Not repeating his previous arrogance, he cried out: “Don’t kill me!! My father won’t let you go!! My father won’t let you go!!”

Li Yuan and Ma Ming were brought forward by the four personnel and pressed to the ground.

Looking at Li Yuan and Ma Ming being pulled out. That beautiful and graceful woman couldn’t help but glance over at an ordinary looking middle-age man to her side. The man’s eyes constantly flashed with a light like electricity.

Seeing the vision of the beautiful woman, the middle aged man slightly and inaudibly shook his head. Even if he were elite special forces, he couldn’t save Ma Ming being surrounded by so many experts. White Bones, standing at Yue Zhong’s side, made him even more unbelievably scared. Given that he wasn’t certain of the power of White Bones’s axe.

Yue Zhong turned his head and looked at Chen Wang and the others. He tossed the type 54 pistol in his hand over to Chen Wang. He pointed to Ma Ming and commanded: “Execute him!”

Chen Wang grabbed the type 54 pistol. His face turned green, and his white hand couldn’t stop shaking. He had killed zombies, but he had never killed a person.

Yue Zhong stared at Chen Wang and coldly said: “If you don’t want to, I won’t force you. In the past I promised your father. If he throws all of his villagers in with me, I will let him form a unit. But the combat units under my command must completely follow my orders. Don’t follow my command, and you cannot be combat unit members. You can be laborers.”

Chen Wang’s heart shivered, and his hand continuously trembled.

At this time, Zhaoxing shot forth like an arrow from the side. He grabbed the pistol from Chen Wang and directly pointed it at Ma Ming’s head, then pulled the trigger.

“Don’t kill me……”

Boom! That arrogant second generation wealth Ma Ming got a bullet between his eyebrows, and he lifelessly fell to the ground.

Zhaoxing looked at Chen Wang and yelled: “Brother Chen! What are you hesitating for? These scum are all ungrateful shameless bastards. If it wasn’t for Captain Yue Zhong, they would all be food for the man eating monsters. Yue Zhong saved them, and they still wanted to kill Captain Yue. These type of people are fine to kill!”

Yue Zhong carefully looked at Zhaoxing. He discovered this was the person who came to Chen Ning’s household in the past to ask for help saving Chen Shitou. He walked over to Zhaoxing and clapped his shoulder: “Very good! You strictly executed my command. From now on, you are the team leader of the seventh small unit.”

Zhaoxing straightened out his chest. Even if he didn’t know the weight of the seventh small team leader, but he felt extremely honored to acquire Yue Zhong’s praise.

Along the road, Zhaoxing was already completely impressed by Yue Zhong’s manner. Young and impulsive, he was also extremely angry at Ma Ming’s group of survivor’s ungrateful behavior.

Yue Zhong took the pistol from Zhaoxing’s hand and walked over to Li Yuan.

Li Yuan looked at Yue Zhong and begged: “Don’t kill me!! I’m begging you, don’t kill me! You are committing a crime!!”

“Go die!” Yue Zhong’s vision cold, he placed the gun on top of Li Yuan’s brow, and opened up a bloody hole.

Li Yuan’s eyes were full of regret and fear. His corpse powerlessly collapsed to the ground.

After dropping Li Yuan, Yue Zhong walked over to the twenty plus survivors and coldly said: “I am Yue Zhong. From now on, you are my spoils of war. The men will do hard labor. The women will wait for their arrangements.”

Although Yue Zhong killed the primary evil, but he didn’t have any good feelings towards these survivors that he rescued. He needs to set up a survivor base in Stone Horse City, and that requires a large amount of hard labor. He planned to make these men become laborers.

One driver beheaded, one person chopped at the waist, and two people executed by the gun. All of the survivors coldly shivered under these terrifying sights. They looked upon Yue Zhong with eyes full of fear, and they didn’t dare say anything.

At this time, the elegant beautiful woman with a pleasant temperament said in a soft voice: “Wait a moment!”

Yue Zhong’s brow wrinkled. He looked at that woman and coldly said: “Do you have a problem? Don’t speak rubbish.”

The woman although refined, graceful, and uncommonly beautiful. Yue Zhong had extreme loathing towards this group of ungrateful survivors, carrying over to not having any good feelings towards her.

Xia Yue directly looked at Yue Zhong and slowly said: “Hello, I am Xia Yue. Hitting you and your companions had nothing to do with us. It was all Li Yuan and Ma Ming. Could you please give us our freedom?”

Yue Zhong stared at Xia Yue and coldly laughed: “No! You are my spoils of war. If you want freedom, give me your goods in exchange. I can let you freely depart if you give me enough guns, ammunition, food, and medicine. Otherwise you must honestly listen and obey my arrangements.”

Xia Ming and these survivors didn’t know the cruelty of the outside world. They wholeheartedly wanted to separate from the control of a boss like Yue Zhong. They didn’t suffer the Long Hai City survivor Z-Age torment.

Xia Yue pointed at her bodyguard and said: “I know the location of a military camp nearby. There should certainly be several weapons there. Can we exchange the location of that military camp for our freedom?”

Yue Zhong looked at Xia Yue, and he mockingly laughed: “You may! But that camp must be nearby. If it is the military base near Qingyuan county, then don’t even mention it.”

The outside world is extremely cruel. Even the Long Hai City survivor base controlled by the government is short on goods and supplies, and people are as cheap as ants. A beautiful woman like Xia Yue going to Long Hai City survivor base is like a sheep going into the mouth of a tiger. But since the counterpart wished to use a military base as exchange, Yue Zhong wished to let them leave. As far a his power goes, the importance of guns, ammunition, and military equipment far exceeds the that of a beautiful woman.

The addresses of various military posts are secret. They are classified military secrets. They are only discovered accidentally when local people pass by. Apart from this, only high level military members or related personnel know their locations. Yue Zhong, an ordinary city resident, basically had no clue as to the addresses of these military locations. Otherwise, he would have taken people there earlier to capture it.

Each military base represented a large amount of guns and ammunition. Yue Zhongs military power could change overnight upon capturing one.

Xia Yue pointed to the west and said to Yue Zhong: “There is a military base ten miles west. There was an infantry battalion stationed there in the past……”

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