God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 843

Yue Zhong eyed them and barked out coldly, “A bunch of fools! Now that the Dino-people have already broken in, based on their nature, they will definitely wipe you all out! The only ones willing to help you guys are us!! What you should be doing is to fight against those beasts and Dino-people, not us!! You want to make enemies out of us as well?!”

After that, he turned to Lars with a heavy killing intent. This male warrior had tried his patience time and time again. If it was not for the upper-class Winged people all around, he would have acted to kill this Lars a long time ago.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s words, the faces of the Winged people turned pale. They knew the nature of the Dino-people. With them, as long as they attacked, they would make a clean job out of it.

Lars could not help but retreat a few steps when stared by Yue Zhong. He continued to shout out loudly, “Don’t trust him! As long as we capture these humans and hand them over to the General Ku Weili, they will let us go and discuss a peace treaty! We can become their vassal force!”

Yue Zhong’s face fell as he barked out suddenly, activating his Art of Fear together, assaulting Lars, “You actually dare to collude with the Dino-army’s Ku Weili and sell out your own race to them?! Speak! What did they promise you for you to betray your own people and become their dog?!”

Affected by the Art of Fear, Lars panicked even more as his face fell and he stammered, “I didn’t!! I didn’t betray our race!! General Ku Weili promised that as long as our race submits to them, he will accept us as their vassal!!”

Yue Zhong laughed coldly and swept a glance over the rest of the Winged elites “Everyone has heard it now! These Dino-people weren’t led here by us, it was this fool of a trash that had revealed your location to the enemy!”

When Lars heard Yue Zhong’s words, his face turned pale and he looked around, only to discover furious gazes on him.

He had come in contact with people from the Stegosaurus Kingdom before, it was precisely his foolish actions that led the Type 4 Prehistoric Monitor Lizards and Dino-warriors here.


Yue Zhong then looked at Dorothy, his tone solemn, “Elder Dorothy, you had best take out the antidote. You know clearly the Storm Queen’s capabilities, with her help, we might have a chance to deal with those freaks.”

Hearing his words, some of the upper echelons of the Winged Race exchanged looks, obviously in a dilemma. They had just used poison on Luo Qing Qing to seal her powers, now, they had to help her diffuse it. They were afraid of her anger and retaliation.

With a peak-Type 4 Divine Warrior strength, as well as the Storm Armor, if Luo Qing Qing chose to push her strength to the Type 5 realm and fought with the Winged Race, they would definitely suffer.

Dorothy flew down and handed a bottle over to Luo Qing Qing, with a sincere, apologetic expression, “It was my fault! I’m sorry! Esteemed Storm Queen, this was all on me. It has nothing to do with the Winged Race. If you want revenge, after this, I will hand myself over to you. However, I hope that you can let it slide for now, and help our Winged Race.”

Although Dorothy was not an ideal governor, her foresight was decent. With the critical situation at hand, if all of them could work together, there was a chance to avert this disaster. If it were just the Winged Race, then the dozens of Type 4 Prehistoric Monitor Lizards were enough to wipe them out.

Luo Qing Qing downed the contents of the vial in one go, feeling her energy return to her. She shot Dorothy a cold look while speaking icily, “Don’t worry, I’m not as stupid as you! I will help you, purely because the Winged Race is our ally. Our Storm Valley does not have the habit of betraying our allies!”

Immediately, Dorothy and the other various Elders felt a sense of shame.

“The battle is commencing!”

Dorothy quickly readjusted her emotions, and turned to the various Winged warriors and declared.

With that simple order, the various Winged warriors flapped their wings and left quickly to reorganize themselves and their troops.

In the city, each upper-class personnel was the leader of their own clan, because they were away, the rest of the warriors were caught unprepared and unorganized, that was why they were easily killed.

Once the leaders left, Yue Zhong swiftly came up to Dorothy and asked seriously, “Dorothy, are there any escape tunnels in your honeycomb city?”


This time, the Dino-army came prepared, Yue Zhong was not sure if there were any experts or trump cards they were prepared to utilize. If he could choose, he would rather flee.

Dorothy’s eyes flashed as she replied bitterly, “No! We have never prepared anything of the sort!”

The entire honeycomb city was built up through the efforts of the Winged Race, and during the design process, they had not taken into consideration the possibility of needing an escape route.

Yue Zhong eyed the entrance and frowned as he cursed lowly, “Shit! So we can only attack? That’s not such a good idea!”

Outside the cavern city, it was unknown how many Dino-people were lying in wait. Thinking about the possibility of facing another Mid-Grade Dino-General caused his scalp to turn numb.

Right at this time, the genius Lai Wei came up to Yue Zhong, shooting him a disdainful look, “Coward, are you scared? Dying on the battlefield is a given for us warriors, especially when dying to protect our homeland. It is the greatest honor!”

Yue Zhong turned to her, “The problem is, this is not my home! Lai Wei, you’re a soldier that belongs to me now! Your life is already not yours but mine. Unless you’re intending to go back on our bet!”

Lai Wei’s pupils narrowed slightly, as she stepped forward, a resolute look flashing by her eyes, “Yes! According to our agreement, I’m your subordinate. However, this is my country, I’m a warrior of the Winged Race. I have to fight for my country! If I survive today, I will follow your orders. As of now, I’m still a Winged Warrior!”

After that, she immediately flapped her wings and soared towards the frontlines.

Yue Zhong watched his prize flying off and shook his head slightly. With a flash, he swiftly leaped after her. Lai Wei was not controlled by the Puppet Rune after all and still possessed her own thinking and fighting will. To her, protecting her home was more important than the result of the bet between Yue Zhong and her.

Han Zi Xuan followed tightly behind Yue Zhong. She was no longer one of the Storm 8 Greats, instead, his personal guard.

At the frontlines, a Type 4 Monitor Lizard was destroying countless structures, at the same time, the Winged warriors were disappearing mysteriously.

As the leaders of the respective clans returned to their positions, many of their subordinates flew out from behind, swarming the skies.

“Release the arrows!!”


Following the orders of the respective leaders, arrows rained down upon the Mutant Beast.

Facing the torrential arrows, the Type 4 Monitor Lizard displayed its ferociousness. The arrows bounced off its scales, and while many of the arrows shot by the Type 2 Divine Warriors managed to pierce through the scales, yet, they were like toothpicks on its back. Some of the stronger ones fired off by the Type 3 Divine Warriors managed to penetrate the skin, drawing the slightest bit of blood.

However, it was not enough to cause any major harm to the beast. It was still sufficient to enrage it, as its body flashed and charged towards the Winged warrior forces at the speed of sound. Everywhere it went, a large patch of the Winged warriors would disappear mysteriously.

“Beast! Go to hell!!”

At this time, 10 Winged warriors in Storm Battle Armor charged their suit with the Type 3 Nuclei on their back, pushing their strength to the Type 4 realm, as they aimed their bow and arrows at the beast and let loose more arrows.

10 arrows shot out like fearsome laser beams, piercing through the eyes of the Monitor Lizard, causing it to burst open in a gory rain of blood and flesh. It was the first time being injured gravely.

Some of the elite warriors knew the weakness of these Monitor Lizards, which were their eyes. In fact, the eyes were one of the weaker spots among most Mutant Beasts.

The Type 4 Monitor Lizard began to struggle in agony, twisting its massive body as it continued to rampage throughout the city.

Just as the 10 elite Winged warriors wanted to charge forth to hunt another, a black torrent shot out towards them from one of the Monitor Lizards below.

They quickly scattered, however, 4 of them were just a beat slower and were instantly wrapped by that black shape, turning into a puddle of liquid.


As for the remaining 6 elites who had just dispersed, one monitor lizard took the opportunity to pounce towards them.

Swish! Swish!

In barely a second, all of them disappeared without a trace.

“What a fast tongue!!”

Yue Zhong had caught sight of what happened and was shocked.

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