God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 845

The teeth of the Type 4 Prehistoric Monitor Lizards were extremely sharp, even a Type 5 Divine Warrior would be crushed to a pulp.

Even at that critical point, Yue Zhong maintained his calm and gathered his energy into the Battle Spear in his right hand. With all his might, he thrust towards the Monitor Lizard, causing a powerful golden radiance to burst out, slamming into the head of the beast, directly penetrating it.

Following its death, its mighty jaws began to close and the sharp teeth also came down towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong flipped his hands and a Type 4 Nucleus energy shield appeared, glowing brightly as it conjured a powerful shield out of thin air.

This energy shield was precisely the efforts of one of the new Storm 8 Greats, Phoenina.

The teeth of the Type 4 Monitor Lizard came slamming down on the shield, causing it to shudder slightly. However, they could not penetrate the shield.

Yue Zhong then swung his Battle Spear, slashing the tongue apart. He then dashed out of the mouth.

“Watch out!! Yue Zhong!!”

The moment he leaped out the mouth, Luo Qing Qing’s shout traveled from the sky.

Yue Zhong felt an intense sense of danger and he twisted his body.

At that instant, a frightening salvo of arrows pierced through the sky, slamming into Yue Zhong. They ripped through the Sun Battle Armor, going through his body, causing him to soar slightly into the sky.

A Low-Grade Dino-General eyed Yue Zhong coldly while wielding his bow. That salvo of arrows was precisely fired by him. His accuracy was terrifying, and he was considered a top-notch archer in the Stegosaurus Kingdom. Many Type 5 Divine Warriors of other races and species had fallen at his hands. He was one of the experts that had joined on the expedition this time.

“Go to hell! Monster!!”

As the Low-Grade Dino-General was about to fire another salvo, Luo Qing Qing swooped down on him, her body covered by numerous wind blades. The storm immediately buffeted the Low-Grade Dino-General.

The Low-Grade Dino-General had his fair share of battles and with a tap of his foot, he retreated backward. He lifted his bow to slam into the Storm Battle Spear of Luo Qing Qing.

After donning the equipment, Luo Qing Qing was at a Type 5 realm. Her skills and powers were at a different level. With a flash of her spear, it thrust out in a series of after-shadows, disappearing from the sight of the Low-Grade Dino-General. The next moment, it suddenly pierced through his heart mysteriously, as countless wind blades exploded from the point of impact, slicing the Low-Grade Dino-General up into many pieces.

The Dino-people had stronger physiques and a regenerative power compared to humans. That was why Luo Qing Qing knew the best choice was to slice up their bodies before they could regenerate.

Luo Qing Qing had just killed the Low-Grade Dino-General when the other 18 of them let out howls of anguish and charged over.

The Low-Grade Dino-Generals had witnessed Luo Qing Qing’s strength, that was why they chose to team up to deal with her. Every one of them had the strength of a peak-Type 4 Divine Warrior, while the best among them was half-step into the Type 5 realm. With all 18 of them working together, even a Type 5 Divine Warrior would find it hard to beat them.


Luo Qing Qing turned her gaze to them, her eyes flashing with a powerful desire to battle. With a tap of her foot, she directly charged towards 3 of them, intending to deal with them first.

The moment she moved, a number of powerful wind blades blew out around her, tearing the Dino-warriors into pieces. At that moment, on the battlefield, she showcased her true strength as the Storm Queen.

On the other side, Yue Zhong had been flung a distance away, bleeding badly.

Below him, 3 Type 4 Monitor Lizards dashed forward with all their speed, pouncing towards him. They opened their jaws and shot out their powerful and fast tongues.

In mid-air, a large void appeared, as White Bones leaped out, turning into an orb of light that enveloped Yue Zhong, becoming a sharp bone carapace.

The 3 tongues came swirling around Yue Zhong’s body. In response, the bone blades on the bone carapace started to twist and grind, slicing up the tongues in a shower of blood.

Having their tongues broken, the 3 Mutant Beasts quickly retracted them, their eyes revealing a pained expression. Their tongue was their main tool for hunting prey. Even smaller Type 5 Divine Warriors could die in their mouths. Now that the tongues were destroyed, they were filled with fury towards Yue Zhong.

The 3 of them opened their stinky mouths and fired out poison towards Yue Zhong.

At the same time, on the frontlines, many Dino-warriors had raised their bows and were firing non-stop at Yue Zhong, their arrows raining down like water drops.

Yue Zhong’s act of dealing with the 3 previous Monitor Lizards had caught the attention of the Dino-warriors, that was why they immediately focused fire on him.

The Type 4 Mutant Beasts were ferocious and violent, a preferred killing tool utilized often by the Dino-people. They were more important than how tanks and fighter jets were important on Earth. Having lost 3 to Yue Zhong, these Dino-warriors were enraged.

In mid-air, Yue Zhong had no way of evading. He could only activate his Gravity Manipulation and increase his weight by 8 times, his entire body descending downwards like a huge boulder.


Since the sky was filled with arrows, even as Yue Zhong was plummeting towards the ground, a huge number of arrows still landed on him.

Every one of the Dino-warriors had the strength of a peak-Type 3 Divine Warrior, their arrows made out of powerful Mutant Beast bones.

The fearsome arrows managed to pierce through parts of his bone carapace, before being stopped by the Sun Battle Armor.

However, the arrows still managed to bring with them a powerful force that was not weaker than the impact of a rocket, causing Yue Zhong’s insides to shudder and his body wracked with pain. Fortunately, his Endurance was high, together with his Body of Steel, he was not too gravely injured. Even so, he suffered some pain.


With that move, he managed to dodge the 3 poison spit. Unfortunately, they landed on some Winged warriors nearby, and the affected Wing warriors immediately screamed out miserably as their bodies started to corrode.

The strength of the Monitor Lizards’ poison was terrifying. Just the slightest bit of contact could kill a person. It was truly overbearing.

Dozens of arrows landed on Yue Zhong, making him look like a porcupine. With his Gravity Manipulation still in effect, he continued plunging towards the ground.

The moment he landed, a Low-Grade Dino-General appeared in front of him, sending out a powerful fist. He wanted to slam Yue Zhong back up into the sky. His fellow comrades would then be able to fire continuously to kill him.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and without holding back, he sent a powerful slap enveloped by Devil Flames towards the Low-Grade Dino-General.

The Low-Grade Dino-General was too close to Yue Zhong, and without any time to defend himself, he was consumed by the flames. He began to wail and struggle amidst the pain, while his Radiance of Life glowed to protect himself.

Yue Zhong’s Battle Spear shot out like a dangerous dragon, piercing the head of the Low-grade Dino-General, allowing a large amount of Life Force to enter Yue Zhong’s body through the God and Devil Imprint. It instantly calmed the turbulent blood and energy, at the same time, regenerating a little of his Stamina.

He flipped his left hand and the Electromagnetic Gun appeared. With a tap of his foot, he charged towards one of the Monitor Lizards, firing out multiple beams towards the numerous Dino-warriors gathering towards him.

Since his Firearms Manipulation had been pushed to the Second Order, his accuracy was multiple times better than any sharpshooter from before the Apocalypse on Earth. Within a hundred meters, as long as any Dino-Warrior had not utilized its max speed, they would be killed instantly by Yue Zhong.

The Winged Race was also helping to suppress the Dino-warriors from up in the skies.

In a few breaths, Yue Zhong had appeared in front of the Type 4 Monitor Lizard. The beast had its tongue destroyed earlier and it immediately charged towards Yue Zhong.

With a glint in his eyes, Yue Zhong aimed at the beast and fired multiple times.

The Electromagnetic beams were fired at its eyes, and one managed to blast it apart, as blood and matter splattered out on the ground.

Yue Zhong’s speed was extremely fast; before the Type 4 Monitor Lizard had a chance to react, he had already fired through the other eye in a mad salvo.


Under the barrage of beams, the other eye also burst apart, as blood flowed out in a gory manner.

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