God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 848

With Ku Feng’s death, a large amount of life force entered Yue Zhong’s body. When the pure Type 5 energy coursed through him, it combined together with the God-Devil Nucleus that was constantly spinning and absorbing energy, slowly transforming it and making it bigger. Its size increased by a large amount.

The God-Devil Nucleus had just increased in size when a number of golden rays shone out, enhancing the various parts of Yue Zhong’s body, down to the very minute cells.

“Congratulations, you have broken through, and are starting the Type 5 Metamorphosis. Once you are done transforming, you will become a Type 5 Divine Warrior. The Metamorphosis would take 24 hours, in this 24 hours, please do not use external tools to forcefully enter the Type 5 realm, otherwise, you might cause the metamorphosis to fail.”


The system announcement rang in his mind.

“Type 5! I am finally going to become a Type 5 Divine Warrior!!”

When Yue Zhong heard that notification, he was filled with ecstasy, almost leaping into the skies with excitement

In this cruel world, the Type 4 Divine Warriors were still not considered true experts. Only when one was a Type 5 Divine Warrior would there be a chance to shine on the stage.


As for the human race, the Type 5 realm was an unreachable plateau, even Luo Qing Qing, the outstanding leader of the powerful Storm Valley faction was still merely at the peak of Type 4. As for Yue Zhong, although he lacked the resources, combat experience and skills compared to her, he had finally broken through the critical bottleneck.

This was mainly due to the God and Devil Imprint on him, without it, he could not have absorbed the life force from his defeated enemies, and would not evolve so quickly.

Remembering his status, he quickly calmed his emotions down, and flashed towards Han Zi Xuan, hugging her gently.


Han Zi Xuan was covered in blood, her face pale as she laid in Yue Zhong’s arms. Her expression was one of relief, helplessness, and even joy when she saw Yue Zhong, smiling, “Sir! I’m sorry! Zi Xuan… is unable to carry out her promise… to serve you any longer!!”

Forcefully utilizing a strength that did not belong to oneself would ultimately cause a backlash. Yue Zhong had thus only pushed his strength to the peak of Type 5 realm. However, he would just suffer some minor injuries. This was because he would only utilize the bodily enhancement to fight.

“When you entered the agreement with me, you’ll have to uphold it for life! I want you to live, you can’t die!!”


With a flip of his hand, the fresh blood of the Type 9 Divine Warrior appeared in his hands. He pulled Han Zi Xuan’s lips open and dripped 3 drops into her mouth.


The moment those 3 drops were ingested, a powerful Vitality and life force began to course through her body, healing her body at a visible rate.


“White Bones, go take her to the back!”


With a thought, White Bones disengaged from his bone carapace form, turning into a fragile skeleton that was riddled with injuries save for its legs.


White Bones nodded and carried Han Zi Xuan. With a single move, it grabbed the corpse of Ku Feng and dashed to the backend of the battle.


As he leaped, Ku Feng’s corpse began to soften, turning into a pile of rubbery meat. His bones had been completely absorbed by White Bones.


The moment White Bones left, Yue Zhong turned and noticed Luo Qing Qing covered in blood, still battling the Dino-warriors in her Storm Armor.

She was not utilizing her abilities over the tornadoes, instead, purely using her spear techniques and strength to deal with the Dino-warriors. Each time she struck out with her multiple spear shadows, a Dino-warrior would find his heart pierced. She looked extremely ferocious and seemingly unaffected by her own injuries.

In a breath, over dozens of Dino-warriors had fallen at her spear. If it had been any human enemies, they would have long since lost their confidence and fled.

However, these Dino-warriors were different. The more ferocious she was, the fiercer their counterattack. They gathered together, and 14 of them lunged towards her.

At that moment, a salvo of arrows soared through the sky, buffeting the Dino-warriors.


It was precisely the aerial support troops covering Luo Qing Qing. With their help, she had routed a long way to launch a sneak attack of the dino-warriors.

After using her Storm Battle Spear to kill another 30 dino-warriors, her body suddenly glowed once, as her face turned pale, and she spat out a mouthful of blood.


Ku Feng was, after all, a peak-Type 5 Divine Warrior. When its attack had slammed into her body, her physique that could not compare to Yue Zhong had already suffered great injuries. Due to her rampage, it had aggravated her injuries.

One Dino-warrior roared out, “She’s injured! Kill her!! Kill this damn human!!”

Luo Qing Qing eyed the 30-over Dino-warriors surrounding her, as their gazes flashed savagely and they pounced.

A cold look flashed past her eyes, as she readied her spear, and began to unleash a torrent of counterattacks.

The Storm Battle Spear continued to flicker in and out of the light, slaying a Dino-Warrior each time it appeared.


“Strong! This is truly the Storm Queen, she’s amazing!!”


In the skies, the Winged Race saw how Luo Qing Qing was tearing through her enemies like a tiger through sheep. They were truly filled with shock.

Those female warriors knew the strength of the Dino-Warriors. The Winged Race had the advantage of the skies and had fired countless shots. And yet, they had only killed a dozen Dino-warriors. Those who could truly hold their own against the Dino-warriors might only be one or two of them. Also, only those Type 3 Winged warriors could possibly fire an accurate shot to kill a Dino-warrior.

Furthermore, those Dino-warriors were also firing at the Winged Race, and their 70% accuracy rate was even more terrifying, killing various Winged warriors. Some of them died instantly on impact when plunging to the ground.,

The Winged Race might have the advantage in their home, however, since the start of the battle till now, the number of Winged people that died at the hands of the Dino-warriors far surpassed the Dino-warriors that perished.

In a few breaths, Luo Qing Qing had killed another 30 Dino-warriors.

One Low-Grade Dino-General appeared before her, sending a powerful fist towards her heart.


Luo Qing Qing raised her spear in response, thrusting out in a series of profound movements, causing the spear to disappear, before piercing towards the heart.

The Low-Grade Dino-General had a fierce glint in his eyes, as he roared out in rage, his body bursting forth with the Radiance of Life. He did not evade or dodge, instead choosing to receive the blow while continuing his punch towards her. He was planning to die together with her.

These Dino-warriors were truly not afraid of death, and brutal in nature. They had no concern for their own lives, unlike humans.

At the same time, 6 Low-Grade Dino-Generals were rushing over, if Luo Qing Qing were to retreat, they would reach her and unleash a powerful attack.

Her eyes flashed with a ferocious glint, as the Storm Battle Spear penetrated the heart of the Low-Grade Dino-General in front of her. With force, she destroyed the heart in one go.

Under the protection of the Radiance of Life, although the Low-Grade Dino-General sacrificed his heart, his fist continued to slam into Luo Qing Qing’s body, tearing apart her Storm Battle Armor, leaving a deep gash on her.

The Storm Battle Spear flicked upwards, causing the corpse of the Low-Grade Dino-General to be sent flying. However, her chest felt compressed, and her body was wracked with a sharp pain. She then coughed out another mouthful of blood, as she felt a wave of weakness, her body almost crumpling to the ground.

Luo Qing Qing grabbed the Storm Battle Spear and stuck it forcefully on the ground, supporting her body weight from falling.

2 Low-Grade Dino-Generals saw this and immediately pulled out their bows, aiming at her. 2 powerful bone-arrows that could pierce through even the hulls of tanks were fired at Luo Qing Qing’s heart and head.

“Am I about to die?”

Luo Qing Qing supported herself on the spear, while blood trickled down the corners of her mouth. She eyed the 2 incoming arrows, her eyes a look of peace and pity. She had killed an unknown number of Dino-warriors and was certain that one day, she would also be killed in battle.

Although she could see the arrows coming at her, her body could not muster any strength. She had been kicked viciously by Ku Feng earlier, and in truth, her body was incredibly hurt. She had managed to hold out for so long because of the Storm Battle Armor. The physique of humans was still weaker compared to other intelligent life forms.

“No!! Your Majesty!!”

On the other side, Hai Xi let out a scream, she had just killed 2 Dino-Warriors, and was currently held down by 9 others, and could not leave.

Just as Luo Qing Qing was about to be killed by the 2 arrows, a shadow flitted past her, blocking in front with a large energy shield.

The 2 arrows bounced off when they struck the shield.

Luo Qing Qing looked at the man who had saved her life, speaking with an uncontrollable hint of resentment, “You’re finally willing to come, Yue Zhong?”

She had seen Yue Zhong approaching Han Zi Xuan first instead of her after killing Ku Feng. This caused her to be filled with a strange, upset feeling that she did not comprehend. That was why she had started to go on a rampage without care for her injuries.

“Is this how you treat your savior? Drink this! It can help your injuries! Thanks for your help earlier!”

With a flip of his hand, a glass vial with a drop of the Type 9 Divine Warrior blood was passed to her, and he pulled out his Electromagnetic Gun, firing multiple beams at the Low-Grade Dino-Generals and Dino-Warriors.

Under the multiple blasts, the heads of the Dino-people were all split apart, as they turned into headless corpses. Some of them managed to dodge and dispersed. The electromagnetic beams were able to penetrate the bodies of the Dino-Generals, however, their speed was fast, therefore, it was harder to hit them.

When the Type 9 Divine Warrior’s blood entered Luo Qing Qing’s mouth, a powerful life force coursed through her body, regenerating her broken parts. Her pale countenance also regained some color. She looked at Yue Zhong who stood in front of her like a sturdy rock, focusing fire on the Dino-warriors and felt a strange emotion.

He continued to kill them while speaking solemnly, “Let’s retreat! We’re not their match right now!”


She eyed the droves of Low-Grade Dino-Generals and replied, “Even if we want to, they will not let us go!”

There were a dozen Low-Grade Dino-Generals charging towards them. If they joined forces, even Type 5 Divine Warriors would find it hard to deal with them. After all, these freaks did not fear death and were willing to exchange lives for lives. It was truly troublesome.

Yue Zhong suddenly barked, “If we can’t fight them, we can call for help! Greenie, kill them!!”

In the skies, Greenie howled once and flapped its wings to generate its innate ability. Instantly, countless wind blades blew towards the Low-Grade Dino-Generals.

Their faces fell, and quickly channeled their Radiance of Life, trying their best to dodge the wind blades.


With a tap of his foot, Yue Zhong retreated explosively. During his retreat, his gaze was still fixed on those Low-Grade Dino-Generals. All of a sudden, he fired twice, the beams penetrating the heads of 2 Low-Grade Dino-Generals, and their life force was absorbed by him.

“Go take a good rest!”

After covering her retreat to safety, Yue Zhong left behind a single sentence, then re-entered the battlefield. However, this time, he chose to fire from afar, the Electromagnetic Gun in his hand reaping the lives of the Dino-Warriors.

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