God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 849

Inside the honeycomb city, Greenie swooped down from the skies, pouncing on one Monitor Lizard. It pecked down viciously, and its sharp beak went through the head of the Monitor Lizard.

At the same time, its claws dug into its body, causing fresh blood to flow out of the puncture marks.

The life force of the Monitor Lizard was still strong, allowing it to struggle furiously.

Greenie flapped its wings and soared into the skies, dragging the Type 4 Prehistoric Monitor Lizard with it.

On the other side, Lightning had also pounced on the back of another Monitor Lizard. It opened its powerful jaws to bite down on the neck of the lizard, tearing off a huge chunk of flesh.

The Monitor Lizard let out a howl of agony. Just as it wanted to retaliate, a powerful ice shard show out and pierced through its body, injuring it heavily.

Inside the cavern city, Greenie and Lightning might not be a match for all of the Prehistoric Monitor Lizards, however, in a one-on-one clash, their strength was still above these beasts.


The remaining Monitor Lizards were being taken down by Yue Zhong’s tamed beasts, while Turtle continued to crawl towards the Dino-Warriors like a tank.

A Type 4 Crocodile-Snapping Turtle might not be fast on land, its movement speed losing out to the Dino-Warriors. However, with its size, the Dino-Warriors were being forced backward.

Those Dino-warriors who had been shot by the Winged Races or were forced to hide behind cover, could not retreat in time and were squashed into meat paste by Turtle.

Many other Dino-warriors charged towards it, however, as they got close, Turtle would just open its mouth to breathe deeply, directly sucking the Dino-warriors into its mouth before it crushed them. It would also fire out ice shards from time to time, piercing the bodies of the enemies.

The huge weakness of Turtle was its movement speed. Its frontal assault might be strong, but its back, sides and behind were often exposed to attacks.


However, with Han Zi Xuan beside it to guard, any Dino-warriors that tried to take advantage of the weaknesses would be killed.

Once she was sent to the back to recuperate, Yue Zhong quickly replaced her position, swiftly appearing beside Turtle, cooperating with it to kill those Dino-warriors.

The remaining Monitor Lizards were quickly disposed of by Yue Zhong’s tamed beasts. When Lightning and Greenie entered the fray of the Dino-warriors, the death toll of the Dino-warriors and Dino-Generals shot up significantly.

Dorothy and many other Elders began to don their Storm Battle Armor and charged into the fray as well.

While the Elders were arrogant and overbearing, not even respecting their Queen, they were outstanding warriors on the battlefield, each of them possessing powerful archery skills. Their aim was sharp, and they would seek out the Low-Grade Dino-Generals to take them out together with one another.


After many more Low-Grade Dino-Generals were killed and facing the combined assault of the 3 Mutant Beasts belonging to Yue Zhong, the Dino-Warriors were finally at a disadvantage. In this mountain cavern, the Winged Race had an advantage in terrain. With the help of the 3 Mutant Beasts, their morale was once again high, completely suppressing the Dino-Warriors. Since the main commander General Ku Feng had been killed by Yue Zhong, the rest of them could only choose to retreat.

Once the order was given, all the Dino-warriors quickly made their way out, leaving behind countless corpses.


Dorothy and the rest of the Elders had joy on their faces, as they quickly flapped their wings to chase after them.

The elites of the Winged Race reached the entrance of the cave when suddenly, a rain of arrows fired towards the elite Winged warriors.

Under the salvo of arrows, many of the elites were nailed to the ground. The rest had no choice but to back up and retreat temporarily.

The huge tunnel was the only way out to the outside world, and also the only path of survival. Now that it was blocked, it was practically cutting off their only way to survive.

Dorothy led a few experts of the Winged Race to try and assault the entrance. However, with the Dino-warriors holding the fort there, they would be beaten back each time, with numerous Type 3 Winged warriors falling to the ground. Even Dorothy herself had suffered an arrow wound.

The Winged Race required space for them to display their abilities to the utmost. Although the tunnel was not exactly narrow or small, there was a limit to how much the Winged Races could fight with their abilities. Their advantage was minimized inside there, that was what the Dino-people had banked on.

However, that was the only way out for the Winged Race. After Dorothy’s party retreated, the other warriors continued to send in batch after batch to storm the entrance, only to lose several of their people.

After multiple failures, the Winged Race surrounded the entrance, their faces grim, but they did not dare to charge in anymore.

The tunnel prevented the Winged Race from going all out, and while they might have numerous warriors, each time they launched an assault, they could only deploy a hundred or so. Any more than that would cause the tunnel to be jammed. Like that, they would not be able to display their advantage, and thus, they could only surround it helplessly, not knowing what to do.

As they were waiting, Yue Zhong came to them, riding on Turtle’s back.

“Yue Zhong! You’re here!”

The moment Dorothy saw him, her eyes lit up with joy, and she stepped forward and spoke warmly.

Many of the other Elders also looked at him with respect and a hint of envy.

Many of the younger female warriors had seen how Yue Zhong had single-handedly done so much during the battles earlier. If it was not for the current situation, they would have charged and thrown themselves on him.

Due to his efforts to deal with the Monitor Lizards, the Winged Race had managed to extract themselves from the crisis and beat the Dino-warriors back. Otherwise, they might have been wiped out.

Even Dorothy, who was filled with hate and disgust for him initially, had a 180-degree change in attitude.

Yue Zhong assessed the tunnel carefully while asking with a frown, “What’s the defense like inside?”

Inside the city, there was only this tunnel. There were many heavy weapons inside, that could be used to defend against enemies intending to assault the Winged Race. However, once it was captured and held by the enemy, it was likewise a blockage that sealed the people within.

Dorothy spoke seriously with a slight bow, “The defense is tight, with over 15 Low-Grade Dino-Generals inside. With them holding the fort, it’s difficult to breakthrough. We can only rely on you now. Please help our Winged Race! If you help us break out of here, our Winged Race would definitely not forget your mercy and grace!”

Since the Dino-race had sealed the entrance, what the Winged Race needed was powerful weapons capable of smashing and destruction. In Yue Zhong’s arsenal, he had 2 powerful Type 4 Mutant Beasts that fit the bill, namely Lightning and Turtle.

Lightning was swift as the wind, it could maneuver inside the cave with no problems, hunting the Dino-warriors. As for Turtle, while its speed was slow, it was the one that could face the attacks head on and crush the enemy with dominating strength.

With these 2 massive beasts, combined with the elite warriors of the Winged Race, Dorothy had the confidence of breaking through. Otherwise, the only method left was to throw as many Winged warriors as she could, costing them their lives.

Yue Zhong eyed the tunnel and spoke indifferently, “2,000 warriors! I can help your Winged race get back this tunnel. But, after this, I want 2,000 of your warriors to serve me. If you don’t agree, then the deal is off, you can try and take back the tunnel by yourself.”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s appetite, one of the Elders lost her cool, “What?! 2,000 warriors?! Do you know that we only have a total of 6,000 warriors in our Winged Rage?! You actually want ⅓ of our forces, that is impossible!”

Dorothy’s face also fell as she stared fixedly at Yue Zhong, “Yue Zhong, our Winged Race, and the Storm Valley have always been on good terms. Your actions now are simply robbing when the house is on fire, it’s lowly and despicable!”

Yue Zhong laughed coldly and swept a glance at them, “Despicable? Just who was it that wanted to capture us to present to the Stegosaurus Kingdom? Wasn’t the actions of your Winged Race despicable earlier? If it hadn’t been for me, how many more of your people would have died?! I’ve already extended my kindness and mercy, there doesn’t seem to be anything that I owe to you people right? I don’t have the responsibility to fight so hard for you nor risk my life for you. I’ve just brought up a deal, if you aren’t willing, just forget about it! If you think that my actions are despicable, then Elder Dorothy, what would you make of your own actions?!”

Hearing Yue Zhong’s cold sarcasm, many of the Elders flushed with shame.

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