God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 850

Dorothy bowed and apologized, “Yue Zhong, I apologize deeply for my disrespect and arrogance earlier. Now, our fates are all entwined together. If our Winged Race is wiped out by the Stegosaurus Kingdom, you guys will not survive as well. We should put aside our differences and dispute, work together and fight our way out for survival!”

Yue Zhong did not let up as he replied icily, “2,000 Winged warriors! Elder Dorothy, with my abilities, I might not be able to bring a dozen people out, but if Luo Qing Qing and I were to join hands, we can definitely bring our own subordinates out alive! If you don’t agree, then feel free to fight for the tunnel by yourselves!”

One pretty Elder shot a glare at Yue Zhong, barking out, “We’ll just attack then! Damn Yue Zhong, who do you think you are! Our Winged Race can take back our tunnel by ourselves! Sisters, come with me!”

After that, hundreds of elites charged up to the skies, dashing towards the entrance!

Dorothy’s face fell as she barked, “Lai Li! No!! Come back!!”

Just as the hundreds of elites flew up to the entrance, a number of arrows shot out like shooting stars, piercing many of them.

With screams of pain and misery, many of them fell to the ground in pools of blood.

The Elder Lai Li, whose strength was at the peak-Type 3 stage and was wearing the Storm Battle Armor, immediately received medical care. She had 6 arrow wounds on her, causing fresh blood to flow out constantly.

The Dino-warriors were not stupid as well, prioritizing the Winged Race members who had the Storm Armor.

With Lai Li’s death, the rest of the Winged elites who had charged forth immediately retreated back in dismay.

In a bid to break through this time, they had lost a number of Winged elites, but not even a single Dino-warrior had been killed. The only result was that they had cost the Dino-warriors more arrows and stamina.

Seeing this, the faces of the Winged Race fell, their brows furrowing together. The tunnel was securely guarded by those Dino-warriors, if they continued to push forth like this, it would only be in vain. At the same time, they did not know what other means the Dino-warriors possess.

Dorothy’s eyes flashed with a strange glint after some hesitation, before coming in front of Yue Zhong in defeat, saying solemnly, “Yue Zhong, please help us! As long as you get us out of this mess, we’re willing to send you a thousand Winged elites!”

“Great Elder!!”

“Great Elder!! No!!”

The other Elders lost color in their expressions as they exclaimed out in horror.

The Winged Race were not many, with only 6,000 elite warriors. With the invasion of the Dino-people this time, they had lost over a thousand warriors. If they were to give another 1,000 over to Yue Zhong, their military might would be at an incredibly low point.

Dorothy’s face sunk as she barked out, “Shut up!!”

The moment she lost her cool, all the Elders kept quiet. Dorothy’s position among them was very high, with her thoughts and actions constantly for the people, many of the Elders had received her grace before.

Dorothy eyed them, “It is a critical time for our Winged Race now. If we can’t get past this, then all 80,000 of our Winged Race would perish here. As long as Sir Yue Zhong helps us, protecting the lives of these 80,000 brothers and sisters, then what’s giving a thousand of our soldiers to him? I believe that he would not mistreat them as well!”

Their technology was backward, and while their physique might be better than most humans, they still could not compare to the Dino-warriors. Their only advantage was that they could fly. Now that they were stuck here, even if they gave their all, and sacrificed the lives of thousands of people, they might not even be able to take back the tunnel. Dorothy saw this clearly, that was why she had no choice but to accept Yue Zhong’s deal.

Yue Zhong replied indifferently, “1,500!”

Dorothy’s eyes flashed with a begging look, “1,200!! Sir Yue Zhong, please! If you can accept this deal, you’ll gain our friendship and the 1,200 warriors will definitely be your most trusted and loyal subordinates!”

Yue Zhong thought before nodding, “Alright!”

Earning 1,200 powerful Winged warriors was already a decent haul for Yue Zhong. Although they might not be able to defeat even 200 Dino-warriors on the battlefield, that was because they were by themselves, unable to utilize their advantages to the fullest.

If given to Yue Zhong, he could turn them all into powerful and lethal weapons. After all, he had many Sun Battle Armor as well as Type 3 nuclei. If he gave them all the Sun Battle Armor, he could form a powerful aerial unit.

Yue Zhong then came up to Luo Qing Qing, “Hey, I’ll have to rely on your help later!”

Luo Qing Qing was able to push her strength to the Type 5 realm with the help of the Storm Armor. Coupled with her natural combat talents, a Low-Grade Dino-General could easily perish at her hands. In terms of a frontal assault, Yue Zhong needed such a force at the forefront, after all, he had to maintain his Type 4 strength.

With just him alone, there was no certainty of breaking through the defenses of the Dino-warriors. The tunnel was too small and narrow for the large Mutant Beasts, therefore, he could not rely on Mount Tai.


Right now, Luo Qing Qing had already recovered fully with the help of the blood, ready to rejoin the battle.

A crafty look flashed across her eyes, as she smiled, “No problem, but after this, I want half of those Winged warriors!”

These Winged elites were extremely useful to any faction. They were proficient scouts and could take on Mutant Beasts that had no aerial capabilities.


Yue Zhong frowned and spoke softly, “I had saved you so many times, how can you this?”


Luo Qing Qing looked back at him and replied in a low voice, “That’s another matter. This was what you taught me. Since you’ve saved me, I can ask for less. 300!”

Yue Zhong’s face contorted as he bled in his heart, “200!! That’s the most!!! Otherwise, forget it!”

200 Winged elites, if they were trained properly, they could become an entire special force on their own. If he had to give them up to Luo Qing Qing, he could not help but feel some pain.

Luo Qing Qing stared at Yue Zhong’s expression in glee, and spoke with a bright smile, “Deal!”

“Move out!”

The moment the deal was settled, Yue Zhong did not hesitate to gather the elites with Dorothy’s help. Turtle stood at the center of the formation and began to launch an attack on the tunnel.

Turtle had already channeled its innate ability right at the start, opening its huge mouth to breathe out powerful cold air. The cold air enveloped itself to form a huge, thick layer of ice.

The layer of ice weighed at least hundreds of tonnes, if that weight was on Lightning, it would crush it immediately. However, Turtle carried it and lumbered towards the entrance.

Although the Type 4 Crocodile-Snapping Turtle was slow, its huge body possessed a frightening strength. Other than a few other Type 4 Mutant Beasts, its strength could be considered one of the top.

When it appeared at the tunnel, countless arrows flew out once more, raining upon the layer of ice.

However, these arrows only managed to pierce through 20cm of the ice, and could not penetrate further.

The arrows fired by Low-Grade Dino-Generals were frightening, piercing through almost an entire meter before stopping.

As the rain of arrows shot out from the tunnel, landing on Turtle’s armor, in a short while, it caused Turtle’s back to look like a porcupine. However, it continued on its way, bulldozing over anything in its path.

“Strong! This Type 4 Mutant Beast is truly the best suited at besieging defenses!! Our Winged Race has hope!!”

Dorothy and the other Winged people saw how Turtle just braved all attacks as it advanced, their eyes filled with excitement. The rain of arrows that had cost them so much was being broken through easily, thus, giving them hope.

“Damn it!! Attack!! Route around that Mutant Beast!! Kill those fellows! That Mutant Beast is slow, as long as we kill those behind it, we can kill it!”

As one Low-Grade Dino-General roared out in fury, 12 others, as well as 200 Dino-warriors, leaped out from their covers, trying to run around Turtle.

This time, on their attack on the honeycomb city, they did not bring any heavy weapons. Therefore, they had no means of dealing with a moving fortress-like Turtle. The only way of victory was to use their military might against Yue Zhong and the rest, before kiting and wearing Turtle down to death.

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