God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 851

“They’re coming!” Yue Zhong saw the Dino-warriors and readied his Electromagnetic Gun.

A number of electromagnetic beams blasted out on the bodies of the Dino-warriors, causing bloody holes.

Dorothy, Doreen, Lai Wei and a number of other Winged elites wearing their Storm Battle Armor readied their bows to fire at the Dino-warriors.

The strongest of the elite Winged warriors had taken part in the assault this time, and each arrow shot out like a shooting star, penetrating the bodies of the Dino-warriors in a shower of blood.

In the tunnel, one particular arrow was fired at one Low-Grade Dino-General.

The Dino-General reached out to swat the arrow aside, only to find that the force behind it exceeded its expectation. It penetrated through his right hand, going through his body, causing blood to spray everywhere.

The face of the Dino-General fell, as he sensed a bad premonition. Twisting his body slightly, he dodged to the left. At that moment, an arrow brushed past his body, penetrating deep into the wall behind him.

The Low-Grade Dino-General had just evaded it, when another arrow shot at him, penetrating his head, causing it to explode in a shower of blood.

“It’s her! She has some capabilities!” Yue Zhong turned to look at the source, noticing that it was the Great Elder Dorothy.

That Low-Grade Dino-General had been an expert of the Type 4 Realm, in terms of close combat prowess, he was on par with Luo Qing Qing without her Storm Armor. Such a fearsome expert was actually killed by Dorothy, a testimony to her powerful archery.

Under their constant assault, the Dino-warriors were being killed one by one, however, their speed was pretty fast. In a breath’s time, they managed to charge up to Turtle.

Facing the Dino-warriors that suddenly appeared, Turtle slammed into 8 of them viciously, causing them to be crushed into meat paste, as though they had been struck by a sports car at maximum speed.

However, that was the best Turtle could do, the rest of the Dino-warriors managed to get past it by its sides, launching a fierce assault on Yue Zhong’s team.


Luo Qing Qing’s battle-lust was at its peak, as she stood there in her armor and wielding her spear. Her body was surrounded by countless tornados, and as she tapped her foot, her entire body shot forwards. She appeared in front of a Low-Grade Dino-General and immediately thrust her spear through his heart.

The Low-Grade Dino-General’s face fell as he retreated explosively, raising his hands in an effort to block. However, he had just raised his hands when the terrifying spear already pierced through, and numerous wind blades exploded out from within, tearing his corpse up into slices.

Having killed one Low-Grade Dino-General in a single blow, Luo Qing Qing’s eyes flashed coldly, and she suddenly disappeared from her location, before appearing in front of another Low-Grade Dino-General to thrust out her spear in a split second.

The eyes of the Low-Grade Dino-General gleamed, as he swung his tail noiselessly at her. He raised his right elbow as well, the bone blade on it slicing towards Luo Qing Qing.

When the right elbow bone blade slammed into Luo Qing Qing’s Battle Spear, there was a flicker of a shadow, and the Battle Spear suddenly appeared right in front of the face of the Dino-General. It pierced through his head easily, and with the wind blades billowing out, it shredded his entire head.

After killing 2 Low-Grade Dino-Generals in quick succession, Luo Qing Qing continued to charge through the enemies, every strike of hers easily felling a Low-Grade Dino-General.

“Strong! Seems like she has become stronger again!”

Yue Zhong watched as Luo Qing Qing tore through the battlefield as though she was slaughtering chickens, and sighed. This woman was truly majestic and valiant, her prowess constantly growing at every step of the battlefield.

After all, these Dino-Generals did not lack combat experience. Although they were only at peak Type 4, in terms of close combat, most Type 5 Divine Warriors of other races might not be able to best them. Such freaks were actually annihilated one after another by Luo Qing Qing. Even if the Storm Battle Armor did boost her strength, without her skills, it would not have been possible.

Luo Qing Qing continued to unleash carnage on the Low-Grade Dino-Generals, while the other Dino-warriors were being handled by Dorothy and her winged elites.

The Winged Race could not compare to the Dino-warriors in terms of close combat. As the Dino-warriors got past Turtle, they quickly assaulted the Winged warriors, killing many of them.

One particular Winged elite thrust her Battle Spear towards an incoming Dino-Warrior.

The eyes of the Dino-Warrior flashed, and with a twist of his body, the spear penetrated his left chest.

At that moment, his gaze seemed to turn savage, and his right elbow slashed out with lightning speed. A cold light brushed past the neck of the Winged elite, and her head was sent flying amidst a shower of blood.

A dozen of the elite warriors was equipped with the Storm Battle Armor, in theory, their strength should be higher than those Dino-warriors with the enhancement. However, in close-combat, the Dino-warriors were unafraid of death and were able to tear apart these Winged elites.

Dorothy, Lai Wei, and a few other Elders began to increase their intensity, forcefully balancing the tides of the battle.

Yue Zhong was on top of Turtle, observing the ongoings below. He noticed that there were 2 main battlefields, the elites of the Winged Race clashing with the Dino-warriors, of which the Dino-warriors had the advantage. The other was Luo Qing Qing’s slaughter of the Low-Grade Dino-Generals, rapidly decreasing their numbers. If things continued on like this, after Luo Qing Qing was done with the Low-Grade Dino-Generals, it would definitely be the Winged Race’s victory.

The Low-Grade Dino-Generals seemed to know this point, and they gathered close together. However, when they got close to Luo Qing Qing, Yue Zhong would use his Electromagnetic Gun to shoot at them, forcing them apart.

Although he could not easily kill them with his gun at his current strength, with his Firearms Manipulation, his accuracy was more than enough to force them to retreat.

Just as they were gaining the advantage in battle, 300 Dino-warriors suddenly charged in once more through the tunnel.

If these 300 joined the fray, they would be able to turn the tide.

From behind, Lai Wei let out a shrill howl, and more Winged elites flew out from behind her, entering the fray as well.


Yue Zhong saw the incoming 300 Dino-warriors and his eyes flashed coldly. Waving his hands, a powerful Devil Flame tornado blew out towards them.


Within that small confined space, the billowing Devil Flames instantly enveloped a large portion of the tunnel.


The 300 Dino-warriors were caught in the flames and instantly, every single one of them started to burn. They screamed out in pain, many of them turned to ashes within a breath. In the end, a mere 140-over managed to survive.

Such a casualty rate would have caused a human troop to collapse, however, those remaining Dino-warriors still continued to charge forth with renewed ferocity.

Yue Zhong kept his eye on them and fired with his Electromagnetic Gun, the beams shooting through the heads of the Dino-Warriors, causing them to explode.

Within a few breaths, over 30 more Dino-Warriors had been killed by Yue Zhong. However, by then, the remaining hundred had made it around Turtle.

Alas, they were too late, as the Low-Grade Dino-Generals had already fallen at Luo Qing Qing’s spear. The Dino-Warriors had just appeared and were immediately swept up in Luo Qing Qing’s rampage, their screams filling the cavern.

At the same time, Turtle continued on its steadfast march forward, crushing any unfortunate Dino-warriors still hiding behind cover.


One Low-Grade Dino-General looked out at the battlefield, knowing that there was no hope of victory, and roared out in anger and hatred, before turning around to flee.


The Dino-warriors quickly fled out from the tunnel.


Another group of Dino-warriors was trying to take Turtle down under the lead of one Low-Grade Dino-General, firing with all they had, but to no avail.

Turtle was like a moving fortress that crushed any obstacles along the way, while Luo Qing Qing and the other Winged elites would catch and finish off any stragglers.

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