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Chapter 148: Kong’s Heavenly Reputation

Editors: Challi, faraonj

A server came forward with a tray of various fruits and placed it on the table after Yue Zhong’s group entered their suite. Fried peanuts, stewed duck neck, sweet and sour cucumber, and all kinds of snacks flowed over like running water. The table probably wouldn’t be much before Z-Age, but after Z-Age, these goods were extremely rare.

There were also several types of foreign alcohol and native baijiu on the table. One would need several thousands of dollars to buy this table before Z-Age.

Zhang Ning brought in more than a dozen beautiful women.

The women all had exquisite make up, and each was extremely beautiful.

Among the ring of women, there were two that attracted Yue Zhong’s attention. One of them was a thirty year old woman with exquisite makeup and a delicate charm. The other one was about the same age with beautiful black hair. She was delicate and picturesque, and she had beautiful white skin that made people feel tenderness towards her at first glance.

The woman with the perfect make up was someone Yue Zhong knew. It was the young woman he had rescued and taken to Long Hai City, Zhao Li.

Zhao Li saw Yue Zhong and her face slightly changed, flashing with a complex light. At that time she whole heartedly wanted to leave Yue Zhong’s system and come to the government established base. She never thought that a rich business woman like herself would fall to this extent, working at the Celestial World after coming to the base. She felt regret and embarrassment after seeing the honored guest Yue Zhong.

Kong Tao smiled at Yue Zhong and asked: “Yue Zhong, which one do you want?”

Yue Zhong didn’t look again at Zhang Li. He chose the delicate and charming woman with beautiful black hair and another good looking woman with a big breasts: “Those two are good!”

The delicate and charming beauty and the big breasted woman brought their fragrance to Yue Zhong’s side.

The rest of the scantily clad woman also sat beside their men.

The four team members at Yue Zhong’s side also embraced the beautiful women and began to touch them up and down.

Yue Zhong didn’t hold his team members back from having sex so long as it didn’t interfere with the mission. How they spent time with women was their own matter. Basically all of Yue Zhong’s direct subordinates had two or more beautiful women. They lived the most dangerous lives, and the rewards they obtained were the most abundant. They all had pretty women sticking to them without having to use force.

Yue Zhong looked at the delicate and charming woman and asked: “What is your name?”

“I am Fang Chu!” Fang Chu’s voice was soft and extremely pleasant.

The good looking big breasted beauty wrapped around Yue Zhong’s arm. She used the extreme sex appeal of her big chest to rub against Yue Zhong’s arm and coyishly said: “Young Yue are you biased, only asking Chu Chu’s name but not asking mine?”

This big breasted woman’s looks couldn’t be compared to Fang Chu, but her seductive skills were at the pinnacle.

Yue Zhong looked at the big breasted woman and simply said: “What is your name?”

This big breasted woman couldn’t compare with the figure, appearance, and temperament of Guo Yu. Furthermore she had a dense air of prostitution, and Yue Zhong didn’t really like it.

The big breasted woman coyishly picked up two bottles of beer and said to Yue Zhong: “I am Liu Hong! Young Yue, let’s have a drink!”

“I don’t drink alcohol.” Yue Zhong directly refused. He didn’t like drinking alcohol because he needed to remain sober. After all, even though he reached an agreement with Long Hai City, it is hard to say if the two sides are friends or enemies.

Liu Hong’s face slightly hardened, but she quickly adjusted her frame of mind. Everyone who entered into the Celestial World were important guests. They were uncles among uncles. She couldn’t refuse even if the other party requested she immediately undress here. Otherwise she would be easily driven out of the specialty region, and she would fight to sell her body for a steamed bun. She would disappear from the face of the earth.

“Fang Chu!! Fang Chu come out for the Boss!” at this time, the suite door was kicked open. A young man wearing all new name brand clothes, with a red face and a stench of alcohol entered the room. He was followed by several young men and women about the same age.

[TL: He isn’t actually the boss of anything. It is just another a-hole calling himself Laozi/Daddy.]

These young men and women were all wearing named brand clothing from before Z-Age, and their faces carried an air of haughtiness

Zhang Ning walked over and advised to the young man: “Young Ning! Fang Chu is already with someone. I will find a better girl for you.”

Young Ning slapped Zhang Ning across the face and yelled: “Scram! She is merely a prostitute. The Boss doesn’t want a dolled up piece of shit. The Boss wants to mount her today! I came here just for her!”

Hearing Young Ning’s words, a humiliating feeling bubbled up inside Fang Chu.

Behind Ning Shao there was a tall handsome young man wearing fitting attire. He leaked an elegant air and lightly laughed: “It appears Ning Zixuan drank too much.”

A petite pretty young woman stood beside the young man. She was full of vitality, and she had a slim waist with a large booty. She raised an eyebrow and said: “He is always like this, disgusting.”

Another young man laughed and said: “People who drink too much are like this!”

The young woman raised a brow and said: “Ma Bu, are you also like this?”

Ma Bu hastily explained: “Fei Fei, of course not! My natural instincts are good hearted. I would never be like this.”

Fei Fei coldly replied: “Humph! Do not think I don’t know the things you’ve done. Not a single man is good.”

Ning Zixuan pushed Zhang Ning. He had bloodshot eyes and reached out towards Fang Chu.

Seeing the crazy Ning Zixuan, Fang Chu leaned into Yue Zhong out of fear.

Kong Tianyu, a direct subordinate of Yue Zhong pushed aside the two women at his side, and he pounced forward like a leopard. He ruthlessly kicked Ning Zixuan’s leg and knocked him to the floor. He grabbed Ning Zixuan’s hand and crossed them like scissors, then he scolded: “Fuck! What creature are you, thinking of grabbing Captain Yue’s woman! Are you looking for death?”

Ning Zixuan was already blinded by alcohol. He was firmly pressed to the ground by Yue Zhong’s subordinate. Ning Zixuan’s heart was filled with anger, and he roared: “I am Ning Zhicheng’s son. You dare be like this to me. I will certainly not let you go. I will kill your whole family!! I will cut you into pieces!”

“Even if you were the son of a king you will not be saved!” Kong Tianyu looked at Yue Zhong. He saw Yue Zhong slightly nod. Kong Tianyu let out a grim smile, and he exerted force with both hands. Ning Zixuan immediately screamed like pigs at the slaughter.

The young man with an elegant scholarly air slightly laughed and said to Yue Zhong: “Sir, please make your man stop. Zixuan merely drank too much, and he turned into a barbarian. Director Kong, why don’t you introduce us?”


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