God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 853

As Yue Zhong fell into deep sleep, the light gold energy in his body continued to course through his body, strengthening and enhancing every single cell and fiber. His entire being was undergoing a huge chance, evolving towards a superhuman-level.

The God and Devil Imprint could absorb the purest of Life Force. Along his journey, Yue Zhong had killed plenty of experts and powerful Type 4 Mutant Beasts, the amount which could have easily pushed an ordinary person to become a Type 5 Divine Warrior long ago. However, Yue Zhong had been stuck at the pinnacle of the Type 4 realm, because the God-Devil Nucleus had only been absorbing the concentrated and purest form of energy, refining it constantly to lay the most solid of foundations.


If the foundation was not stable enough, it would be hard for a human like Yue Zhong to advance far. They had physique and constitution limitations, in comparison with the Dino-people, the Sea Clan, the Flesh-Eaters, even Zombies and other evolved life forms. Therefore, having absorbed enough Life Force, Yue Zhong was finally evolving towards the next stage.

The light-gold energy continued to flow slowly throughout Yue Zhong’s body, going through multiple cycles, strengthening every single fiber of Yue Zhong’s body. Even his red blood was starting to have a tinge of gold energy.

Every high-rank expert had a powerful life force. As Yue Zhong entered the Type 5 realm, his blood was refined to harbor a strong vitality within. If an ordinary person was to drink his blood, they would gain enhancements and even gain an immunity to some viruses.

“Congratulations on evolving to a Type 5 Divine Warrior! You have gained +30 in all attributes!”

“Congratulations on evolving to a Type 5 Divine Warrior! Your ‘Body of Steel’ has been raised to the Third Order!”

“Congratulations on evolving to a Type 5 Divine Warrior! Your ‘Regeneration’ has been raised to the Third Order!”

“Congratulations on evolving to a Type 5 Divine Warrior! Your ‘Devil Flames’ has been raised to the Fourth Order!”

“Congratulations on evolving to a Type 5 Divine Warrior! Your ‘Dark Dou Qi’ has been raised to the Fourth Order!”



When Yue Zhong woke up, he was bombarded by a flurry of notifications within his mind. All his skills had been raised to at least the Third Order. As for his Devil Flame and Dark Dou Qi, his two main skills, they had reached the Fourth Order, causing his strength to undergo a heaven-and-earth transformation.

Yue Zhong checked out his status and was filled with excitement, “Holy!! This is great, who would have thought that I would become so strong after becoming a Type 5 Divine Warrior!!”

After evolving to the Type 5 realm, Yue Zhong’s largest gain was not the +30 in his attributes, but his skills reaching the Third Order stage. After all, every single skill required many skill points just to power up. Skill points were precious, and if it was on earth, it would take every increase of 10 levels to gain one skill point. Instead, he had gained a massive upgrade together with his evolution. The skill points he would have required otherwise would be at least hundreds.

Based on his conjecture, his current strength would surpass even Luo Qing Qing with her Type 4 Nucleus Storm Battle Armor. This was before the use of external equipment. If he were to equip the Type 5 Nucleus Sun Battle Armor, he had the confidence to take on Mid-Grade Dino-Generals in combat.

After celebrating for a while, he got up and left the room.


When Yue Zhong entered the hall, the upper echelon of the Winged Race, including the Great Elder Dorothy, got up to greet him, “Sir Yue Zhong, good morning!”


Dorothy had just approached him when her face suddenly changed, and she wore a look of disbelief as she stammered, “Ah… you seem different!! Don’t tell me… you’ve reached the Type 5 Divine Warrior realm?!”

In the past, the Winged Race also had a Type 5 Divine Warrior before. The previous Winged Queen had been a Type 5 Divine Warrior. Dorothy’s perception was strong, and since her experience was abundant as well, she could tell that Yue Zhong possessed an even stronger aura than the previous Queen. This was obviously a sign of his evolution.

“Type 5 Divine Warrior?!”


“How is that possible?!”

“How could a human become a Type 5 Divine Warrior?”

“Type 5 Divine Warrior?! Is that a joke? Even Luo Qing Qing has not even reached it yet!! He has already broken through, does it mean his talent is even more fearsome than Luo Qing Qing?”


Hearing Dorothy’s words, many of the Elders had changes in expressions, their eyes filled with disbelief, as they began to discuss among themselves.

The Type 5 Divine Warrior was a huge watershed, in this Third World, where powerful existences were numerous, and Mutant Beasts and life forms were rampant, even a Type 4 Divine Warrior would be in constant peril everywhere they went. Only those of Type 5 and above could walk around fearlessly.

In this world, a Type 4 expert was considered a peak existence among the Winged Race and Storm Valley. However, in the Sea Clan and the Stegosaurus Kingdom, they were just ordinary fighters. Instead, the Type 5 Divine Warriors were considered the revered ones.

Humans were generally considered the weaker species and they had little experts. One of the few top fighters in the Green Region would be Storm Queen Luo Qing Qing, but even she was just a peak Type 4 expert.

Hai Xi, who was standing beside Luo Qing Qing, lost her cool and exclaimed, “Impossible! He’s just a mere man, how can he evolve so fast?! Impossible!!”

Hai Xi had always regarded Luo Qing Qing as her idol and revered her. She believed that among humans, Luo Qing Qing was the most talented and the one who was the most likely to breakthrough the Type 5 realm.

In truth, her thinking was not wrong. If it were not for the God and Devil Imprint, Yue Zhong’s natural talent could not possible surpass Luo Qing Qing, regardless of how hardworking he was. However, with the imprint, and the constant absorption of Life Force, Yue Zhong’s body was remodeled from the cellular level, and he had already evolved.

Gazes fell on him, many of them hoping to hear his denial because they were all jealous as well.

Luo Qing Qing also looked at him, her gaze complicated. Although she was largely aloof, even she felt a tinge of envy at Yue Zhong’s breakthrough. However, there was also a slight sense of joy that she did not understand.

Only Han Zi Xuan looked at him with a pure and hopeful look, praying that it was the case.

Yue Zhong laughed lightly, “That’s right! I’ve just broken through, and am a Type 5 Divine Warrior!”


Dorothy’s gaze was complicated as well, trying her best to maintain a smile, “As expected!! Congratulations!”

Hai Xi immediately challenged him as she could not help herself, “I don’t believe it! Yue Zhong, I want to take you on! As long as you can beat me, I’ll believe that you’re a Type 5 Divine Warrior!”

Yue Zhong glanced at her, and went to his table to sit while replying indifferently, “Why should I? If you want to challenge me, take on Han Zi Xuan first.”

Han Zi Xuan stepped forward, her face apologetic, “I’m sorry Hai Xi, I’m already Sir Yue Zhong’s subordinate!”


Although Han Zi Xuan was not willing to raise her weapon against her friend, if it were just a spar, she would still take it on.

Hai Xi shot Han Zi Xuan a look, as she gritted her teeth and spoke, “Yue Zhong, I want to challenge you. If you can beat me, I will sleep with you for one night, or obey a single order of yours. If you lose, you have to tell everywhere that you’re a boasting liar!!”


Luo Qing Qing frowned and said, “Hai Xi! You’re not his match!!”

Hai Xi was only at the peak of Type 3, with the enhancement of her armor, she could at most reach the mid Type 4 realm, which was vastly far from Yue Zhong.


Hai Xi replied resolutely, “Your Majesty, please grant me this selfish desire!”

Yue Zhong thought for a while, and wanted to test out his new strength, “A single order? Sounds good! Fine, I agree!”

Hai Xi immediately followed with her Storm Armor activated and continued, “I have additional conditions! First, you cannot rely on equipment. Second, I’m going to use the Storm Armor and Storm Battle Spear. Third, you must defeat me in 5 moves! As a Type 5 Divine Warrior, those conditions should be easy to meet!”

Yue Zhong shook his head, “Nope!”

Hai Xi was stunned, she had thought her conditions were fair but did not expect Yue Zhong to reject her, “What?”

Yue Zhong responded mildly, “2 moves! If I can’t defeat you in 2 moves, I’ll consider it my loss!”

“Arrogant! You’re digging your own grave!!” Hai Xi lost her temper, and her Storm Armor radiated, enhancing her strength to the mid-Type 4 realm.

Her eyes flashed with anger, and she suddenly disappeared from her location, appearing behind Yue Zhong silently, sending a powerful spear thrust towards him.

Although Hai Xi was a Type 3 Divine Warrior, she had a natural talent in spatial abilities. At the Type 4 realm, she could utilize her ability to appear anywhere within an area of 100 sqm up to 20 times. Relying on such an ability, she had killed a Low-Grade Dino-General of her own before.

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