God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 854

“Spatial ability! What a good ability! No wonder you have the confidence to challenge me, however, your speed is too slow!”

After evolving to a Type 5 Divine Warrior, Yue Zhong’s perception was much stronger. Hai Xi had just appeared behind him, when he reached out with his hands to grab, clutching her skull with lightning speed, as he turned and chuckled, “You’ve lost!”

Hai Xi could feel his huge hand, warm and powerful, and gritted her teeth to admit, “I’ve lost!!”


Although Hai Xi was a proud woman, she was not stubborn. She knew well that had this been a true life-and-death battle, with Yue Zhong’s strength, he would have been able to kill her in one strike. Yue Zhong’s response far surpassed Low-Grade Dino-Generals, even the powerful Luo Qing Qing in her heart would not be able to react similarly without her equipment.


“Type 5! He really reached that stage!”

“Strong! He’s truly strong!!”


The various Elders, upper echelon, and elites watched how easily Yue Zhong stopped Hai Xi’s attack. Their eyes flashed with shock, finally accepting that Yue Zhong was a Type 5 Divine Warrior.

In this world, a peak-level expert would possess powerful strength. Every leader needed strength as well. With Yue Zhong’s Type 5 Divine Warrior strength, he could easily go to any small clan or faction and become their guardian. Together with the tamed Mutant Beasts that he could summon, his collective strength was astonishing.

“Powerful! I’m no longer a match for him!” Luo Qing Qing clenched her fist, her jaw tight, and there was a hint of the desire to battle.

Not long ago, without any equipment, Luo Qing Qing was stronger than him. However, if they were to take on each other now, Luo Qing Qing would definitely lose. This fact caused her to feel slightly lost, at the same time, she felt a need to fight to become better.

Lai Wei’s mother looked at Yue Zhong with a strange glint, smiling warmly, “Lai Wei! I really like this Yue Zhong! How about giving him to me? I’ll replace you as his servant!”


Since the Winged Race was a matriarchal society, their exchanges were more brazen. Also, their women outnumbered their men, thus there was no moral or civic education in the sense that humans comprehended. They were even more backward than some ancient civilizations. It was common for mothers and daughters to share men.


Lai Wei was fully attracted to Yue Zhong, her eyes flashing brightly as she rejected, “No way! He’s mine! Hai Xi, I’m warning you, don’t think of taking my man! Otherwise, I will fall out with you!”

Hai Xi stuck out her impressive chest and displayed her charms and allure while smiling, “I intend to do just that, I won’t let go of such a man. I will use my womanly charms to keep him around my fingers. At that time, I will be magnanimous to share him with you!”

Lai Wei snorted coldly, but there was a slight discomfort in her expression, “Hmph! I won’t let you get your way!”

In terms of strength, it was naturally Lai Wei whose talents surpassed Hai Xi, however, in terms of charms, Hai Xi was definitely the victor.

Many more Winged women began to throw their undisguised lustful gazes towards him as though he was a delicious piece of cake.

Yue Zhong did not expect that he had somehow become the Prince Charming of these many youthful women.

It was not a common sight on Earth after all. Yue Zhong had made use of his authority and power to obtain the women around him. He might have them with him, but he had never truly won over their hearts. As for now, he just had to hook his finger and he could gain so many top beauties of the Winged Race. However, he did not have the ability to read minds, thus he did not know he already held such allure over these women.

After breakfast, the Winged Race quickly moved out, having to relocate 80,000 members was no easy feat. They needed resources and time.

Dorothy came up to Yue Zhong with an apologetic face, “Yue Zhong, where are we gathering? If the journey is over a thousand kilometers, we would need at least 3 days to prepare.”

According to the distance, the required resources would be different. If they had to move further, then the things they had to bring would be adjusted accordingly, increasing the preparation time.

Yue Zhong shook his head, “One day, that’s all I’m giving you!”

Dorothy lost color as she exclaimed, “That’s impossible! Yue Zhong, one day will only allow us to pack some simple things. We would not possibly survive out in the wild for long like that.”

The ordinary warriors of the Winged Race could fly over 50 li in one day, while the Type 2 warriors could fly 100 li. Type 3 Winged elites could do a 200 – 300 li journey, while a Type 4 expert could fly over 700 li in one go.


However, there were children and the elderly to take care of as well. They would have to travel on foot after a few kilometers of flight. In the various forests with multiple Mutant Beasts, the journey would be treacherous. Without ample preparations, they could easily lose over thousands of their people. If their luck was bad, it would not be a stretch to lose tens of thousands.

Because of this, the Winged Race was not willing to travel far on foot. It was because of this same reason that the Storm Valley wanted to follow Yue Zhong on the Storm Battleship to the Cloud Region.

Unless the Stegosaurus Kingdom made use of their Type 5 Mutant Beasts to crush everything in their path. That would allow for travel through the forests.


Of course, that would require the Stegosaurus Kingdom to pay a huge price as well. At that time when they had tried to invade the Green Region, many Mid-Grade Dino-Generals worked together to kill the powerful Mutant Beasts along the way, that was why the number that came to Storm Valley was low. Had all of them joined in, Storm Valley would have fallen in a day.

“If it were a long journey, then yes, naturally you will need more resources. However, it’s only a short distance. Don’t bring too many unnecessary things. Come with me, they should be here already!” Yue Zhong glanced at the communication device in his hands and walked out.


Dorothy and a few Winged Elders followed behind him.


When they came to the entrance of the cavern, they saw a huge floating fortress flying towards them from the distance.

Dorothy stared at the Storm Battleship and went wide-eyed with astonishment, exclaiming, “That’s the Storm Imperial City! Oh lord, I’m not seeing things, am I?! It can actually fly?! It’s actually flying!!”

Doreen was also shocked, “The Storm Imperial City! How is it moving?!”


All the Elders were taken aback, as the sight was overbearing. Based on their knowledge, the floating Storm Imperial City that had been stationery within the Storm Valley had always been a mythical castle meant for residence.

Having been there before, they knew that the Storm Imperial City was likely a war weapon manufactured by humans of eons ago. Although Storm Valley had its own design built around it, there had been no way to move the Storm Imperial City. Had they known that the Storm Battleship could be piloted, they would not have tried to capture Luo Qing Qing in exchange for peace.

With a chuckle, Yue Zhong replied, “This Storm Battleship now belongs to me! It will allow us to go to the Cloud Region. I think a day would be enough for your Winged Race to be relocated up into the battleship!”


The moment Yue Zhong decided to ally with the Winged Race, he had made use of his communication device to command the Storm Battleship to fly over. He was clear that in this world, without such a tool, it would be hard to migrate on a large-scale.

Dorothy had a newfound look of respect, “Enough! Enough! Sir Yue Zhong, allying with you was the best thing to happen to our Winged Race! You’re truly a man of many surprises!”


When the various Elders heard that the Storm Battleship now belonged to Yue Zhong, all traces of their discontent and dissatisfaction disappeared entirely, leaving only respect behind. At the same time, many rejoiced their decision to ally with Yue Zhong.

Dorothy’s authority had suffered slightly due to the mistreatment of Luo Qing Qing and her party. When she insisted on allying with Yue Zhong, many of the Elders became even more dissatisfied, which affected her standing. However, upon seeing the Storm Battleship, many of them changed their attitudes, rejoicing in Dorothy’s decisions.

Under the orders and organization of the various leaders, the Winged Race began to shift and board the Storm Battleship.

After a day, the huge Storm Battleship flew towards the direction of the Cloud Region.

At various parts of the ship, many human male warriors were lifting heavy items and running around. Their backs were carrying at least tens of kilos, their backs drenched with perspiration and their breaths ragged. Yet, even after running over 5 km, none of them complained of exhaustion or wanted to drop out. Because, in front of them, Han Qiong was carrying even more than a few times their weight and running ahead.

Yue Zhong stood quietly to one side as he watched them trained. He had a large amount of Type 5 Mutant Beast meat, with the abundant life force within, it would provide adequate nutrients.


After training arduously, these soldiers would then eat the Type 5 Mutant Beast meat to replenish their energy and boost their constitution.

Undergoing such a regime, with the help of the Type 5 Mutant Beast meat, over 3 humans had awakened to become Evolvers. The physiques of the rest of the soldiers were also improving at a rapid pace, evolving towards elite forces.

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