God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 855

On the way towards Cloud Region, Yue Zhong poured a huge amount of resources towards those soldiers who had stood loyally by his side, strengthening them.

Every single day, the soldiers would be pushed to their very limit, before enjoying some Type 5 Mutant Beast meat and Blood-sucking Bees, allowing their cells and bodies to evolve. A powerful troop was starting to take form under Yue Zhong’s training regime.

Although Yue Zhong had reached the Type 5 realm, his strength able to crush a small troop, he was clear that a single person could not grow an entire faction alone no matter how strong.

And while Type 5 experts were powerful, the weaker ones might make use of various methods to deal with enemies stronger than them.


Yue Zhong watched as his subordinates become stronger day by day, his heart filled with hope towards their growth and future. Their physique surpassed those humans on Earth, once they went through training, with the nourishment of the Type 5 Mutant Beast meat and Blood-sucking Bees, they would become powerful elites back on Earth.

Luo Qing Qing came up to Yue Zhong, looking at the training soldiers and sighed, “This training method is indeed decent! One can easily raise an elite unit like this. Yue Zhong, can you train our Storm Valley forces as well?”

The training methods of Storm Valley was backward, and while every female warrior possessed combat strength, in terms of discipline and order, they could not compare to Yue Zhong’s forces, with the exception of those under Luo Qing Qing’s direct command.


“No problem!” Yue Zhong replied with an easy-going attitude.

No one knew the situation over at Cloud Region. Yue Zhong, the Storm Warriors, and even the Winged Race were packed together, hoping to deal with the unknown dangers together. If the Storm Valley’s strength could increase, it would bode well for the alliance.

All of a sudden, 12 Winged Race warriors in the skies screamed out, “Not good! There’s a flock of Mutant Green Gulls right ahead!!”

Yue Zhong’s face fell as he ordered “Mutant Green Gulls? Sound the alarm quickly!”

A blaring alarm rang throughout the entire Storm Battleship, and the expressions of all those civilians who were involved in shopping and having fun, and the soldiers in the middle of training turned. They were soon escorted by the various officers stationed to hide within the nearest covers.

Not long after, a large green cloud appeared on the horizon. It was comprised of various 6m or 7m-long, green-colored seagulls.


The majority of these Green Gulls were Type 2 Mutant Beasts. However, in a flock, with their massive numbers, even a Type 4 Mutant Beast will be consumed alive. At the same time, they were incredibly aggressive, attacking anything on sight. Many Winged elites had fallen to these Mutant Birds before.

One of the Elders looked up at the dense flock of Green Gulls, her eyes flashing with horror, “It’s over! It’s a large flock of them!!”

Hearing her words, many of the warriors had looks of horror while their eyes flashed with despair.

According to the classification of the Winged Race, the size of the flock was categorized as small, medium and large. Small flocks contained roughly a thousand birds, medium flocks numbered tens of thousands, while large numbered above hundred thousand.

A flock of hundred thousand Mutant Green Gulls was practically invincible, they were able to consume an aerial Type 4 Mutant Beast. Even a Type 5 Mutant Beast might not necessarily be able to escape them.

In this cruel Third World, the threat level of the skies was slightly lesser than land. Even with the Storm Battleship, a long journey was not without risks.

Eyeing the birds, many human warriors also had expressions of fear, their hands trembling.

Yue Zhong glanced at the flock, his face impassive as he ordered calmly, “Fire!”

With Yue Zhong’s order, the human soldiers inside the castle began to fire their weapons, as multiple electromagnetic beams shot towards the skies, blasting at the flock of Green Gulls.

Yue Zhong had obtained a large number of Electromagnetic Guns and Cannons, that required Mutant Beast nuclei to operate. There were a total of over 3,000 weapons. When they were all fired, many of the Mutant Green Gulls were instantly pulverized.

The bodies of the Green Gulls burst apart in showers of blood and flesh, as their corpses plunged towards the ground like raindrops.

Dorothy and the Winged Race watched in amazement, “Strong!”

Many of their warriors had viewed the subordinates of Yue Zhong with contempt, mainly due to themselves having superior physiques. They assumed that Yue Zhong’s soldiers were useless, but now, they were filled with shock.

With the Electromagnetic weapons, the human warriors were able to exhibit destructive might not lose out the to Winged Race. Furthermore, they had the advantage of range, and the beams were more powerful.


Even for someone like Lai Wei, her bone arrows might not compare to the burst damage of an electromagnetic beam.

Dorothy looked at Yue Zhong who stood calmly as he commandeered his fleet, her eyes flashing with surprise, “Humans truly cannot be underestimated! He actually managed to train up such a powerful unit!”

Although the speed of those Mutant Green Gulls was not as fast as the sound barrier, they were still considered fast. After losing about thousands of their numbers, the entire flock was within a hundred meter range.

The Winged Queen stood at the forefront, decked in her Storm Battle Armor as she barked out, “Fire!”

At the sound of her command, the various Winged warriors readied their bows and fired a salvo of arrows upon the approaching birds.


Storm Queen Luo Qing Qing also gave a similar command to her own troops, “Fire!!”

The rain of arrows shot out and fell upon the flock of Mutant Green Gulls.


Many of the birds were shot at and their bodies landed on the deck of the Storm Battleship.

As for many others, while their wings or any other areas were penetrated, they did not die immediately, instead, struggling painfully, knocking various trees and structures.

The rest of the flock immediately swooped down with frightening intensity.

At the various archer towers set up by the Winged Race, many of the Green Gulls went to attack them first.

One Winged elite only had time to fire out an arrow, before she saw a large bird claw grabbing onto her head. The claw clenched tightly with force, bursting her head wide open.


6 or 7 of these beasts also surrounded the corpse and began to consume it, finishing it entirely within a few breaths.

Many others slammed into the various dilapidated buildings.

The flock of Mutant Green Gulls crawled all over the deck of the Storm Battleship, destroying a number of watchtowers.

The various Type 4 experts of the Winged Race began to move out in groups, attacking the flock of Mutant Green Gulls.

Similarly, Luo Qing Qing led her subordinates to abandon the outer watchtowers, withdrawing into a defensive line, engaging the Mutant Green Gulls in combat.

After they had settled into a formation, the Green Gulls could not rely on their advantage in numbers. Instead, only a few of them could manage to reach the humans, therefore, the human casualties decreased sharply.

On the Storm Battleship, there were over 3,000 pillboxes, each of them filled with human warriors wielding electromagnetic weapons.

The soldiers never stopped their assault, and the multiple laser beams fired out constantly, injuring and killing many of the Green Gulls.

The Mutant Green Gulls continued to pounce and slam into the pillboxes, injuring themselves in the process. However, they did no harm to the humans within those steel structures. Their bodies were too large as well, so they could not fit in. Their strength was not enough to destroy those pillboxes as well.

A large number of them slammed into the pillboxes, denting the external structures, but were killed by the human soldiers within.

At this moment, a huge flame tornado charged towards the skies from a certain tunnel, enveloping a large number of them. As the Green Gulls were consumed by the Devil Flame, they were incinerated instantly.

Yue Zhong walked out from the tunnel, his thoughts whirring, and a huge void appeared, as Turtle walked out.

When the Green Gulls saw Yue Zhong and Turtle, they became excited, charging towards Turtle.

Turtle crawled forward a few steps, before it retracted its limbs into its shell, leaving only the turtle head.

The flock of Mutant Green Gulls swooped down onto its shell, only leaving behind scratches and claw marks, but not truly harming Turtle.

The moment Turtle attracted a large number of them, it opened its mouth to spit out a thick amount of frost, turning the Mutant Green Gulls into popsicles.

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