God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 856

On the other side, Yue Zhong activated his Gravity Manipulation with a glint in his eyes.

A powerful gravitational force spread out, since the Gravitational Manipulation ability had reached the Third Order stage. It could affect his enemies with a maximum 30-times weight. These Mutant Green Gulls were not strength-based Mutant Beasts, thus, when they were enveloped by the 24-times weight that Yue Zhong sent out, and plummeted to the deck, unable to move.

Countless Mutant Green Gulls flew over to Yue Zhong and instantly plunged down due to the gravity field around him. The mountain of birds grew larger and larger.

With a thought, Yue Zhong sent out a billowing Devil Flame, lighting up the hill of Green Gulls. They began to shriek out in agony, their life force entering Yue Zhong in droves.

Yue Zhong walked out in big strides amidst the flock of Mutant Green Gulls, causing them to pounce towards him like bees to honey. His surroundings fluctuated constantly with the Gravitational Manipulation, sucking the Mutant Green Gulls down towards him, before he sent out Devil Flames to burn them all into ashes, leaving behind numerous Type 2 nuclei.

After evolving to the Type 5 Divine Warrior realm, Yue Zhong’s strength had grown to a whole new level. If it were in the past, he would not have dared walk through the seemingly endless flock of Mutant Green Gulls. However, with his improved Third Order Gravity Manipulation, as well as his Fourth Order Divine Flame, thus easily obliterating these Mutant Green Gulls.

On the other side, Turtle continued to spit out huge amounts of freezing air towards the skies. Everywhere the freezing field touched, the Mutant Green Gulls froze into popsicles and fell onto the deck.

Greenie and Lightning were not a match for these Mutant Green Gulls, if they were to appear, they would be easily ripped to shreds. Only Turtle, with its astonishing defense, was able to resist such aerial Mutant Beasts.

The intense battle continued for another 3 hours, and after Yue Zhong had obliterated over ten thousand Mutant Green Gulls, he had no choice but to retreat within the battleship for a rest. The expenditure of the Third Order Gravity Manipulation and Fourth Order Devil Flame was huge, and he could not utilize them to fight indefinitely. The fact that he could kill over ten thousand Mutant Green Gulls by himself was sick.

Luo Qing Qing was extremely valiant herself, but within that 3-hour time span, the number of Mutant Green Gulls that she killed was only about 300-plus.

The ones who managed to eliminate the most were instead the subordinates of Yue Zhong within those pillboxes. Inside the 3,000 pillboxes, the firing never stopped, killing large numbers every second. As the flock was dense and closely packed, there was no way that they would miss. Over 60,000 had actually been shot and killed over the time period.

This time, the number of Mutant Green Gulls that had attacked the Storm Battleship was over 160,000. In a short 3 hours, over 80,000 had been killed or heavily injured, their corpses were strewn all over the Storm Battleship.

The remaining Mutant Green Gulls saw that they had lost half their numbers in these 3 hours, and they did not get to consume much prey. Even with their low intelligence, they knew that things were not looking good.

Finally, they let out shrieks of misery as they flapped their wings and disappeared into the clouds.

The moment they left, the entire Storm Battleship erupted in cheers of joy.

The 160,000 Mutant Green Gulls had given them all huge pressure. Now that they were beaten back, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

If they were careless, the entire ship might have been consumed by those Mutant Green Gulls.

Dorothy looked at the numerous corpses, her mind in a daze as she muttered, “We won?”

The Mutant Green Gulls were Type 2 Mutant Beasts and were terrifying. If it were a one on one clash in the skies, the Type 2 Winged warriors would definitely not be a match. Even Type 3 experts might fall.

In the wild, such a huge flock would easily decimate the entire Winged Race. Yet, they had managed to fend off such numbers, at the same time, killing over half of them.

After the Mutant Green Gulls retreated, Yue Zhong also relaxed and walked out of the command center. Earlier, his display of destroying over ten thousand of the beasts with a seemingly invincible posture was seen by all. However, the truth was that he had consumed a lot of his Stamina and Spirit, thus he had to retreat.

This time, the pillboxes that he had designated had contributed greatly to the victory, as it was precisely these structures that helped defend against their attacks, at the same time, allowing the soldiers within to slaughter the Mutant Green Gulls without fear.

“Quick! Go gather the corpses! Those are decent resources for food, as well as manufacturing equipment!!”

Since there were no threats in the skies, Sun Lan Lan quickly ordered and the humans came out in droves, gathering the corpses from the deck of the Battleship.

They were then transported to the storage facility of Yue Zhong’s faction.

The Winged Race and Storm Warriors were taken aback, and they hesitated slightly. They had killed a number of the Mutant Beasts as well, but it could not compare to the efforts of Yue Zhong’s troops. In the end, they were not shameless enough to snatch the corpses away.

As the corpses were being transported, Sun Lan Lan’s face was beaming brightly. As the official with the highest authority, she naturally felt happy about such a harvest. The concern about food was reduced largely.

At the same time, due to the Mutant Green Gulls being Type 2 Mutant Beasts, every one of them had a Type 2 nuclei. Just like this, Yue Zhong had gained tens of thousands of Type 2 nuclei, which translated to their electromagnetic weapons having replenished their energy supply.

On the Storm Battleship, there were still a large number of injured Mutant Green Gulls. Yue Zhong’s heart shook slightly when he saw them and he quickly ordered, “Don’t kill those injured Mutant Green Gulls, try your best to bring them to me alive as much as possible!!”

Han Zi Xuan replied respectfully, “Yes! Sir Yue Zhong!!”

Han Qiong and Lai Wei also acknowledged and moved out.

These 3 great beauties were the strongest generals that Yue Zhong currently had, with their speed and their elite subordinates, they could bring the injured Mutant Green Gulls to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong walked up to one of them, causing the beast to look at him and shriek in a bid to deter him. At the same time, it struggled wildly, trying to get away.

Yue Zhong shot forward and punched out at its head viciously, causing it to be knocked unconscious immediately. He then grabbed out with his palm and sent a Type 2 Puppet Rune into its forehead.

After that, he spoke indifferently, “Alright, let it go!”

“Yes, sir!”

The 4 soldiers had expressions of shock, not knowing why Yue Zhong would give such an order. However, they had been trained to obey, carved deep into their bodies, and they quickly let go of the beast.

Yue Zhong then flicked the forehead of the Mutant Green Gull, causing it to wake up. It was already controlled by the Puppet Rune, and it lowered its head obediently, giving out a docile coo.

“Amazing! He truly is Leader after all!!”

The 4 soldiers had amazed looks when they saw how easily Yue Zhong had subdued the Mutant Beast.


He then pointed to one of them, “Go take it away and care for it properly. It might be your mount in the future!”



The soldier was extremely overjoyed, and under the envious gaze of his friends, he led the Mutant Green Gull away.

Every soldier had seen the combat prowess of the Mutant Green Gulls for themselves. Gaining such mounts would increase their combat ability by a lot. In this world where strength spoke volumes, it would mean that they would gain more respect and standing, together with a better life.


More Mutant Green Gulls were brought over to him, and Yue Zhong brought them under his control with the Puppet Runes.

After condensing a number of Puppet Runes, Yue Zhong summoned Bolius and handed the role of imprinting the Mutant Green Gulls to him.

As long as the Puppet Box belonged to Yue Zhong, he could delegate the increasing of puppets through his own puppets.

Very soon, over a thousand Mutant Green Gulls were standing obediently to one side of Bolius.

The Winged Race and Storm Warriors looked at this scene with incomparable shock, their eyes filled with disbelief.

Shailene watched how the Mutant Green Gulls were being subdued right in front of her eyes, “He can actually tame such a number of Mutant Green Gulls?! How in the world?! How did he do it?! This is a miracle!!”

The Mutant Green Gulls were ferocious and were Agility-type Mutant Beasts. The Winged Race had tried to tame them before, however, there had been no success. Yue Zhong could actually tame them, which caused them all to be shocked.

Dorothy eyed Yue Zhong, and her heart could not help but be stirred, “How many trump cards does he have? This is truly a man with plenty of miracles!”

Luo Qing Qing came up to Yue Zhong and her eyes flashed, “Yue Zhong, can you sell 100 of those tamed Mutant Green Gulls to our Storm Valley?”

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