God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 858

Yue Zhong took a glance at the name card in his hand. It was a thin, gold-alloy card, with his prints, name and original location on it.

Cloud Region was considered the last human defense against the invasion of the Dino-race. The only thing they were relying on was their prehistoric tech. The technology and weapons were not as backward compared to other places.

“Let’s go!”


Yue Zhong kept the card and started to walk further into the city with big strides.


Han Zi Xuan followed after him quietly, just like a shadow.


Outside the Blood Red City, there were 20 warriors that had a slight scent of blood on them, guns slung over their powerful and broad bodies. They looked over the cards of Yue Zhong and Han Zi Xuan, before letting them in.

Within the city, the layout was quite modern, with large steel and cement structures. The ground was covered with flat, cement paths, and a number of small cars were driving around. Seeing this, it felt like he was back on Earth.

Han Zi Xuan was filled with curiosity and excitement as she looked around, “So this is Cloud Region? It truly deserves its name as the last stand for humans.”


Yue Zhong was speechless when he saw how she was. After all, he had come from Earth, and such sights were normal back there. There was nothing to be surprised about. However, to Han Zi Xuan who had grown up in Green Region and had never even seen a car before, it was truly an amazing sight.

“Let’s go!”


Along the streets, there were signs set up to indicate the sector and district they were in.


Yue Zhong moved towards District D.

As they walked further in, the state of the district became worse. By the time they arrived at District D, the environment was foul and putrid. Things were falling apart everywhere, with some structures looking dangerously close to collapsing. The ground was covered in puddles of dirty water, and electrical lines laid everywhere. There were humans with tattered clothes walking around aimlessly, their bodies giving off a strong stench.

“Master, come and have one round, only 10 credit points, I’m all yours!”

“Sir, my skills are good, only 18 points and I’ll be your toy for the whole night.”



A number of women who did not have any makeup, only clean from showers stood by the roadside, trying to solicit business. From time to time, some men would not be able to resist them and follow them into the rooms.

Yue Zhong took a good look around, with his abundant experience and could tell that this was a slum. At the same time, he could tell roughly what Cloud Region was going through. “This is a slum. Seems like Cloud Region isn’t that perfect after all. There’re caste systems.”

One particular girl of about 12 with messy hair, and a skinny body, walked out from a simple shop with a black bag.

3 men suddenly charged over, one of them covering her mouth, the other 2 grabbing her towards a dark alley.

The eyes of the girl widened in fear and shock and she began to struggle frantically while looking around with a pleading look.

The spectators only watched coldly, some even turning as though nothing had happened.

Han Zi Xuan could not watch on any longer, and she darted forward, appearing in the alley within a breath’s time, only to witness a scene that caused her anger to boil.

Of the three, one was gobbling up the black bread in the bag, another was tearing off her clothes with a lewd smile, while the last was taking off his pants.

Han Zi Xuan’s countenance turned incredibly ugly as she barked out loud, “Stop! Damn animals!”

One of them turned to drawl without any fear, “Stupid bitch, what are you? You dare to meddle in the affairs of our Five Ghosts Gang?! Are you tired of living?!”

One looked at Han Zi Xuan and his eyes immediately lit up in a lustful manner, revealing a wretched smile, “Hehe! This chick is pretty!! This senior wants to screw her first!”

The last man had a similar expression as he mockingly chided his friend, “Damn! Yellow-hair, you want to be the first to screw every chick we get our hands on, aren’t you being too damn overboard?!”

The leader among them barked out, “Enough with the bullshit! Grab her before saying anything else, otherwise more problems might arise!”



The other two men let go of the little girl and pounced towards Han Zi Xuan with excited gazes, like hungry wolves eyeing their prey.


“Seeking death! A bunch of trash!!”

Han Zi Xuan heard their words, and her face turned a deeper shade of black. She exploded out, and her powerful legs slammed into the bodies of those 2 incoming men.

The 2 of them immediately soared and slammed into the walls on either side, spitting large amounts of blood. They curled up on the floor in agony, moaning as they rolled about.

“Expert!!” The leader’s pupils narrowed, and immediately pulled out a sharp blade to press it against the neck of the little girl, barking, “Bitch! Stay away!! Otherwise, this senior is going to kill her!!”

“I’m afraid you’ve already missed the chance!! Scum!!” Han Zi Xuan’s eyes flashed with a cold light, and with a tap of her foot, she disappeared from her location.

When the hoodlum saw Han Zi Xuan disappear, his eyes flashed with shock, and in a moment of viciousness, he brought down the dagger across the neck of the little girl. However, he had just had the thought and moved slightly when a fair hand grabbed onto his right hand, twisting it forcefully and breaking it.

Han Zi Xuan then sent a kick towards the stomach of the hoodlum, sending him slamming into a wall, curling up into a ball.

Han Zi Xuan glanced at the 3 hoodlums with disdain, speaking coldly, “Bunch of trash!”

The leader whose hand was broken by Han Zi Xuan had a fierce glint in her eyes, as he looked towards the little girl, “Damn bitch, what right do you have to hit us?! This little bitch came here with us of her own accord! She wants us to screw her! You damn bitch, don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong! Wang Ning, tell her, you’re a little bitch, one that is willing. Our Five Ghosts Gang had given you and your sister Wang Li Hua 40 credit points!”

When he was mentioning the sister, he emphasized those words, his eyes staring fixedly at the girl.

When the little girl heard the name of her sister, her body shuddered, and her eyes were filled with fear. She got down on her knees in despair as she sobbed, “Big sister, I’m a bitch. I’m willing to be the toy of these people. I had already accepted their payment. Please leave!! Just leave!!”

“You!! How can you be like that!!” Han Zi Xuan looked at Wang Ning and was filled with rage and indignance. She then turned to the smug-looking leader of the trio, and her eyes narrowed into slits, “Is he threatening you?! I’ll teach him a lesson for you so that he won’t bother you anymore.”

Wang Ning’s face turned pale in fright as she grabbed Han Zi Xuan’s legs, “No! No!! Please, don’t hurt him!! Please just go!! Big sister, please!!”

If Han Zi Xuan harmed the hoodlum, then the Five Ghosts Gang would not let Wang Ning nor her sister off. Thinking about their horrendous methods, Wang Ning could not help but feel a chill.

The gangster roared with laughter, “Haha!! Haha!! Meddling bitch!!! Haha!! Haha!! Did you hear that someone is asking you to scram!! You’re still so thick-skinned to stay here, you want to watch us screw her?”

Han Zi Xuan’s countenance turned cold once more, however, she did not know what to do. The person she was trying to help was pushing her away, leaving her at a loss.

“Zi Xuan, your method won’t work. Against these trash, you must do it like this!”

Yue Zhong chuckled as he stepped into the alley, his Flame Blade in his hands, cleaving the head of one of the gangsters casually.

The head of that gangster rolled with a ‘thump’, a warm gush of blood spraying from the neck wound, dying the wall of the alley red.


Wang Ning saw this and screamed in despair, “No!!”

“I’m from the Five Ghosts…”

As the hooligan called Yellow-hair stammered out in fear, the blade flashed cleanly past his neck, causing it to roll off as well, his eyes still filled with shock and despair.

By this time, the arrogant hooligan who had been sarcastic towards Han Zi Xuan kneeled on the floor towards Yue Zhong, pleading profusely, “Don’t kill me!! Please, don’t kill me!! This brother, sir, boss!! Don’t kill me!! I’m trash, scum, rubbish!! I’m willing to slog for you!! I promise!! I promise never to disturb Wang Ning and her sister ever again!! I promise!! I promise!! If you kill me, the Five Ghosts Gang would not let these sisters off!!”

Yue Zhong had slaughtered countless human trash, and he did not even view them as fellow humans anymore. Thus, there was no burden or hesitation when it came to killing them.

“What has that got to do with me? I just dislike the sight of you. Scum, die!”

With a wave of his hands, Yue Zhong’s blade flashed again. The head of the hoodlum dropped to the ground, fresh blood spraying everywhere.

Wang Ning watched this and screamed out in despair, “No!!”

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