God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 860

Over a hundred of the Five Ghosts Gang members wielded axes, hacking knives and other weapons as they charged towards the Wangs’. Along the way, any citizen that saw them quickly got out of the way. They did not dare antagonize the Five Ghosts Gang.

Soon after, the gang members gathered below the building.


The moment they reached, Zhang You Ren turned to one of his men and asked, “Are they inside?”

The man replied, “Boss, they’re still inside and haven’t come out once!!”


Zhang You Ren’s eyes flashed with a cold light as he laughed savagely, “Set fire and burn them down!!”

A dozen other hooligans lit up the Molotov cocktails in their hands and flung them towards the dilapidated building, and flames burst to life, enveloping the old structure!


The houses on either side were made out of wood as well, as the flames got larger, they started to spread, thus both buildings started to burn as well.

6 or 7 people ran out from those wooden houses, wailing in fright and despair as they watched their houses burn.

The hundreds of members from the Five Ghosts Gang watched and roared with laughter as they gloated at the innocents. They slashed out and began to slaughter those fleeing people in an unbridled fashion, slicing them up.


Seeing the numerous innocent people fall in their own pools of blood, the members began to get excited from the bloodlust.


Zhang You Ren eyed the blaze and laughed out loud, “Hahaha! Do you see this? If you dare go against our Five Ghosts Gang, this is your fate!!”


“Hahahaha!!!” Beside him, the rest of the hooligans also started to laugh, their expressions savage and cruel.

Amidst their laughter, 4 shadows darted out, and the flames seemed to stir with life, not daring to get near the 4 of them.

Gray Dog exclaimed, “Boss, they’re out!!”

Zhang You Ren’s eyes flashed with a vicious glint, “Throw the liquid!!”

8 gang members carried some buckets and poured them towards Yue Zhong and his party.

“Don’t rush forward, that’s acid!!”

Yue Zhong grabbed hold of Han Zi Xuan, preventing her from stepping forward. He then raised his hands to conjure up an energy shield, defending in front of them.

The clear liquid splashed onto the shield, and some landed on the ground, causing sizzling sounds, as poisonous smoke rose.

“What vicious people!!” Han Zi Xuan saw this and her face fell. If an ordinary person was splashed with that acid, they would be corroded away.

Yue Zhong eyed the hundred-members and ordered coldly, “Good timing, leave 5 alive, kill the rest!”


Han Zi Xuan’s eyes flashed with a killing intent, with a tap of her foot, she charged forth like a merciless jaguar. As a Type 4 Divine Warrior, the moment she unleashed all of her might, there was only a blur to be seen, and holes appeared in the chests of the Five Ghosts Gang. Their faces were written with fear and shock, unsure how they had died.

Zhang You Ren saw his subordinates being torn apart and his body started to tremble with fear, “Divine Warrior!! At least Type 3!! Damn it, this woman is at least a Type 3 Divine Warrior!!”

He quickly screamed with a pale face, “Stop!! Stop!! Don’t kill anymore!! Our Five Ghosts Gang are Viscount Luo Jia He’s people!! If you were to kill us, they will not let you off!!”


Zhang Xiang, Zhang Wu, Zhang Lu and Zhang Jian quickly got to Zhang You Ren’s side, their bodies quaking badly. In front of Han Zi Xuan, they were like ants, not able to withstand a single strike.

Hearing his words, the Wang sisters lost color in their faces, “Viscount!”


A Viscount had prestige within the Blood Red City, if they were to be offended, then it was a disaster to the ordinary folks.

Even if Yue Zhong and his team were to wipe out this bunch of scum, there were still the city guards. Furthermore, this place was near the 20th fort, with experts aplenty within. As long as they made a move, Yue Zhong and his party were sure to be doomed. Thinking up to here, the Wang sisters felt despair.

Yue Zhong frowned, “Viscount? Interesting, too bad, you shouldn’t have threatened me. Since you’re the Zhang, other than you, everyone else can die! Zi Xuan, keep him alive, kill the rest!”


By this time, barely 7 seconds had passed, and almost all the subordinates had their hearts torn out and crushed, yet there was not a single drop of blood on her.


Hearing Yue Zhong’s order, Han Zi Xuan’s body flashed over and disappeared from her location.

The next moment, the brothers of Zhang You Ren had their hearts split open, as blood sprayed from their wounds.

Seeing his brothers die, Zhang You Ren screamed out with misery, “No!!! Xiang!! Jian!! Wu!! Lu!!!”

“Since you’ve seen your brothers perish, you can rest in peace!”

Yue Zhong disappeared and reappeared behind Zhang You Ren’s back, sending a Puppet Rune into his brain.


Zhang You Ren’s eyes glazed over, before he passed out, the puppet rune entering his head.

Yue Zhong slapped his face once, and he was shaken away from his stupor by the pain.

Yue Zhong ordered, “Bring us to your base!”

Zhang You Ren replied with a blank look, “Yes! Master!”


Under his lead, Yue Zhong and his party walked towards the headquarters of the Five Ghosts Gang. Leaving behind a hundred corpses in the blazing flames.

Along the way, the residents of the slums eyed Yue Zhong’s party with fear. Wang Ning looked at Han Zi Xuan, her gaze filled with hope and excitement. She wanted to become as strong as this woman in front of her.

One of the gang members within the headquarters saw Zhang You Ren and asked curiously, “Boss! You’re back? What about 2nd Boss and the rest?”

Yue Zhong gave Han Zi Xuan an order, “Leave none alive!”


Han Zi Xuan received Yue Zhong’s order and immediately charged into the headquarters, unleashing carnage within.

In a matter of minutes, the entire Five Ghosts Gang had been annihilated.

Inside the basement of the building, Yue Zhong discovered dozens of beautiful women of various ages, locked in cages. The oldest was 30+, while the youngest was only 12. These women saw the sudden appearance of Yue Zhong and their eyes were filled with fear. He released them, before letting them leave.

When they heard Yue Zhong had slaughtered the other 4 leaders, their faces were filled with fright, and quickly fled, leaving only 30 other females behind who had no homes to go to.


Yue Zhong sat down on a couch, shooting a question towards the Puppet Zhang You Ren, “What’s the relationship between the Luo Jia He and yourself?”

Zhang You Ren replied, “Master! The Luo Jia He was the master of us 5 brothers. We were in charge of collecting beautiful young women to be sent for his enjoyment and pleasure.”

When the dozens of beauties heard his words, their eyes were filled with hatred. They had all been captured. Many of them lost their families, and now, they finally understood it was all to satiate some private, rich bastard.

Yue Zhong continued, “How do you communicate with him?”


Zhang You Ren replied, “Every 1st day of the month, he will send someone over to collect the girls. There’s another collection date coming up in 4 days. Each year, we’re also given one chance to automatically contact him. We had already used that chance earlier this year. Now, even if we reach out to him, he will ignore us.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a glint, before continuing to question Zhang You Ren about other Blood Red City matters.

Although Zhang You Ren was from the slums, he was able to become the trusted aide of a Viscount. He might not be extremely familiar with every single part of Blood Red City, but he knew enough.

There were over 400,000 people in Blood Red City, the City Lord being Marquis Wang Yu Feng. There were 10,000 City Guards, each of them extremely valiant and powerful. They had no lack of Type 4 experts.

In the city, there were 6 main clans. Viscount Luo Jia He was the Clan Head of Luo Clan, one of the 6 main clans. Their Luo Clan had considerable authority and power within the city, and other than the 5 Clans, they held practically no one else in regard.

As for the slums, other than the Five Ghosts Gang, there were also over a hundred other gangs of varying sizes. Some were made up of the lowest bastards, while others were mainly residents. Some even had the backing of other upper-class citizens. There were even factions that the Five Ghosts Gang did not dare provoke.

At the same time, Yue Zhong even gained information that there was a central computer within the main manor of Blood Red City. With it, one could gain control over the entire city.

Having gained information, Yue Zhong began to make his preparations.

In the dark of the night, as the darkness blanketed the planet, District A, B, and C were still lit with lights.

Yue Zhong made use of the dark to stealth past the connection of Districts C and D, moving towards District B. Soon, the boundary of District B and C appeared before his eyes.

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