God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 861

The boundary between the District C and D was different. All around it, there was a huge wall, with countless electrical nets installed. Behind those nets, there were various oval-shaped sensors around, sending out constant waves. Unless one could fly, the only way for anyone to cross would be to barge in directly or go through the tight security detail of 20 guards, as well as various checks.

In a dark alley, Yue Zhong was in his Third Order Stealth state. He swiftly assessed his surroundings, before flipping out his handheld computer.

Turning it on, Yue Zhong then ordered Bai Yi, “Gain control over the sensors here!”


Bai Yi responded and as data flashed through her eyes, the computer released 6 different antennas, as countless pulses were sent out.

The moment the strange pulses were sent out, the oval sensors behind the fences turned dim slightly, before regaining their luster. However, no one could tell that they had already stopped emitting the constant waves.

Yue Zhong then leaped up into the air, easily crossing the fence of over 8 meters, before entering the District B.

The district here painted a vastly different image from Districts C and D. Here, the buildings were not all clustered together, instead, every single house was standing alone, with individual doors. Every house had its own garden, a garage and all sorts of amenities.

A number of high-rise shopping centers sat at the heart of the district, and on top of those luxurious buildings, lights were shining brightly, illuminating the areas, giving off a pretty feel.

In comparison, District C and D were blanketed by the darkness, only a few privileged households possessing light. One was as bright as the heavens, the other, dark, damp, smelly like a cell. This was the gap between the wealthy and the poor of Blood Red City.

Yue Zhong quickly swept a gaze over the prosperous District B and continued to meld into the darkness, making his way towards District A stealthily.

About halfway through the journey, Yue Zhong suddenly came across a patrolling unit of 20 city guards, each of them dressed in black uniform, their hands wielding ray guns, and they were emitting a ferocious aura.

Other than the uniforms, these city guards were equipped with some multi-purpose helmet. They could scan for all signs of life within a 30 sqm radius.

Although Yue Zhong was in his Third Order Stealth state, sneaking past these 20 city guards without noise and alarming them was impossible.


With his expression falling slightly, he turned around and made his way into a nearby villa nimbly.

“This time, we have to succeed! We need to get those things from the hands of Wang Yu Feng!”

Yue Zhong had just entered the villa when a barely audible voice came from the villa. If it was not for his Type 5 Divine Warrior physique, he would not have heard that.

‘Wang Yu Feng?”


Yue Zhong’s heart raced when he heard the name. Wang Yu Feng was the city lord of Blood Red City. Yue Zhong was thus filled with curiosity towards the residents of the villa. He continued to be in his Third Order Stealth state and blended in with his surroundings, quietly entering the compound.

Within the villa, there were all sorts of sensors and radar equipment, preventing powerful experts from sneaking it. However, since Yue Zhong had Bai Yi, those electronics were merely toys to her, allowing him easy access.

Inside a secretive room, 3 men and 2 women were having a discussion.


One man spoke, “Wang Xi, how many of our people are inside the city manor?”

A pretty woman with her hair in a single ponytail spoke with a righteous tone, “300! Currently, we have managed to get 300 people inside the manor. Wang Yu Feng that old bastard is really strict, that’s why it’s hard for our people to gain entry. These 300 is already the maximum limit. However, based on the intel from Si Si, a majority of the city guards have been selected for training. This is the best chance for us.”

The first man turned to the muscular man beside him, “300, it’s enough! The timing to act would be 9 pm sharp. Qian Cheng, we’ll leave that old bastard Wang Yu Feng to you. He’s a peak Type 4 Divine Warrior, you must exercise caution.”

Qian Cheng revealed a savage grin, “Hehe!! Old Li, just leave it to me. I will definitely tear that old freak apart.”

Old Li then bowed towards the other 4, “Everyone, this battle concerns our rebellion, the future of our Cloud Region. We can only succeed, there’s no room for failure!! If we win, we can set the hope of humanity free, but if we lose, then Cloud Region will forever be at the mercy of those selfish tyrants, with the common people suffering and dying in masses. Cloud Region and the future of humanity rest on our shoulders! Everybody, give your all to the cause!”

Qian Cheng laughed savagely, “Old Li, relax, this battle, I will definitely tear off Wang Yu Feng’s head!!”

Another ordinary-looking man with a wooden expression also spoke, “Rest assured! I will do my best!”

The other woman, whose looks were ordinary also replied coldly, “En!”

“9 right? There’s still one hour to go!”

Yue Zhong swept a glance at his handheld computer when he heard the time, smiling in expectation, disappearing into the dark.

District A was the residence of only the higher upper-class, and there was not much of a tight security at the boundary of A and B. The people of District B could freely enter District A, even with their differences in class, it was not too far apart like heaven-and-earth.

Yue Zhong evaded a few patrolling units, before entering District A.

District A was different from District B, the structures in A were not as many, however, each structure occupied a huge region, like an entire palace. In each manor, the defense was incredibly tight. Right at the center of the district, there was a medieval castle, it was precisely the city manor of Blood Red City.

Yue Zhong carefully maneuvered until he was in a forest about 200 m away from the castle. He retracted all aura, carefully observing the castle.

Within the 200 of the castle, there were no trees, and lights shone brightly everywhere. Without the ability to conceal oneself, any intruder would immediately be shone upon by those bright lights. There was only one door, and it was guarded by 20 city guards wearing armor similar to the Sun Battle Armor.

On the manor walls, there were many openings for weapons, as well as various sensors of various sizes, emitting strange lights from time to time.


At the same time, above the castle, there were small satellites, suspended in mid-air, keep an eye on everything with a 10 li radius.

Seeing this, Yue Zhong could fully sense the technology that once ruled over this planet, far surpassing that of Earth. Yet the slums of District D could not compare to even farmers on Earth, not experiencing the extent of the technology.


Yue Zhong maintained his position, asking softly, “Bai Yi, are you able to control that satellite in the sky?”

If he could not deal with that satellite in the sky, then it would be impossible to infiltrate the castle. At the same time, it was the eye of the weapons within the manor, allowing all sorts of weapons to be trained on Yue Zhong.


Bai Yi’s eyes started to flash with data, before she replied, “Can! I can gain control over the satellite. It would take 3 minutes to break into it, however, it would alert the people inside. If I crack the system quietly, it would take 10 minutes. Please choose your option!”


Yue Zhong, “Quietly!”

“Yes!” Bai Yi’s eyes began to stream with data.

Bai Yi suddenly asked, “Master, other than me, there’s someone else intending to hack into the system, gaining control of the system. How should I deal with it?”


“Another group?” Yue Zhong frowned, “Are you able to gain control, then pretend to let them have control?”


“Bai Yi replied, “Yes!”

Yue Zhong immediately quipped, “Then do that.”


Bai Yi responded and her eyes flashed with data.

“Someone’s coming!”

Ever since he evolved to the Type 5 realm, his sense had heightened, and he could hear faint footsteps approaching. He activated his Third Order Stealth, melding into the night and climbed up a tree, retracting all aura and sins of himself, blending into the environment.

A number of guards with black uniforms, multi-purpose helmets, ray guns, marched over, and the forest was soon overtaken by guards.


The Third Order Stealth was incredibly efficient, concealing Yue Zhong entirely, causing him to be just like a rock.


7 soldiers came to under the tree that Yue Zhong was on, however, they did not notice him at all.


The soldiers could sense all life forms within 30 sqm, but they were actually unable to pick up Yue Zhong.


They were nonetheless well-trained, and they got on the ground, becoming as quiet as the surroundings as well, the atmosphere slowly turning tense.

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