God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 862

One officer glanced at his watch, before he suddenly barked, “It’s time! Attack!”

At the same time, a number of soldiers carrying ray guns, charging out from the forest like leopards, storming towards the castle.


Following some loud cracks, the surrounding lights were all extinguished.

As darkness covered the area, it provided the soldiers with the best cover.

“What’s going on?”

“What happened?”


“Keep calm!! Keep calm!! Eradicate those damn traitors!!”


The lights around the castle suddenly went dark, and the entire manor was thrown into panic and chaos. Due to the various officers being caught off-guard, they issued different orders.

From the gun-holes in the castle wall, multiple beams fired out in the dark, without any clear targets.


In the dark, such shots were mainly useless, the majority of them passing through the air and striking the trees and boulders around.

The morale of the rebel troop rose sharply, as they maintained their silence and dashed towards the castle quietly.

One of the officers shouted loudly, “Missile!! Launch the guided missiles!! Quick!! Get rid of those pests!!”

Outside the castle, a small mountain about 2km away suddenly split open, revealing a number of missile launchers. Missiles were fired, shooting towards the entrance of the manor like meteors.


The officer looked at the bombardment of shots coming for them, and his eyes flashed with despair as he screamed out.

“Get down!!”

The soldiers who were about to charge also quickly got to the ground.

Hong! Hong!!

A number of missiles slammed into the castle, causing the walls that were made out of alloy to be blasted apart, and a powerful shockwave spread out, enveloping the soldiers who were consumed by the billowing flames as well.

Before the soldiers even got to display their strength using the equipment similar to the Sun Armor, they were consumed by the flames and explosion, leaving nothing behind.

Yue Zhong watched the tall and thick wall made entirely of alloy concrete come crumbling down, his heart shocked, “What a terrifying blast! Even a Type 5 Divine Warrior would not fare better without any defense equipment. The technology of the humans on this planet is truly terrifying.”


The alloy concrete was similar to the reinforced-concrete back on earth, however, the defense was more than 10 times of that on Earth.

If an electromagnetic beam blasted out on reinforced-concrete, it could easily penetrate a 5m-thick wall. However, the same beam only managed to create a 20cm hole in the alloy concrete wall.

“Charge!! Eradicate all those damn worms!!”

A military officer roared out in rage and charged towards the inner parts of the manor.

Over a hundred soldiers followed closely behind, charging towards the manor.

The city manor occupied a large part of Red Blood City, just barely smaller than the Forbidden City of Earth. The soldiers continued to charge in their bloodlust and madness.

The 2 units clashed in a mad slaughter the moment they encountered each other.

Yue Zhong remained outside and saw the 5 leaders from the villa whose conversation he had overheard.

“Haha!! Dogshit!! Go to hell!! Go to hell!! Die!!” Qian Cheng was in a Type 4 Mutant Nuclei Battle Armor, his spear flashing out like a mad demon as he charged into the formations. The spear in his hand continued to pierce out with powerful energy blades, easily slicing up many soldiers, as fresh blood splattered everywhere. No one was a match for him.

A number of small units charged towards Qian Cheng, only to be slaughtered within a few breaths. He was like a spearhead that charged right through all obstacles, edging closer towards the manor.

As both sides were engaged in an all-out slaughter, Yue Zhong activated his Third Order Stealth, noiselessly blending into the dark. No one noticed him.

The Stealth ability was one to conceal the user and all traces of his or her presence. After reaching the Third Order stage, it was even more powerful, almost to an unbelievable extent. Yue Zhong could walk comfortably in the dark as though enveloped by it, no matter how much an ordinary person might stare, they wouldn’t be able to see Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong continued to sneak through the manor, moving towards the center of the place.

Based on Bai Yi’s report, the central computer sat right at the center of the manor. However, it was being protected by some form of an energy barrier, thus, Bai Yi could not send out her long-range electromagnetic wave to gain control.

The rebel army continued to tear through the defenses one by one like slashing down tall blades of grass. Suddenly, a loud rumble sounded from afar, and 5 huge battle robots soared through the skies, heading for them. Behind their backs, there were multiple Type 3 and Type 4 nuclei, with countless runes engraved all over their frames. They even wielded electromagnetic cannons.

Old Li looked at the appearance of the 5 robots and his face fell, roaring loudly, “It’s the Reapers!! Everyone, scatter!!”

When the soldiers turned their heads, their faces lost color as well, and they quickly dove for cover, while firing their weapons at the incoming Reapers.

Multiple beams that could easily pierce through RH2s fired towards those 5 Reapers.

The runes on the 5 Reapers lit up, and a powerful energy shield was conjured in front of them, blocking the assault of those beams.

Yue Zhong’s eyes lit up at the sight of that, sighing in spite of himself, “Energy shield conversion technology! This is actually combined with the mech technology, this planet’s technology is truly amazing!!”

With the energy shield conversion, the defense of these Reapers was even more powerful than those RH2s. Even a Mid-Grade Dino-General would not be able to tear apart such a robot with his bare hands.

If it were the RH2s, an ordinary Dino-warrior could rip one apart easily.

After the 5 Reapers managed to block the assault of those guns, their shoulders opened up, revealing multiple cannons, and a number of rockets were fired out in all directions.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

As the explosions rang out without stop, the soldiers hiding behind cover were instantly obliterated by those missiles.

In a split second, the hundreds of rebel soldiers were instantly suppressed by the firepower of the Reapers.

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