God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 152

Under the barrage of heavy questioning by Yue Zhong, Chen Yao face was physically and mentally exhausted [1]. Her face turned pale, and she was rooted to the spot and did not know what do to [2].

“President GuiTian, from now all, the women here are my citizen. Please go and die!” Yue Zhong look at Chen Yao, who was having a heavy heart and struggling inside, then smiled at Gui Tanshou and pulled the trigger.

“Bang!” The sound of the gunshot rang out, and Gui Tianshou’s eyebrows had another hole with blood oozing out of it. He collapsed with a surprised expression. Before he died, he did not expect that the man who was just chatting and smiling with him will suddenly kill him.

Yue Zhong barked an order to White Bones, who was standing by his side. “White Bones, kill all the men!”

White Bones stepped forward like an arrow, and his axe seemed to have a life of its own. With one cleave, its axe cut through San Jingxiong and Zhēntián body. The upper and lower halves of the body spilt apart, with blood spurting from the wounds, and the intestines and other body parts of these men spilling out from their body. They did not die immediately, but were frantically crawling on the ground and letting out cries of pain.

Zhong Aiguo looked at the two Japanese men who were just decapitated, and his face turned ash white. In fright, he quickly tried to inflate his sense of self-worth: “Do not kill me!! Don’t kill me! I am the deputy mayor of Longhai base. If you do not kill me, I am willing to listen to whatever you say!”

Yue Zhong looked at Zhong Aiguo [3] and replied “Sorry, you are worse than a scum, and have no value being alive.”

As soon as Yue Zhong’s words have left his mouth, White Bones chopped down, and his axe cleaved open Zhong Aiguo’s head. Warm blood spurted from the wounds and splashed on the female ‘bitches’.

Looking at the carnage, the women who were trained to be ‘bitches’ could not help trembling in fright, and their eyes also showed traces of fear when they looked at Yue Zhong.

Ji Qing Wu walked up to Yue Zhong, and looked at him in the eyes. “What are you going to do with these women?”

In the Longhai city base, killing of special administrative region officials is a great crime. If news of Yue Zhong killing Zhong Aiguo is leaked out, even Chen Jianfeng must eradicate Yue Zhong. This is a manner of principle. The problem is compounded by the fact that people living in the Special Administrative Region has special rights (and is untouchable). If Yue Zhong is allowed to kill anyone in the Special Admininstrative Region, then wouldn’t all the people in the Special Administrative Region be in danger?

Ji Qing Wu was worried that Yue Zhongwill kill these women to prevent any news from leaking out.

Yue Zhong looked at Ji Qing Wu and replied “Do not worry. If they listen to me, of course I will not kill them. But they also cannot stay in this place, and must be sent to my camp in the darkness of the night. Once they are sent to Stone Horse Village, they are my citizens, and I will protect them.”

After the apocalypse, for mankind to survive, the population is very important. Women can give birth, and is hence a valuable resources. If these women do not go crazy and anger Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong aso will not kill them without reason.

Ji Qing Wu then relaxed.

Yue Zhong looked at Ji Qing Wu with eyes full of passion, “Miss Ji, you have seen what happened today with your own eyes. Do you still want to stay here and waste your time and efforts? Follow me back to Stone Horse Village, and I will give you a stage where you can realise your capabilities to the fullest.”

The last time Yue Zhong and Ji Qing Wu met, Ji Qing Wu was very outstanding, and is darling. Her skills are above average, and her heart is still kind but is not rotten. To date, among all the women that Yue Zhong has met, she has the most combat spirit, heroic spirt and is the most attractive woman. If she is willing to work under Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong will be able to get another general who is capable of taking care of things by herself. [Translator: Hello author, are you creating a massive harem? Have some pity on men like myself who don’t even have one girlfriend.???? ]

Ji Qing Wu considered for a while, and looked at Chen Yao besides her. She bit down on her lips and struggled internally to make a decision. Actually, she has long wanted to leave Long Hai Survival camp, but is not at ease leaving her good friend alone in this place.

Seeing this, Chen Yao bit her lips and blinked her big, charming eyes at Yue Zhong. “Is it ok with you if I follow you to Stone Horse Village?”

Yue Zhong could not help looking into at Chen Yao’s beautiful eyes, and asked “Of course you are very welcomed. But Chen Yao, if in the future, your uncle and I get into conflicts, can you sit on the fence and not help either party?”

LongHai Survival Base is a stepping stone for Yue Zhong. If there is a chance for him to take command, he will definitely swallow up LongHai Survival Base and will not show any mercy. Yue Zhong has never requested that Chen Yao to stand on his side, but he also do not want her to stand on her uncle’s side.

Chen Yao bit down on her teeth and nodded her head. “OK!”

Chen Yao has seen enough of the ugly side of Long Hai city survival base laws and justice, and it has shaken her faith in the city.

Yue Zhong looked at the corpses of the four men. “Yao Yao, please take them to leave this place. I will clean up the place.”

Yaoyao in her military clothes, lead all the women (including the ‘comfort women’) out.

Once the women has left, Yue Zhong immediately use his fire skill, and burnt all the corpse into ashes.

Before he left, he also burned the corpses of the two bodyguards in the entrance of the villa.

Around the fence, Yue Zhong found a corner, and using the ladder made from White Bones, he sent all the ‘comfort women’ out of the special administrative region.

After he made all the arrangement to ensure the safety of these women, he then lead Chen Yao and the other 3 women back towards the special administrative region.

“Be careful!”

Suddenly, Yue Zhong had a creepy feeling, as if he was in danger. He immediately launched the Shadow Steps, and increased his speed to the limit, and stepped towards his right.

Just as he stepped out, a bullet that was aimed at his head missed, but there is another bullet that hit his right shoulder and was repelled back.

The force of the bullet is too small, and is insufficient to penetrate the water python scaled armour that Yue Zhong wore. Even though he is safe, Yue Zhong could not help but to be alarmed. The assassin has hidden himself and his killing aura well, and his skills is really scary. Only when the assassin has fired the gun did Yue Zhong felt a sense of danger. This level of skill is only made possible by peak level assassins.

The three ladies, Yao Yao, Ji Qing Wu, Chen Yao immediately took cover.

Yue Zhong traced the direction where the bullet appeared from. With his passive night vision ability being strengthened by the cover of darkness, Yue Zhong was able to see and assess the situation well despite the fact that the area was enshroud in darkness. From a point where there is no light, he could dimly spied a man wearing dark clothes, a dark mask, and armed with a gun. It looked as he had merged into the darkness.

Yue Zhong took out his 54 handgun, and fire continuously. At the same time, he was closing in towards the men in black.

The masked man was also very fast, and was able to evade Yue Zhong’s bullets. The mask man can even occasionally return fire.

As Yue Zhong burned through the clip of bullets, he did not even hit the man in black once. Instead, he was forced to retreat under the return fire and finds it hard to close in on the man in black.


心力交瘁,[1] Physically and mentally exhausted.

不知所措 [2] Did not know what to do.

钟爱国 Zhong Aiguo [3] I do not know if the name is a paradox or had a deeper meaning. His name means “love the country.” If he killed “love the country”, does it means that Yue Zhong does not love the country anymore? Given Chinese censorship, does it means trouble?

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