God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 863

With an impregnable defense and tyrannical firepower, these 5 Reapers were almost invincible existences on the battlefield, exuding a cold, metallic killing intent.

Old Li of the rebel army roared out, “Satellite!! Control them!!”

The 5 Reapers were truly terrifying, just a single one could cause a problem for everyone present. It would take a huge price to take one down. Once they were held up here, the reinforcements that were already on the way would be able to route and eliminate them.

As Old Li shouted, the satellite in mid-air flashed, and the movements of the Reapers suddenly faltered. At the middle of their frames, their cockpits opened up, revealing 5 shocked pilots.

In order to gain a better understanding and feel of the battlefield, the 5 Reapers were assisted by the satellite. The commander only had to issue a flurry of orders, controlling the 5 Reapers to attack their enemies. At the same time, if the pilots had any strange thoughts, the Manor Lord could make use of the satellite to wrest control over the Reapers. This design had turned out to be a flaw of the Reapers.

The moment the cockpits opened up and the pilots exposed, the rebel army began to fire out, their beams tearing into the 5 pilots.

Once that was taken care of, the 5 Reapers ceased all movements, staying quietly there.

5 other soldiers quickly charged out from the rebel army, leaping into the cockpits, becoming the new pilots.


One of the officer from the manor roared out with fury, “Crush them!! We cannot let the Reapers end up in the hands of the rebels!!”

The moment those Reapers ended up in the hands of the rebels, then their firepower would improve and become even more terrifying. The entire manor would not have much strength to resist their assault then.

The Reapers were one of the strongest technological weapons of Cloud Region. There were only about 100 of them, and they were usually used against the Dino-race that possessed stronger physique and might than humans. Manufacturing one would require a lot of money and effort. At the same time, everyone knew what these machines were capable of, upon operating the energy shields, even a Mid-Grade Dino-General would not be able to penetrate them.

The city guards rapidly opened fire, shooting their own electromagnetic laser beams towards the 5 Reapers. Before those robots operated the Energy Shields, they were likewise vulnerable to laser and electromagnetic beams.

Just as the beams were able to slam into the Reapers, a number of energy shields appeared in front of them, blocking the attacks successfully.

Following some roaring of engines, the eyes of the 5 Reaper robots flashed red, and they turned around swiftly, opening up their shoulder plates again, revealing the electromagnetic cannons within.

The next moment, multiple beams were fired out, heading straight for the city guards inside the manor.

With the help of the targeting system of the satellite in the sky, a number of city guards were penetrated by the laser beams, as they rolled around and moaned.

Under the scrutiny of the satellite, even if the city guards were to hide behind covers, they would still be slaughtered by the Reapers.

With the satellite assisting the Reapers, both parties could exhibit a terrifying killing rate. In an area of about 2sq km radius, their error margin would be within 0.2m. Due to the sheer might of the combination of both equipment, the city manor specifically had a satellite installed.

One officer shouted out, “Radio wave shield!! Quickly, deploy the radio wave shield!!”

After he shouted his orders, a number of radar discs suddenly emerged from the city manor, emitting powerful radio waves outwards.

The powerful radio waves instantly cut off the connection between the 5 Reapers and the satellite in the sky, preventing the efficient targeting system from slaughtering their city guards wantonly.

Bai Yi suddenly spoke up with a warning, “Warning! Warning! Due to the presence of radio waves, I’ve temporarily lost control of the satellite. In order to regain control, we must leave the affected region.”

Bai Yi was relying on her own electronic waves to infiltrate equipment. While her ability was powerful, it was likewise vulnerable sometimes. In such a huge region with interference, it was hard for her to exhibit her abilities to the fullest.

Yue Zhong’s gaze fell upon the distance and muttered mildly, “Got it!”

After losing the support of the satellite, the 5 Reapers stopped all of their attacks. Their eyes flashed red and marched onward into the manor. With every step, there was a loud booming sound, full of overbearing pressure.

Various laser beams and electromagnetic beams fired out from different alleys, causing minor ripples on the energy shields generated by those Reapers.

In order to destroy these seemingly-invincible Reapers, there was one more foolish idea, which was to go all out to wear down on the energy shield. Maintaining the energy shields required energy, if one were to forcefully attack, the shield would be depleted of its energy reserves. Once the energy was spent, they would just be 5 robots with high attacking power. Using electromagnetic beams and lasers, it would be enough to tear through their hulls.

The rebel army did not waste time, as they continued to fire their own weapons. With the help of the 5 Reapers, the rebel forces obtained the upper hand, slowly destroying the different posts of the city guards.

However, with the loss of the satellite’s support, even if the 5 Reapers had a tyrannical firepower, the speed of the rebels’ advance slowed down considerably. They had to sweep every single area for life signs, dominating each checkpoint by eliminating the city guards there.

From time to time, there would be a burst of beams from a pile of rubble, directly killing one or two rebel soldiers. The pile of rubble would immediately become the focus of other retaliating fire, turning into dust.

Both sides were unrelenting and merciless in their fight, causing a piling body count with each passing second.

As they continued to tear each other apart, Yue Zhong had already passed the battlefield while still in his Stealth. Under the cover of the night, he sneaked past the city guards, appearing in the center part of the manor.

At this moment, all of the troops within Blood Red City were gathered at this location, preparing to engage the rebels. They began to get in cover with their armor similar to the Sun Battle Armor.

“300, no! More than 400!!”

In the dark, Yue Zhong did a quick headcount and was shocked. There were actually over 400 warriors with enhanced equipment within this city manor.

With the enhancement of the equipment, these soldiers could reach the Type 3 Divine Warrior stage of strength. If they were deployed out of Cloud Region, they would be a considerable faction anywhere. Instead, here, they were just ordinary city guards.

When Yue Zhong had destroyed the Sun Alliance, he had obtained a batch of equipment for his own troops. However, with his abundant experience, he could tell that his own subordinates were a far cry from these city guards.


Yue Zhong’s forces were made up of mostly slaves, their battle experience still lacking. However, the forces of Blood Red City had been constantly fighting against the Dino-warriors, hence the gap between both.

The defense inside the manor was tight, Yue Zhong even saw a few generals with Type 4 Mutant Nuclei Battle Armor.

Even a Type 5 Divine Warrior would be in peril when surrounded by so many elite soldiers powered by enhanced equipment.

Yue Zhong eyed the numerous experts silently, discovering that the entrance was guarded by 20 elite soldiers. At the same time, there was an expert with a Type 4 Battle Armor. Even if Yue Zhong were to utilize Stealth, it would be hard to sneak past them. The skill did not grant him an incorporeal body after all.

Yue Zhong raised his hand, and fired out a line of silk from his ring, sticking to a rooftop within the inner parts of the mansion. He retracted it, pulling himself up onto the roof.

He then stuck his palm onto a glass window, his Devil Flame burning through it easily. With a light jump, he managed to enter a room within the inner city.

The dozens of experts within the inner city did not seem to notice Yue Zhong’s silent entry into the place.

Yue Zhong took out his handheld computer again and asked Bai Yi, “Are you able to control the security cameras and sensors here?”

Within this Blood Red City, the experts were numerous. Yue Zhong did not know just how many experts were here. Forcefully breaking in was the last resort he was reluctant to employ.

The prehistoric tech was extremely important to humans. Without them, just based on their weaker physique compared to the Flesh-Eaters, Vampires, Sea Clan, and other intelligent life forms, they would be at a huge disadvantage. Be it the humans on Earth, or the expansion of Yue Zhong’s various forces, he had to obtain the tech within Cloud Region.

Bai Yi responded, “Ok! The central computer of the entire Blood Red City is about 200m underground, please follow the indicated path.”


Yue Zhong darted out of the room.

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