God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 864

Outside the room, a number of crystals light up the corridor, revealing some security cameras and sensors.

As he dashed out, the feed from the cameras and sensors painted a different story.

Bai Yi spoke, “There’s a fire escape on the left in 30m.”

He swept to the left, and located the stairs easily, before heading down speedily.

With Bai Yi controlling the security feed, she helped navigate Yue Zhong to avoid a number of enemies, sneaking all the way down.

Just as he was about 20m underground, Bai Yi suddenly asked, “There’s an armory about 30m to the right. Do you want to check it out?”

As a Super A.I., Bai Yi had near-human thought-process and with the constant exposure to Yue Zhong, she knew his habits and interests.

He heard it and came to a stop, “An armory?”

With his Storage Ring being upgraded to the Level 10 treasure, its internal space had been expanded many times. It could easily store an armory’s worth of equipment. Therefore, he was highly tempted.

“Are there any guards?”

“There’re four soldiers keeping guard!”

Bai Yi swiftly displayed the feed from the entrance of the armory.

Yue Zhong took a look and noticed 4 soldiers in Type 3 Battle Armor standing guard.


Yue Zhong pondered for a moment before choosing to give it up, “Forget it! Our objective is the central computer. I’ll have to forgo these additional things for now.”

Yue Zhong’s target was to get the information within the central computer, there might possibly information that he sorely needed. As for the armory, he could consider it once everything else was settled.

The defense of the underground base was incredibly tight, with numerous sensors, security cameras, laser nets, cannons, electrical fences, and even electromagnetic cannons. These were all automatic as well. If it had been any other Type 5 Divine Warrior, they would have been blasted many times. Yue Zhong could sneak past so many purely due to Bai Yi’s help to get past all the defenses.

Bai Yi suddenly warned, “Warning, there are currently 10 soldiers with Type 3 Battle Armors coming this way from the left about 30m. There’s no way to evade them.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed icily, and his body flickered forward, dashing towards the location, “Since we can’t evade, we will eradicate them!”

In a breath’s time, Yue Zhong had reached the corner, slamming into the midst of the soldiers like a hurricane. With his blade out, a number of slashes caught them by surprise.

While these 10 soldiers were experienced fighters of countless battles that had crawled through rivers of blood and mountains of corpses, against the sneak attack of a Type 5 Divine Warrior like Yue Zhong, they were unable to react at all. Their heads had rolled to the ground in sprays of blood by the time Yue Zhong flashed past them.

When he was done, he quickly removed their Type 3 Armor and Battle Spear, keeping them in his Storage Ring. They were top equipment, and he would not pass up on them.

After looting them clean, Yue Zhong continued through the tunnel.

Just as he was about to step through another gold-alloy door, a powerful sense of danger arose in his heart. He leaped up to the roof of the tunnel, his entire body billowing with his Dark Dou Qi, keeping him latched on the surface.

At the moment Yue Zhong jumped, a number of electromagnetic beams shot out from the door, blasting the area full of holes. Had Yue Zhong been through the door, he would have been turned into a sieve.

Since Yue Zhong’s evolution to the Type 5 realm, his Body of Steel ability was at the Third Order stage. Even heavy caliber bullets and small cannons would not be able to pierce through his body. However, it was insufficient for him to block laser guns, ray guns, and electromagnetic beams.

A voice filled with resentment traveled up, “You’ve come? Damn rebel soldier. Since you’re here, come on in. I do not know what methods you’ve employed to actually sneak in here, I’m sure you can see what’s going on in here. If you don’t come, I’ll kill this bitch!!”

Yue Zhong flipped his hands, pulling out the handheld computer. On the display, right behind the door, there was a Reaper pointing its electromagnetic cannon at the door. Beside it, a handsome, middle-aged man wearing a Type 4 Battle Armor was grabbing a beautiful woman while speaking furiously. Nearby them, there were 9 corpses, their manner of death grotesque and horrible.

Yue Zhong eyed the scene, trying to guess the identities of those 2, “Is she a rebel spy? He’s Wang Yu Feng?”

He pondered for a while, before he took out an energy conversion shield, and leaped directly into the room.

Wang Yu Feng’s face was contorted in fury, as he sent a slap towards the beauty, “As expected, this bitch must be someone high up your ranks. For her, an expert like was actually willing to come here to die for her. Stinking bitch, you really screwed me over!!”

The beauty’s face started to swell as she spat out a mouthful of blood, a few of her teeth sent flying.


The beauty looked towards Yue Zhong and pleaded. Her current state was extremely wretched, without a trace of her looks. No matter how pretty a woman, if struck across the face, and their face swelled, as well as having teeth knocked out and tears streaming down the face, it would not be a pretty sight.

Wang Yu Feng’s eyes flashed cruelly as he laughed at Yue Zhong coldly, “Kill yourself!! If you kill yourself, I’ll let her go. How about it? If you don’t, I’ll break her neck!!”

Yue Zhong eyed the lady coldly as well. With a tap of his foot, he shot towards Wang Yu Feng. He had nothing to do with this lady, he would not put his life on the line for some stranger.

Wang Yu Feng stared fixedly at Yue Zhong. The moment Yue Zhong moved, he barked out, “Ah Qiang, kill him!!!”

The front armor of the Reaper opened up slightly, but it was immediately closed off again. At the same time, countless alarms blared within the robot’s frame, as the instruments and equipments went haywire. The pilot tried frantically to restore order, to no avail.


Wang Yu Feng’s face fell, and he tossed the lady towards Yue Zhong. At the same time, his eyes flashed with a tinge of viciousness, as his Battle Spear materialized and he thrust towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong saw how ruthlessly Wang Yu Feng tossed the beauty. He did not hesitate to cast his Third Order Gravity Manipulation, as a 30-times gravitational field enveloped the area with him as the center.

The injured beauty was instantly affected, and plunged down to the ground hard, dying instantly.

As for Wang Yu Feng, his body sunk, his every movement requiring much more energy to perform.

With a flash, Yue Zhong disappeared from his location, appearing behind Wang Yu Feng, and he sent a Type 4 Puppet Rune into the back of his head.

There was a glow of light, and Wang Yu Feng fell into a coma, the Type 4 Puppet Rune entering his brain.

“Have I become this strong?” Yue Zhong wondered in excitement and felt a sense of accomplishment at the split second defeat of Wang Yu Feng.


Wang Yu Feng was a peak-Type 4 expert, with the enhancement of his Battle Armor, he could reach the Type 5 stage, and yet, he could not take a single strike from Yue Zhong.

After defeating Wang Yu Feng in a single move, Yue Zhong looked at the Reaper, and the cockpit was released, revealing the pilot inside.

“Go to hell!! Go to hell!!”

The pilot shouted aggressively, pulling out his gun at his side, as he fired multiple shots at Yue Zhong. However, his vision blurred, Yue Zhong appearing right in front of him, sending a slap to the back of his head, together with a Puppet Rune.

Yue Zhong the proceeded to flick towards Wang Yu Feng’s head with his finger wrapped in Dark Dou Qi, sending a gust of wind at him, waking him up.

Wang Yu Feng stirred and immediately bowed in respect, “Master!!”


Yue Zhong then ordered, “Bring me down!”

Wang Yu Feng responded, “Yes! Master!”

At this time, the distance to the central computer was not far, with only a few ordinary workers as well as 4 security guards.

They did not dare get close to Wang Yu Feng, as both he and Yue Zhong went towards the central computer brazenly.

“This s the central computer of Blood Red City then?”

In the center of the huge hall, there was a huge, mechanical construct made of alloy. It was blood-red in color, and there were dozens of displays on it, as well as multiple buttons and lights.

Right in the middle of this structure, there was a Type 5 Mutant Beast nucleus, countless mysterious runes emitting out of it. Each time the nucleus glowed, it felt like the beating heart of the computer.

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