God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 865

Bai Yi spoke, “This central computer possesses some highly advanced anti-radio wave invasion technology. My waves cannot affect it, please place me closer!!”


Yue Zhong followed her instructions and set down the handheld computer right beside the metallic construct.


A number of fine gold-alloy cables stuck out from the computer and inserted themselves into the central computer.

In an instant, Bai Yi’s eyes turned into flowing streams of data.

The displays of the central computer suddenly lit up, and numbers and data flowed past each of the screens. A bright flash occurred and Bai Yi’s image appeared on them.


She then spoke up,” Master, I’ve already gained control of the central computer. After a thorough search, this system does not possess any information on any technology or anything from their history.”

Yue Zhong was filled with disappointment, “Not at all?”

This time, Yue Zhong’s main objective in infiltrating Blood Red City was to obtain the technology that the Cloud Region possessed. Without getting what he came for, he was truly dismayed.

Wang Yu Feng spoke, “Master, all of the technology and information of Cloud Region is stored in the Capital City that is under the charge of the master, Wei Ming Qing. All of the other subordinate cities would not have the information. However, I have a few subordinates who had worked on those prehistoric technologies before.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes lit up slightly, “That isn’t too bad!”


Talented people who had worked on any tech were valuable to Yue Zhong. With human resources, Yue Zhong would be able to train up a new batch of talents. However, while it was easy to talk about training new talents, in reality, it was never easy, especially for this world.

This was because this world was backward in terms of their foundations. Most of his current subordinates were illiterate. They were courageous when getting them to fight enemies. However, to get them to conduct research into technology, it would be difficult. After all, the majority of them could not even perform the simplest of arithmetic calculations.

Sun Lan Lan was at most of a high-school standard, and yet, she was already considered one of the more learned ones within Yue Zhong’s subordinates. Every day, there would be increasing people learning to read under her tutelage.


Bai Yi suddenly said, “Master, the central computer not only controls all the automation and electronics within the city, it also has access to 2 armed satellites and 4 reconnaissance satellites that orbit around 20 km above the Xue Luo 20 Forts.”

Yue Zhong stirred, “Armed satellites! What kind of weapons is on them? What’s the effective range?”

“They have 10 mega laser cannons, an effective range of about 30 km.”

Yue Zhong turned to Wang Yu Feng who was standing respectfully beside, “Wang Yu Feng, since Cloud Region has the strength to manufacture low-altitude satellites, how come you guys don’t utilize those space ones?”

All around the Blood Red City manor, there were many low-altitude satellites. Although they were incredibly useful, in terms of security and energy consumption, it was definitely incomparable to those space ones. Yue Zhong did not understand why they did not fire those space armed satellites since it was entirely possible for them to do so with their technology that surpassed Earth.

Wang Yu Feng responded, “It is not that we do not want to, it’s that we cannot. Those hundreds of armed satellites are the remnants of the era before the Great Devastation. They are all under the control of the Dino-people. Some of the ones that we built and sent up had been destroyed by those armed satellites. Therefore, we can only set up a few within the lower altitude to defend our Cloud Region.”


Yue Zhong frowned and continued to ask, “Has your technology level all these years not reached the level of the era before the Great Devastation?”

Wang Yu Feng replied, “Incomparable. After the Dino-race defeated our human race and became the rulers of this world, most of the factories and research labs had been destroyed, with countless amounts of knowledge and technology buried along with the past. Our Cloud Region had barely managed to hold on to some and developed from there to get to where we are today. Since most of our science came from the past, we have not yet broken through.”

Yue Zhong then asked, “Other than the Reapers, are there any special weapons of war within Cloud Region?”

Wang Yu Feng replied softly, “There are 36 Laser Cannon-mounted vehicles, 472 Laser Mirror Guns. Some of our City Guards are equipped with Type 5 enhancing Armor. We also have an aerial robot combat unit, as well as self-guided missiles. The strongest would be one and only Raytheon Cannon sitting within the Capital City. The range of the Raytheon Cannon is over 20 km, the firing rate is once every 4 minutes, and its area of impact is about a 1 km diameter. Even a Type 6 Mutant Beast would be killed instantly by the sheer might of the cannon. It’s the strongest weapon of Cloud Region, and a remnant technology of the past era.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with delight, “So there’re still other strong weapons, within Cloud Region. It truly is the last stand of humanity then.”

The stronger the Cloud Region’s technology was, the better it would be for his strength.

Bai Yi suddenly issued a warning, displaying an image at the same time, “Warning! Warning! The rebel army had already broken past the final city defense! The estimated time for them to reach our current position is 10 minutes!”

On the various displays, many rebel soldiers were currently making their way over. Some city guards had even joined in, as they launched their own assault inward.

Currently, many of the city guards had been forced to retreat behind cover. However, the might of the 5 Reapers were constantly unleashed, obliterating those soldiers.

“Seems like it’s time for us to make a move! Let’s go!”

Yue Zhong glanced at the display, taking the handheld computer up as he made his way out.

Wang Yu Feng followed tightly behind.


After Bai Yi had gained control of the Blood Red City’s central computer, the entire underground fortress had become a death trap, even if the Reapers were to charge in, they would be torn apart and ripped to shreds by the various defense systems. There was no need for Yue Zhong to be worried about defense at all.

Initially, Yue Zhong had managed to infiltrate easily because of Bai Yi, gaining control over the various automated defenses. If it had been any other Type 5 Divine Warrior, they could not have done what he did.

“Go to hell!! Go to hell!”

In front of the city manor, Qian Cheng was screaming like an enraged demon, spearheading the charge in. Everywhere he went, the city guards would be torn to pieces.

Seeing the seemingly invincible enemy tearing through their ranks, many of the city guards lost their fighting spirit, as they retreated frantically into the inner city. Some even got down on their knees and surrendered.

Humans were after all not robots, no matter how ferocious they might be, there would be a point where morale would fall and crumble. Furthermore, these city guards were facing their own kind, not the Dino-warriors. This affected their degree of willingness as well.



Following a cold bark, a number of automated defenses that had been quiet all these while suddenly came to life, firing multiple beams at the rebel soldiers.

When Qian Cheng saw those beams, his face fell and he ducked to one side.


The commander of the rebels, Old Li, also shouted out with alarm, “Hidden attack!! Hidden attack!! Reapers!! You’re up!!”

The hundred of rebel soldiers parted, ducking behind cover.


“Reapers!! Attack!! Why aren’t you attacking?”

When he realized that the Reapers were not firing at all, Old Li turned to look, and what he saw cause cold sweat down his back. The cockpits of those Reapers were open, and the powerful mechanical hands were grabbing their own pilots, while the laser cannons were trained on the rebel soldiers.

When Old Li saw this strange scene, his heart clenched, “Satellite!! They have regained the control of the satellite!!”

It was only possible to control the Reapers from the satellites, thus ejecting the pilots and taking away their command.

Many of the rebel soldiers saw this strange scene and felt a cold shiver down their spines.

This time, the rebel army had been able to charge through the Blood Red City manor because they had spies gaining control of the satellites, obtaining these 5 killing machines. With these machines, they had crushed the city guards and suppressed them entirely, pushing their assault further in.

Now, they had lost control of the 5 Reapers to the city again, plus the spies within the underground base were captured. The rebel army knew they had no chance of winning.

From within the inner city, a number of sensors fired out holographic beams, projecting Wang Yu Feng’s image. His cold countenance glared at the rebel soldiers, saying, “Surrender!! If you surrender, I can promise to leave you all alive.”

Qian Cheng spat a mouthful of saliva at the image, roaring unwillingly, “Pei! You damn coward, if you have the guts, come out here and take me on!! If you can win me, I will immediately surrender!! Sending a holographic image out, what kind of hero are you, coward?!”

Wang Yu Feng spoke indifferently, “The Xue Luo Guards are arriving soon. If you still want to resist, there’s no need for me to act, they will kill you automatically. If you surrender now, you’ll still have a chance!”

“Xue Luo Guards!!”


When they heard that, all the rebels lost color in their faces, their fighting spirit absolutely crushed.

The Xue Luo Guards were the most elite of soldiers of the 20 Forts, every one of the experts that had slaughtered their way through mountains of enemies and seas of blood. Each of them was at the peak-Type 3 Divine Warrior realm, equipped with Type 3 Battle Armor.

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