God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 867

Yue Zhong sucked in a breath of cold air, “400,000?! Is he crazy?”


He did not expect to come across such a sick pervert who would resort to such means In order to become stronger.


Li Cheng Shan stared at Yue Zhong and continued, “It isn’t just 400,00 anymore. Before we came to Blood Red City, based on our intelligence, over 800,000 had already died at his hands. We wouldn’t have gathered so many like-minded compatriots otherwise.”

“800,000 humans?! Monster!!”

When Yue Zhong heard the number, he could vividly imagine the mountain of corpses sacrificed. His heart turned cold, while at the same time, his wariness increased. This was the problem of dictatorship. The moment a tyrant appeared, it would be the downfall of the entire country, because there would be almost no challenge or way to control the tyrant.

Li Cheng Shan’s eyes flashed as he tried to persuade Yue Zhong, “Yue Zhong, you’ve now understood the truth of matters. Join us, let’s overthrow the reign of Wei Ming Qing.”

If Li Cheng Shan could persuade Yue Zhong to join their cause, then the rebel army would gain a powerful subordinate. Furthermore, the captured rebel soldiers would regain their freedom.

Yue Zhong paused before suddenly asking, “How many people are there in your organization?”

Li Cheng Shan’s eyes flashed with a wary look, “When you join, I’ll naturally tell you. Now, even if you kill me, I will not say.”


Yue Zhong continued asking, “If I were to join your group, what position will I get?”

Li Cheng Shan replied craftily, “That depends on your contributions. If you join us and release the hundreds of soldiers here, you can gain a pretty decent position when we go out.”

“Alright, you’ve convinced me! You may come out!”

Yue Zhong chuckled and waved his hands, Following the whir of some motors, the strands of Mutant Spider silk came undone. Some mechanical arms came out from the sides of the room, injecting the antidote to the strength suppressant in the bodies of the 4 leaders, absolving their weak state.

Qian Cheng stepped out and chuckled at Yue Zhong, “Kid, you’re not too bad eh!!”

The other 3 looked at Yue Zhong warily. They were not as simple-minded as Qian Cheng. Here, it was obviously Yue Zhong’s turf. He just had to give an order, and the automatic defense would fire at them, blasting them into pieces. Even a Low-Grade Dino-General would not be able to defend against laser beams and electromagnetic cannons. Their lives were still in Yue Zhong’s control.

Li Cheng Shan bowed his thanks, “Many thanks!!”

Yue Zhong replied solemnly, “Don’t mention it! The 20 Xue Luo Forts, I want to know, how will you deal with that? Since you guys dared attack Blood Red City, there must be some method you’ve come up with to deal with that defensive structure?”

The Xue Luo 20 Forts had about 10,000 troops stationed within each tower, hence the total number reached about 200,000.

Although not every single warrior of these 200,000 soldiers were seasoned veterans with hundreds of battles under their belt, they were still recognized as the elite that had experienced the most.

These soldiers were not like those jokers from the Green Region, who took up weapons and proclaimed themselves as factions. The weakest were equipped with defensive suits, multi-purpose helmets, and ray guns for weapons.

These 200,000 soldiers stationed within the Forts were like a sleeping beast lying in wait, tearing through any enemies.

Right now, through Wang Yu Feng, Yue Zhong could command about 2,000 of the City Guards, however, compared to the 200,000 soldiers of the Xue Luo 20 Forts, it was incomparable.

At the same time, there was plenty of advanced tech within the forts. Once they retaliated, the Blood Red City forces might not be able to withstand them.

Yue Zhong might have already evolved to the Type 5 realm which was rare for humans, but against 200,000 human elites that were armed to the teeth, his chances of success were infinitely small.

Yue Zhong stared at Li Cheng Shan, a huge pressure emitting from him.

Li Cheng Shan knew that it was a critical moment. If he did not answer well, the 4 of them would likely be sealed again.

The 200,000 soldiers of the 20 Xue Luo Forts were considered one of the 2 top human forces. If they were to discard the advantage in equipment, they were the strongest force in Cloud Region. The other that could contend against them was the Capital City Guards stationed within the Capital City. Their equipment was considered the best.

“There’s a general located in each Fort. In the 1st Fort, which is the strongest 1st Xue Luo Battalion, the general Zhang Yan He had already given the command not to participate in the struggle of Cloud Region. He’s willing to stay within the 1st Fort to focus on defense from external enemies. In the 2nd and 3rd Forts, the 2 generals Wu Bao and Wei Wu are both Zhang Yan He’s close friends, they had likewise passed the order not to get involved in the civil war. Of the remaining 17 Forts, some sympathize with our cause and understand why we’re doing this. There’re others who are part of us. If we can control Blood Red City, we will only have to deal with 10,000 or 20,000 of the Fort soldiers.

“The powerful tech and equipment of the 20 Xue Luo Forts are all within their forts. On top of that, the most advanced weapons are all kept within the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Forts. Making use of the satellite in Blood Red City, as well as arming the poor folks in District D, we will be able to take on the forces that are sent to quell the rebellion!” Li Cheng Shan spoke in a grandiose manner.

Yue Zhong laughed lightly, before tearing apart his lies, “Half of them are your people? I’m guessing that not even a single one of the generals are on your side. However, it’s likely that some of them sympathize with you.”

Currently, Li Cheng Shan was still wary against Yue Zhong, thus his words contained a few bluffs within. Yue Zhong did not expect him to be entirely honest as well. However, from his words, Yue Zhong could tell that even if there was a rebellion in Blood Red City, the forces sent to deal with it would likely not be many.

If over half of the 20 Forts soldiers were Li Cheng Shan’s peoples, then taking down the entire Blood Red City would have been an easy feat. A single Hongmen banquet could simply wipe out Wang Yu Feng and the upper echelons of the city before they claimed it.

When Li Cheng Shan’s lies were exposed, he did not lose his calm, instead, chuckling lightly. He would not possibly reveal all his trump cards.

Yue Zhong’s voice then became extremely cold, “Li Cheng Shan, our Blood Red City can cooperate with you, and rise against Wei Ming Qing. However, your group has to bring all those who are lying in ambush within Blood Red City away. If we find out that there are still your men hiding in our Blood Red City, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Li Cheng Shan’s organization had cast their roots deep within Blood Red City, otherwise, they would not have chosen this city where it was closest to the 20 Forts, thus bringing about higher risks.

Li Cheng Shan felt his heart run cold under Yue Zhong’s gaze, and replied, “Yes!”

He then asked, “Yue Zhong, what about our comrades in the prison? When will you release them?”

Yue Zhong waved his hands, “Not now. When the time’s right, I’ll naturally release them. Men, take them to get some rest.”

4 beautiful servings girls came over and brought Li Cheng Shan and the rest to the guest rooms.

Yue Zhong made his way towards Wang Yu Feng noiselessly, with his status as Wang Yu Feng’s ‘trusted aide’, no one dared to go against his orders within Blood Red City.

Yue Zhong quickly arrived in the hall once more.

Currently, Jia Yu was already drunk, his body naked, a pretty girl in his embrace as he slept soundly on a bed.

Yue Zhong asked softly, “Has the strength-sapping poison been administered?”

Wang Yu Feng shook his head, “No! The taste is too strong, with Jia Yu’s training, he would be able to tell.”

The strength poison in Cloud Region was different from that of the Winged Race and both had their own pros and cons. The one from Cloud Region lasted extremely long, while the one from the Winged Race was odorless and colorless. Both had their uses depending on the situations.


Yue Zhong immediately made for Jia Yu’s position when he heard that.

Suddenly, Jia Yu opened his eyes wide, without any hesitation, he sent his right fist towards Yue Zhong with an overpowering bloodlust, his killing intent billowing.

Facing the sudden attack, Yue Zhong’s face changed, however, he was still careful. The moment Jia Yu had moved, he had sent his own fist enveloped with Dark Dou Qi towards Jia Yu.

When both fists met, a powerful shockwave spread out. A powerful intent that could affect souls assaulted Yue Zhong. It was incredibly vicious and powerful, if an ordinary person were to face that attack, they would have long since felt an intense fear and their fighting capabilities would have been crippled by more than 80%.

Even for someone as strong as Yue Zhong, he was affected slightly and sent stumbling back a few steps.

“I’ve long since noticed something strange between the 2 of you! Wang Yu Feng, are you betraying His Majesty?” Jia Yu’s eyes flashed dangerously as he barked out in fury. He lowered his body, and shot towards Yue Zhong like a cannonball, emitting his bloodlust as he attempted to grab Yue Zhong.

Wang Yu Feng stared numbly at Jia Yu without moving. Without Yue Zhong’s order, since he had already accomplished what he had to do, he would stand there like a puppet, with no self-will. This was the downside of the Puppet Rune. It could turn a person into a puppet, but they will lose their automatic will and self-preservation. Without Yue Zhong’s instruction, any of Wang Yu Feng’s trusted guards could see that there was something wrong with him.

Note: In Chinese culture, the term Hong Men Yan (“Feast at Hong Gate”) is used figuratively to refer to a trap or a situation ostensibly joyous but in fact treacherous.

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