God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 868

Jia Yu was an observant expert, the moment he saw Wang Yu Feng being strange, he roared out in fury, “What did you do to Wang Yu Feng?!”


“The same thing that’s going to happen to you!”


Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a cold look, as he activated his Third Order Gravity Manipulation, enveloping Jia Yu with a powerful gravitational field.

When Jia Yu was swept by that 30 times gravitational force, his entire body sunk, as though he was suddenly forced to carry over tens of thousand jins. Although it was a weight his Type 4 Divine Warrior strength could handle, his speed was affected.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a strange glint, the Dark Dou Qi on his body billowing out. He sent a powerful punch that whistled through the air, breaking the sound barrier as it smashed towards Jia Yu’s face.

A look of hatred flashed past Jia Yu’s face. He did not retreat, instead, choosing to advance to meet the blow. His right hand slashed out towards Yue Zhong’s heart. He wanted both of them to suffer, killing Yue Zhong at the expense of suffering a lethal blow. If Yue Zhong chose to retreat, he would then unleash his own counter-attack.

The Xue Luo Guards were ferocious and cruel to their enemies and themselves. Their means were simple yet effective, perfect for taking on the Dino-warriors.

Yue Zhong’s right hand slammed into Jia Yu’s shoulder like Mount Tai without decreasing his speed at all. Under the enhancement of his Dark Dou Qi, his right hand exploded out with a powerful might.

With a loud crack, Jia Yu’s left shoulder was shattered by that blow. His entire body was sent soaring back dozens of meters. He slumped to the floor and spat out a mouth of fresh blood, his eyes filled with disbelief, “How is this possible?! How are you so strong?? Who are you?!”

Yue Zhong’s face was impassive as he darted and appeared right in front of Jia Yu. His body suddenly split into three, all 3 Yue Zhongs attacking Jia Yu.

“Shadow Clones!”

Jia Yu’s countenance turned paler, it felt like things were hopeless. However, he did not give up, instead, curling his body as he used his right hand to support himself while his legs kicked out like hurricanes at the 3 approaching Yue Zhongs.


When the powerful kicks slammed out at the 3 Yue Zhongs, they caused all of his clones to dissipate into nothing.

At that moment, Yue Zhong leaped out from behind one of them, his own leg slamming into Jia Yu’s body with a vicious and powerful force.

Jia Yu had no way to react nor defend himself in time. He was sent flying like a cannonball once more, spitting out a huge mouthful of blood.


Yue Zhong then disappeared from his location, a palm slapping towards the back of Jia Yu’s head, his strength knocking Jia Yu out instantly.

He then snapped his fingers and a Type 4 Puppet Rune entered Jia Yu’s brain.

After Jia Yu received the Puppet Rune, Yue Zhong then sent a gust of wind towards his forehead, waking him up.

This captain of the Xue Luo Guards, a character that could cause fear and dread with the mere utter of his name, walked up to Yue Zhong and bowed respectfully, “Greetings, Master!”


Yue Zhong then asked, “How many subordinates can you recruit over? I’m referring to those that are willing to betray Wei Ming Qing’s orders.”

Jia Yu replied, “If it’s disobeying and betraying Wei Ming Qing’s orders, I can gather 15 at most. The object of loyalty and subservience of the Xue Luo Guards have always been the King, His Majesty. Many of us were trained and brought up in the capital. Even the head General Ouyang Wu Mie can be stripped of his title should His Majesty will it.”

Yue Zhong then said, “Within the 20 Xue Luo Forts, how many generals are there that are wholly loyal to Wei Ming Qing?”

“Of the 20 Xue Luo Forts, Fort 1 to 5 are immovable by Wei Ming Qing. Other than them, of the remaining 15, we are unsure of the loyalties of 4 of them, while 3 others are sympathetic to the rebels’ cause. On the surface, there are a total of 8 generals who are loyal to the King.”


“Those that are loyal to the King are the Generals from Fort 20 to Fort 13. They’re Qing Yuan, Wei Jiang, Yu Liu, Ouyang Wu Mie, Shi Yu, Pi Zhen, Huang Kun, Qu Zhong, respectively. The 1st to the 12th are Zheng Yan He, Wu Bao, Wei Wu, Diao Jin, Lu Yu, Chao Xuan Zheng, Gai Long, Yi Yi, Qin Xu, Hai Yi, Tong Bai, and Yan Long.”

“Of those loyal to the King, Ouyang Wu Mie and his Xue Luo Guards are the strongest. The rest of the 7 Forts also consist of troops that undergo tough training, but their combat strength cannot compare to the Xue Luo Guards. Furthermore, their morale is not as steadfast, if things go wrong in a battle, there’s a possibility of their order collapsing.” Jia Yu swiftly reported.

The moment Yue Zhong thought of the Xue Luo guards who were all filled with a bloodthirsty aura and asked, “Are all Xue Luo Guards Type 3 Divine Warriors?”

Jia Yu replied, “That’s right! The basic requirement to be a Xue Luo Guard is a strength of at least Type 3 Divine Warrior. They are all experts churned and groomed by the Capital Lab.”

Yue Zhong could not help but sigh when he realized the extent of the strength of the entire Cloud Region forces. Type 3 Divine Warrior. This was the level he was at himself when he just entered the Second World. Any single Xue Luo Guard could become an overlord if thrown on Earth. If they were to add on their Type 3 Battle Armors, then, they were basically unchallenged. Just the 10,000 Xue Luo Guards were enough to overthrow and become the strongest human faction within the Green Region.

“What about Ouyang Wu Mie?” Yue Zhong asked.

Jia Yu replied, “He’s an expert of the initial-Type 5 Realm. 3 years ago, when he returned to the capital, he was at that strength. He has the ability to manipulate ice and snow. His combat strength is terrifying. He’s also one of the 4 Type 5 experts within the 20 Forts. The other 3 are Zheng Yan He, Wu Bao, and Gai Long.

Even in a place like Cloud Region where experts were aplenty, Type 5 existences were still rare. Of the entire 200,000 troops stationed in the 20 Xue Luo Forts, there were only 4.

With a wave of his hands, Yue Zhong summoned 200 Type 3 Puppet Runes, as well as a Type 5 Mutant Beast bone marrow, passing them to Jia Yu, “I got it! Jia Yu! Go convert all of your subordinates. This is for your injuries! Drink it!”

The bone marrow was a rejuvenation item, with a powerful life force like Jia Yu’s only a bottle was enough to help him recover.

Jia Yu received the 200 Type 3 Puppet Runes and bone marrow, responding with a wooden expression before dismissing himself, “Understood! Master!”

Those controlled by the Puppet Runes would become tools to complete orders. They would not be able to bootlick or express their loyalty or any other emotions like that.

Yue Zhong thought to how he was about to destroy such an elite troop and felt a tinge of regret, “Xue Luo Troops? What a pity, if only such a force belonged to me, that would be so much better!”

Early the next morning, Jia Yu brought the 100 Xue Luo Guards and rode their armed motorcycles towards the direction of the 20th Fort. No one noticed an additional strange and silent warrior.

The 20th Fort was the most important one among all 20 Forts and the last defense line of Cloud Region. The entire structure was made out of super-alloy concrete, its height reaching 300m, separating Cloud Region and the other 19 Forts.

As long as it was shut, the other 19 Forts would not be able to receive any support or logistics from Cloud Region. If the generals from the front few forts were to harbor any strange thoughts, the 20th Fort could just close, and wait out for disaster to befall the other forts. This was the most critical location, and as long as Wei Ming Qing controlled this place, he did not have to fear the other generals rebelling against him. That was why the 10,000 soldiers stationed here were the most trusted 10,000 Xue Luo Guards.

“Captain Jia Yu, please get down for inspection!”

Jia Yu had just brought the 100 in front of the Xue Luo City gates when 4 soldiers tried to stop him.

Jia Yu nodded and got off his motorcycle, walking towards the city with big strides.

The defense of the 20 Xue Luo Forts was truly tight, each and every entry put through the strictest of inspections. Even Jia Yu, a captain of considerable status, was not spared.

A thorough check was important because many humans had awaked strange abilities, some even allowing others to morph their appearances.

However, while looks might change, fingerprints, genes, and irises cannot be changed. Thus every time there was an entry into the 20 Xue Luo Forts, there would be a thorough check.

As the soldiers went through the checks, Yue Zhong also went in fearlessly.

“Xue Luo Guard: Zhang Li! Fingerprints match, gene match, iris match, pass!”

As an electromagnetic beam swept past Yue Zhong’s body, a notification of a successful check sounded.

Yue Zhong went through each check easily. This was due to the assistance of the Super A.I. Bai Yi.

The other time, Yue Zhong had gone through them when he first entered Cloud Valley. However, the other time, he followed a set route.

This time Yue Zhong transformed into a Xue Luo Guard and was able to observe the inner workings of the Xue Luo 20 Forts.

Inside the castle of the 20th Fort, other than a few tunnels allowing the Reapers and armored vehicles to be deployed, there were many bunkers and openings for firearms.

All around, there were many automatic defenses installed, consisting of laser weapons, electromagnetic as well as ray guns. If a Type 4 Divine Warrior dared to challenge the defenses today, he or she would be killed instantly.

A number of Xue Luo Guards patrolled the castle with stern expressions, not stopping for a single moment, eyeing every single person who entered with wary gazes, prepared to fire at any potential intruders.

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