God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 869

The hundred Xue Luo Guards that had followed Jia Yu went back to their respective residences, while Jia Yu brought Yue Zhong towards a particular camp.

Jia Yu was one of the dozens of captains within the Xue Luo Guards. Along the way, the checks were more relaxed for him, hence the journey was somewhat smoother. Soon, they came across an oval bunker made out of mechanical parts that stood over 20m tall.

There were 4 soldiers standing guard outside the bunker, each of them wearing a Type 4 Battle Armor. By their waists, curved combat blades hung and reflected light, giving them an added sense of danger and cold killing intent.

“Experts! These 4 are definitely experts!”

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed slightly when he saw them. He could tell that they were definitely top experts, their strength not far from Jia Yu. That meant that each of them was at least a Type 4 Divine Warrior as well.


In Green Region, any Type 4 expert would be a local hegemony already. However, in the Xue Luo Fort, they were merely guards. This showed the depths of the strength of the humans from Cloud Region. In terms of technology and experts, Cloud Region possessed the cream of the crop.

Even though Yue Zhong had evolved to the Type 5 realm, if he were to be exposed within the Xue Luo Fort, his life would be in danger.

One of them stepped forward to stop Jia Yu, “Captain Jia, please hold, what’s the matter?”

Jia Yu spoke in a low voice, “I have a classified matter to report to General Ouyang Wu Mie, please help me notify him. This is an informant, he has to go in as well.”

The soldier pointed to a small room beside and replied, “Understood, I’ll go notify him now! Captain Jia, please go over there to turn over your equipment and weapons!”

Equipment was extremely important to humans whose physiques were weaker compared to the other races of this world. If Jia Yu removed all his equipment, he was definitely not a match for any of the personal guards of Ouyang Wu Mie.

Each general had their own tight security, making it tough to assassinate them.

“I understand!” Jia Yu nodded and entered together with Yue Zhong, taking off his Type 4 Battle Armor as well as Battle Spear, before sitting beside Yue Zhong quietly while waiting.


Not long after, a soldier came over and said, “The General has summoned you! Come with me!”


Jia Yu and Yue Zhong stood up quietly to follow the soldiers.

After entering the mechanical bunker, Yue Zhong could see the various installations of automatic defenses. At the same time, there were many soldiers patrolling in Type 4 Battle Armor, no weaker than those at the gate.


“There are so many experts here, how did the Capital City groom so many?”


Yue Zhong looked at the numerous experts and felt a bad feeling. He had a hunch that the only way that the Cloud Region could push out so many Type 4 Divine Warriors was relying on some extreme means.


Humans had weaker physiques, even training with perfect cultivation techniques would not be easy to reach the Type 4 realm.


Luo Qing Qing had her Storm 8 Greats who were all talented people. However, of the 8 of them, other than Han Zi Xuan who finally broke through in a life-and-death situation, the rest were still at the peak of the Type 3 realm. It was apparent just how hard it was to evolve into the Type 4 realm.


The appearance of more than dozens of Type 4 experts in this Xue Luo Fort caused Yue Zhong to be uneasy.

After passing by the heavy security, the 2 of them finally arrived at a grand hall under the escort of the 2 soldiers.

Within the hall, there were 8 warriors in Type 4 Battle Armor, giving off a powerful, killing intent.

With 8 Type 4 experts as personal guards, adding on their Type 4 Battle Armor, even an initial Type 5 expert would not be their match.

At the edge of the long study table in the hall, there was a middle-aged man with decent features and a huge beard, quietly reading a book. This was the leader of the Xue Luo Guards, General Ouyang Wu Mie.


Ouyang Wu Mie shot Jia Yu a sharp look as he asked, “Jia Yu, what do you have to report?”

Jia Yu responded, “Great General, things are bad. Blood Red City has been overtaken by the rebels, and they have recruited a large number of soldiers from the poor folk from District D, arming them in the process. They have spread rumors about the orders given by His Majesty, and the stupid poor folk has believed them. Thus, they’re on their side.”

Ouyang Wu Mie’s eyes flashed coldly, as his gaze fixed upon Yue Zhong venomously, “Who is this person?”

Jia Yu pointed to Yue Zhong and said, “This is a subordinate of mine, Zhang Li, and he had infiltrated Blood Red City on his own, risking his life to obtain valuable information and bringing it out.”

Yue Zhong stepped out to carry out a standard military salute, “Your subordinate greets General!”

The corners of Ouyang Wu Mie lifted slightly, as he revealed a cold smile, and ordered, “Capture the 2 of them. If they resist, kill without mercy.”

Hearing Ouyang Wu Mie’s orders, the 8 experts stirred, their eyes flashing with dangerous glints. Their Battle Spears shot towards Jia Yu and Yue Zhong with incredible speed.


Yue Zhong’s mind whirred, yet he could not point out how he had revealed himself. However, he was not someone to wait for death. The moment the 8 Type 4 experts moved, 2 of them getting to about 10m away from him, he immediately activated his Third Order Gravity Manipulation, sending out a gravitational field.

Enveloped suddenly by the 30-times gravity, the 2 Type 4 experts sunk, their actions slowed slightly.

Yue Zhong then activated his Third Order Shadow Steps, pushing his Dark Dou Qi. He exploded out with a powerful fist towards one of them, and at that moment, the Type 4 expert’s head was directly blasted apart.


Seeing his own comrade’s head blasted apart, the face of the other Type 4 Xue Luo guard fell. The Type 4 nucleus behind him glowed and the runes on his Type 4 Battle Armor started to radiate as well.


However, it was too late. When the Type 4 Battle Armor lit up, and before the energy could be driven through the body, there would be a short gap.

At that instant, Yue Zhong had already burst forward, appearing in front of the Xue Luo guard, sending a fist mercilessly towards his head, blasting it apart.

“Type 5 expert, who would have expected one to turn up here. Who are you?”


Watching Yue Zhong kill his personal guards in succession, Ouyang Wu Mie’s eyes narrowed. The 2 dead guards might not have activated their armor in time, but they were still Type 4 Divine Warriors after all. They had been through countless battles, and yet, such excellent guards were killed in an instant by Yue Zhong. It had nothing to do with them not exhibiting their strength, it was Yue Zhong’s might which was on a whole other level.

After he killed the 2 Xue Luo guards, Yue Zhong shot Ouyang Wu Mie a cold look, his body flashed and he dashed towards the general.

Currently, the remaining 6 Xue Luo guards had witnessed Yue Zhong’s overbearing strength. Their Type 4 Battle Armors lit up, the runes flashing and huge amounts of energy coursed through their bodies. The 6 warriors reached the Type 5 realm.


Of the 6, 1 broke away to deal with Jia Yu, while the remaining 5 went to attack Yue Zhong.

In that charge, one of the Xue Luo guards suddenly disappeared from his location, appearing beside Yue Zhong, a spear thrust out towards his heart. The ability he had employed was the rare Instant Movement ability, teleporting almost anywhere within a 20m distance. With this powerful skill, he had even killed a Low-Grade Dino-General when he was at the Type 3 Divine Warrior realm.

One other activated his ability Divine Speed, pushing his speed to the maximum. He turned into a flash that arrived in front of Yue Zhong, his spear also aiming for Yue Zhong’s heart.

Yet another cast the Ground Manipulation skill, shooting 2 sharp earth spikes on either side of Yue Zhong, sealing his paths of escape.

The 4th guard slashed at Yue Zhong, as a powerful 20 times gravitational force was locked on to Yue Zhong.

The 5th Luo Xue guard wielded his spear with a dangerous glint in his eyes. Lightning bolts converged on the tip of the spear, he was responsible for dealing the killing strike.

The human physique could not compare to the Dino-race. Any of these guards would be easily killed by a single Mid-Grade Dino-General in 1-on-1 combat. In order to deal with powerful experts, they had undergone training as a team, practicing maneuvers and tactics.

Facing such an attack, Yue Zhong opted to tap his feet, soaring high into the air, evading the ones behind and in front of him.

As for the one with the lightning spear, he aimed it at Yue Zhong, and sent a burning hot flash of thunderbolt towards Yue Zhong, causing his body to split apart into multiple pieces.

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