God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 872

(Note: From now on, all Battle Armors will be referred to as Battle Suits)

At the same time, Yue Zhong conjured 4 Shadow Clones, himself acting as well, as all of them struck at the back of the heads of 5 other Xue Luo guards, knocking them out.

Jia Yu also burst forth, knocking the last one out.

After knocking them unconscious, Yue Zhong sent a number of Type 4 Puppet Runes into their heads.

These 8 guards were to be Ouyang Wu Mie’s personal guards, if they stuck long enough, no matter how stupid they were, they would be able to tell if something was wrong with Ouyang Wu Mie. Thus, Yue Zhong had to bring them under his control so as to keep the secret.

After dealing with the 8 of them, Yue Zhong gave Ouyang Wu Mie and order, “Bring me to the Central Computer’s location, after that, take me to the armory. Bring me to the one that has the most advanced technology!”

“Yes! Master!” Ouyang Wu Mie replied with respect.

With the General leading them, Yue Zhong’s party was basically unhindered throughout the 20th Fort.

He first came to the central command, making use of Bai Yi to gain control over the central computer, before heading towards the armory.

The central computer was incredibly important. Once controlled, Bai Yi could truly keep watch and oversee the situation within the fort. Otherwise, with her Super A.I. abilities, she could at most affect some of the operations, but vulnerable to interference. For example, if an interference wave was to be emitted over the area she was trying to work on, her own waves would be canceled, and she would not be able to control anything.

“What a lavish armory!!”

Under Ouyang Wu Mie’s lead, Yue Zhong came to the armory and noticed a number of equipment that he could not pry his eyes away from.

There were numerous Type 3 Battle Suits, Battle Spears, Battle Blades, Ray Guns, Electromagnetic Cannons, energy bombs, sensor landmines, and multi-purpose helmets as well as other advanced techs.

Yue Zhong did a quick count and noted there were easily 2,000 of the Type 3 Battle Suits, and there were another 10 such armories within the 20th Fort itself.

If Yue Zhong were to bring everything back to Earth, he could quickly empower and raise a powerful army.

This was not yet the best that the 20th Fort had to offer, Yue Zhong suppressed the greed to take away everything, and continued towards the heavy weapons area.

“What advanced technology!!”

Coming to the area where they housed the heavy weaponry, Yue Zhong caught sight of the sci-fi-looking equipment and sucked in a breath of cold air.

There were 40 laser-mounted vehicles, double-barrel cannons, Reapers, laser-equipped motorcycles, all-purpose assault helicopters, 235mm cannon launchers, energy shields, as well as other top-grade equipment. If such equipment were to be placed on Earth, it would cause a huge uproar.

Seeing the various heavy weapons of the 20th Fort, Yue Zhong felt a cold sweat down his back. Li Cheng Shan had been too optimistic with his projections.

Even if they had successfully gain Blood Red City, as long as the Xue Luo Fort sent out a thousand soldiers with weapons, they could easily crush the rebellion.

If Yue Zhong did not risk his life to gain control over Ouyang Wu Mie, when the Xue Luo troops really attacked Blood Red City, he could at most bring Han Zi Xuan away. There would be no chance of victory at all.

With his current Type 5 Divine Warrior strength, there would be no problems wiping out an entire infantry regiment. However, against the Xue Luo troops, with the advanced tech, he would not even be able to defeat an armed battalion.

Yue Zhong took a look at the 235mm cannon launcher and felt his heart run cold. If such a fearsome weapon were to be fired once, the area of impact would be obliterated, even a Mid-Grade Dino-General would not be spared.

Cloud Region was able to stand against the Dino-race without being wiped out, was because of such weapons, as well as their natural terrain advantage.

If it were just a comparison of physique, then even the top expert of Cloud Region would be completely dominated by the weakest Mid-Grade Dino-General.

Yue Zhong looked at the equipment that was impossible to manufacture given Earth’s current technology and felt his heart itch. He was tempted to just keep everything in his storage ring. After all, he knew the advantages these equipment represented.

Yue Zhong then forced his gaze away, asking Ouyang Wu Mie, “General, does every single Fort possess such a number of weapons?”

If all 20 Forts were to really be hoarding such advanced and powerful weaponry, then the might of Cloud Region was truly terrifying.


Ouyang Wu Mie replied, “No. Our Fort contains the most advanced and has the highest amount of equipment. This is due to our status as the King’s direct subordinates. Of the 1st 19 Forts, since the 1st, 2nd and 3rd are in charge of defending against the Dino-race, the combined amount of theirs is about half of ours. The remaining Forts contain roughly 10% of ours each.” He then pointed to a maintenance soldier, “The equipment of soldiers in the other forts is like that.”

The maintenance soldier who was currently working on a laser motorcycle was wearing a multipurpose helmet, his body decked in a light, but sturdy, bulletproof vest. There was a small handgun at his waist, and he was focusing hard on fixing the laser motorcycle.

Evidently, even if it was Cloud Region, not everyone could wear a full suit of equipment. They were not cabbages after all, and only the elites could wear them.


Yue Zhong nodded slightly, before following Ouyang Wu Mie towards another storage room.

“Oh my goodness!! I’ve struck it rich!! I’ve struck it rich!!” The moment he entered the storage room, his eyes lit up at the sight, his excitement level easily surpassing that when he had seen the reapers.

Within the storage, there were countless boxes, Ouyang Wu Mie had already stepped up to open one, revealing rows and rows of Mutant Beasts nuclei packed neatly.

Yue Zhong already had a number of technology obtained from the God and Devil System, many of which did not require fuel or traditional energy sources. Instead, they required the nuclei.

Compared to traditional energy sources, Mutant Beast nuclei were more efficient, smaller in size, and could absorb energy to replenish themselves. As long as one did not extract more than what a nucleus was capable of, it could slowly absorb energy to its fullest amount. Of course, if a single usage exceeded its limit, it would crumble.

At the same time, it was not that nuclei had no cons. In the midst of an intense battle, there would be cases of nuclei being overdraft, thus being destroyed. Yue Zhong had fired his Electromagnetic Gun many times, resulting in the destruction of a few Type 3 and Type 4 nuclei.

Within the Cloud Region, Mutant Beast nuclei were an important source of energy. Every military had a storage facility purely to contain them.

The neat chests of nuclei were definitely above hundreds of thousands. Many were Type 2 and Type 3 nuclei, of which, there were at least 10,000 already. Just this one storage facility was more than what the Storm Valley and Winged Race had.

Ouyang Wu Mie went to the center of the room and pressed a button, causing a small booth to rise. It was covered with a silver alloy.

He then keyed in some numbers into the booth, opening it, revealing a black Type 5 Battle Suit as well as 2 Type 5 nuclei.

Ouyang Wu Mie handed them over to Yue Zhong, reporting, “Master. These are 2 Type 5 Mutant Beast nuclei, our Fort’s most precious resource. This is also the strongest battle suit, hope that Master likes it.”

This Type 5 Battle Suit was Ouyang Wu Mie’s equipment. However, due to the tight security and the powerful guards, there had never been a precedent case of an enemy making it all the way here. Ever since Ouyang Wu Mie became the general, he had placed his Battle Suit here, and not touched it. After all, it was not exactly comfortable wearing a Battle Suit all the time.

“Not bad!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a look of appreciation as he kept the items in his storage ring.

He had gotten 2 sets of Type 5 Battle Suits from the Sun Alliance, however, they had suffered quite some damage during the battle with the Mid-Grade Dino-Generals. In fact, they were almost on the brink of breaking apart.

This Type 5 Battle Suit will allow Yue Zhong to possess an additional trump card. With his current strength, adding on to the enhancements provided by the suit, his combat strength would likely reach an unfathomable level.

After storing it, Yue Zhong did not hesitate to suck all the nuclei into his storage ring.

With enough Mutant Beast nuclei, Yue Zhong could create more Puppet Runes, and gain better control of the Xue Luo Fort.

With a flip of his hand, the Puppet Box appeared, and he inserted multiple nuclei inside, causing it to flash and generate out Puppet Runes.

Yue Zhong handed a hundred Type 4 Puppet Runes to Ouyang Wu Mie, ordering, “Go turn everyone within the inner fort into puppets. Do it secretly!”

“Yes! Master!”

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