God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 873

30 young men and women came towards the 20th Xue Luo Fort under the guarded gazes of the Xue Luo guards.

Amongst them, there was the Storm Queen Luo Qing Qing. She was currently wearing tattered clothes, her face and hands were smeared with some plant sap, giving her a yellowish hue, looking like a sallow and emaciated refugee.

Beside her, there was her personal guard, Hai Xi of the Storm 8 Greats. Hai Xi was currently extremely tense, her head slightly bowed, not daring to reveal any strange signs or behavior.


Along the way, Hai Xi and the rest had finally seen how terrifying each of the 20 Forts were. The tight defense and security, combined with the numerous Type 3 Divine Warriors with Type 3 Battle Suits, as well as the advanced weaponry they did not recognize had shaken them thoroughly. In Green Region, they might be the cream of the crop, but here, they were merely ordinary experts.

When the group came to the 20th Fort, a Xue Luo guard wearing a Type 3 Battle Suit came up to them and said, “Please come with me! The General would like to see you.”



Luo Qing Qing and the rest did not dare to cause any problems, thus they followed the guard.

The further they got, the more uneasy they felt. Especially after arriving in the inner fort, and noticing the various Xue Luo guards who were emitting a strong bloodlust, they felt a growing sense of discomfort.

Other than Luo Qing Qing, none of them was a match for any of the guards within this place. Now that they were here, it was impossible for them to flee.

They were soon brought into the General’s study.

The moment they entered the room, Hai Xi caught sight of Yue Zhong sitting leisurely in the main seat of the room, and could not help but exclaim, “AH!”

When everyone else saw him, their faces also changed.

Within this batch of people, half were Yue Zhong’s people, the other half Luo Qing Qing’s.

When Yue Zhong’s subordinates saw him, their eyes flashed with excitement, but they maintained their silence obediently.

Luo Qing Qing’s people were shocked and eyed him with surprise.

When they were escorted, they had been warned not to make any noise, thus they were all maintaining their silence while eyeing Yue Zhong.


Luo Qing Qing glanced at Yue Zhong, her eyes also filled with the same surprise and a million questions. She had seen the security for herself, and in terms of equipment or systems or protocol, their Storm Valley could not compare. She knew Yue Zhong was strong, but she was also clear that he could not have possibly invaded such a place so easily.

Not to mention Yue Zhong, even the legendary Type 6 Divine Warrior, if a single one were to charge into such a fortress alone, the various defense systems and warriors would be enough to beat him or her back.

Yue Zhong sat on the General’s seat, eyeing Luo Qing Qing for a while before smiling, “Luo Qing Qing, it’s been a few days, have you broken through?”

Yue Zhong might not have the ability to see through other people’s strength, but his Danger Perception told him that Luo Qing Qing was now capable of threatening him.

Luo Qing Qing chuckled, “Not too long ago.”

Type 5 Divine Warriors were known as peak experts in any factions. With humans physiques being weaker than other species and races, it was harder for them to cross that barrier.

Luo Qing Qing had gotten through that watershed with her own talents, and among humans, she could be considered a rare talent.

She suddenly asked, “Yue Zhong, are you already in total control of this place?”

Although they had not known each other for long, she knew Yue Zhong well enough. If he did not have the confidence, he would not have revealed himself so easily.

To think that Yue Zhong had managed to successfully infiltrate and gain control over such an important fort of the Cloud Region within such a short period of time, Luo Qing Qing could not help but in disbelief.


Yue Zhong smiled lightly, “That’s right, the 20th Fort is already in my control.”


With the Puppet Box, Yue Zhong was able to create a huge number of Puppet Runes. With Ouyang Wu Mie and the 8 elites as the source, they had slowly gone to make sure that the entire Xue Luo guards were his puppets.

The Treasures of Hope were considered silver-level treasures. Although there was a limitation to them, every single treasure possessed a great deal of strength.

With the Puppet Box, as long as there were enough Mutant Beast nuclei, Yue Zhong could even bring a million people as his puppets. If such a treasure were to fall into the wrong hands, then it would be a terrifying disaster.

Ever since Yue Zhong had gained the Puppet Box, it was the first time he had undertaken action on such a mass scale. This was because the Xue Luo guards were extremely loyal to the King, Wei Ming Qing, and he had no choice but to turn them all. Otherwise, should his identity be revealed, the residents of Blood-Red City would be in peril.

Luo Qing Qing asked, “What are your plans, now that you have gathered us here?”

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed, “I need you to help me control the troops of the other Forts!”

After that, he began to outline his plan to Luo Qing Qing.

A day later, a 6m-long vehicle that looked similar to a jeep, its body gray in color, carved with mysterious runes, was traveling towards the 20th Fort. The bottom of the vehicle had a Type 3 Mutant Beast nuclei inserted.

4 soldiers wearing Type 4 Body Suits stepped out, eyeing their surroundings warily.

A burly, middle-aged man stepped out of the jeep as well, dressed in a smart, black military uniform.

One Xue Luo guard came up to him and spoke solemnly, “General Qing Yuan, please come with me!”

Qing Yuan nodded slightly and followed after the Xue Luo guard towards the inner parts of the 20th Fort.

Qing Yuan asked him casually, “This time, General Ouyang Wu Mie had summoned us, do you have any idea what’s going on?”

Ouyang Wu Mie had summoned all these generals without specifying a reason, Qing Yuan was feeling extremely suspicious.

The Xue Luo guard replied, “General, this subordinate does not know!”

Since he did not get an answer, he did not pry further. He did not expect the Xue Luo guard to know anything in the first place, after all, this was just a rank-and-file soldier, he could not possibly know classified secrets.

Under the lead of the Xue Luo guard, Qing Yuan arrived at the hall together with his 4 guards.

Inside the hall, the other generals of the other forts had already gathered, together with their guards.

Ouyang Wu Mie stepped forwards with 2 of his guards.


He smiled brightly as he approached, “Qing Yuan, you’re finally here!! What took you so long?!”

Qing Yuan chuckled back, “General Ouyang Wu Mie, wasn’t the meeting for 11? It’s only 9 now, I’m early in fact!”

“Hahaha!!” Ouyang Wu Mie laughed and got closer, pulling the distance between them nearer.

At this moment, Ouyang Wu Mie suddenly acted, throwing a chop towards the back of Qing Yuan’s head.

Qing Yuan only had the combat ability of a Type 4 Divine Warrior and had not expected his comrade Ouyang Wu Mie to act against him. Therefore, he was knocked unconscious.


The 4 soldiers beside him instantly shouted in alarm. As for the 2 guards beside Ouyang Wu Mie, they were Yue Zhong and Luo Qing Qing, who burst forth and knocked out the 4 soldiers mercilessly as well.

With their statuses as Type 5 Divine Warriors, launching a sneak attack on 4 Type 4 Divine Warriors was as easy as pie.

Yue Zhong opened his palm and sent Type 4 Puppet Runes into the 5 unconscious newcomers.

Luo Qing Qing saw the runes and looked at Yue Zhong with a complicated expression, “What a terrifying ability! You’d better only use this on the enemy! If you dare use this on my people, don’t blame me for flipping out.”

With such an ability to control a person’s body and thoughts, anyone would be fearful after witnessing it.

Luo Qing Qing was also worried that Yue Zhong would use it on her subordinates.

Yue Zhong chuckled, “Relax, I will not use this on innocent people. The way to distinguish if they’re my puppets is simple. Puppets will have wooden eyes and no self-will. They’re easy to recognize. Otherwise, I would not need you guys to help me already.”

The Puppet Runes were terrifying, and Yue Zhong did not wish to abuse the power of this Treasure of Hope. It was a principle and line that he would not cross. However, against his enemies, he had no qualms.

Yue Zhong looked at Qing Yuan as he spoke, “The last one has been captured, let us begin!”

Luo Qing Qing nodded, “Yes!”

Soon, Qing Yuan left the 20th Fort, heading back to the 19th Fort, followed by Luo Qing Qing as well as a thousand Xue Luo Guards.


Qing Yuan immediately gave an order when he arrived back at his fort, summoning the various commanders.

Within the command center, Qing Yuan commanded, “Convey my orders, we are to hand over all defense to the Xue Luo Guards, and get everybody to prepare a day’s worth of rations. We are to head towards the 20th Fort.”

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