God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 875

Zheng Yan He frowned slightly; he had never heard this name before. “Yue Zhong?”

He continued, “You say that the 13th to 20th Forts are already in your grasp, how do you prove it?”

“This is easy!” Shao Yun chuckled, and pulled out a signal flare, before firing it to the sky. A bright flash soared, exploding out in the clouds with bright colors.

Soon, similar flares appeared in the skies above the 13th to the 20th Fort, exploding out, signaling a reply to Shao Yun.

Zheng Yan He eyed the 8 bright flares, falling silent for quite a while. He then looked at Shao Yun and asked gravely, “What does your lord hope that I do?”

Shao Yun rejoiced inwardly when he heard it, “If possible, our lord hopes that you can agree to join him, and fight against Wei Ming Qing. After the battle is over, he will offer a princely reward.”

Zheng Yan He’s mouth curled slightly in contempt, “Princely reward? If I do not agree, what does he intend to do then?”

Shao Yun’s face flashed with disappointment, but he continued to respond according to Yue Zhong’s instructions, “Our Lord has expected that you aren’t willing to submit. He respects and admires your character and beliefs, even if you do not submit, he will not make things hard for you. He intends for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Forts to carry on as per normal, not allowing any Dino-warriors into Cloud Region while allowing our people passage into Cloud Region.”

Zheng Yan He fell silent once more. This time, he thought for a while before replying softly, “I will not join his cause. Battles between humans, our 3 Forts will definitely stay out of it. As for your people, I will allow them passage.”

“You may go!”

Zheng Yan He then waved his hands, causing the defense systems and soldiers to stand down and withdraw.

“Many thanks, General! Let’s go!” Shao Yun heaved a sigh of relief, wiping the perspiration off his face, before barking out his orders behind. Just now, as long as Zheng Yan He had felt like it, he could have ordered their deaths, and they would all die. This naturally caused Shao Yun to be anxious.

Under Shao Yun’s orders, the soldiers who had disguised themselves to be mercenaries quickly followed behind.

Zheng Yan He watched Shao Yun and his men leave with a complicated gleam in his eyes, “Seems like Cloud Region is not going to have peace for much longer!”

With Zheng Yan He’s cooperation, Yue Zhong’s transfer of his troops from outside to the city became a whole lot more convenient. A large number of soldiers were deployed from the Storm Battleship before assigned to the different Forts to undergo training.

The Xue Luo guards who had been controlled became the instructors, training the soldiers without stop every day.

With the help of their training regime, the combat skills and physique of Yue Zhong’s subordinates rose incredibly.

When the rest of the Generals of the other Forts saw how Zheng Yan He was allowing such a large group in, while their supplies route was being controlled by Yue Zhong, they kept silent. They had no choice but to cooperate with Yue Zhong’s influx of soldiers.

On this day, as Yue Zhong was observing their training, Willianna came up to him, decked in a black military uniform. She saluted, before handing a document over to him, “Sir Yue Zhong, this is an urgent report sent by Her Majesty Luo Qing Qing.”

Yue Zhong took a look and frowned. A blazing fire erupted from his palms, turning the document into ashes.

He barked, “Han Qiong!”

Han Qiong swiftly came in, saluting him before reporting in, “Your subordinate is here!”

During this period of training, Han Qiong, this former idol, had already thoroughly transformed into a proper soldier. With large amounts of blood honey and the corpses of the Blood-sucking Bees, she had already metamorphosed into a Type 2 Divine Warrior.

Yue Zhong eyed her and said, “Take 500 Xue Luo guards, and 300 Falcon soldiers to the west. I want you to defeat the Evergreen City’s troops, and safely escort the refugees into Blood Red City. There’re 2,000 soldiers over there. Do you have the confidence to crush them?”

A resolute look flashed past her eyes, as she replied, “I will complete my mission!”

Yue Zhong was satisfied and said, “Go!”

Han Qiong was one of the subordinates that Yue Zhong was extremely satisfied with. She had a decent education and could accept new things with an open mind. She could understand Yue Zhong’s commands and was firm and yet flexible with her own execution.

Ma Lei and Shao Yun were the warriors under Yue Zhong. They dared to rush and kill enemies, carrying out Yue Zhong’s order to the end. However, they were slower in comprehension and were just brave generals.

“Yes!” Han Qiong saluted and left.

After Han Qiong left, Willianna massaged Yue Zhong’s hands while speaking suggestively, “She’s pretty outstanding eh? Yue Zhong, how about it? Bring her into the room and let’s have a nice ‘party’?”

Han Qiong, Sun Lan Lan, Lai Wei and Han Zi Xuan were the most outstanding female warriors under Yue Zhong’s command.

The other commanders were raised and promoted from the slaves and warriors that Yue Zhong had groomed. While their combat strength was decent, they were lacking in many other areas. Currently, in terms of education, they were being by that big-boobed beauty Sun Lan Lan.

Yue Zhong slapped Willianna’s plump bottom gently, feeling the bounciness, “Stop fooling around, our time is extremely precious right now. Go get Ma Lei for me.”

Willianna pried herself away, shooting a coquettish look at him. She then arranged her clothes and left, leaving behind her fragrant scent.

Soon after, 3 troops of soldiers left the 20th Fort, leaving for the distance.

In Cloud Region, although there were no rail tracks, every city had constructed a spacious road directly to the Capital City.

Following the broad passage, the Capital could send out its numerous mechanized troops to quell any rebellion in any city.

Currently, on the road from Evergreen City to the Capital, there were any people in tattered clothes, their expressions of fear and despair as they trudged on.

On the long road, a boy suddenly shuddered and crumpled to the ground.

A soldier on an enhanced motorcycle came up, lashing out with a whip, striking the boy viciously as he cussed, “Shit! Get up! Stupid beast!!”

The boy’s clothes were ripped open, as long, bloody marks appeared on his skin. He struggled in pain before he stopped moving entirely.

The soldier frowned slightly, and pointed to 2 strong men, ordering, “He’s dead! The 2 of you, come over, toss him to one side!”

The 2 burly men did not dare disobey. They walked over obediently, grabbing the corpse of the boy and tossed it aside.

This little hiccup did not even cause a ripple among the people, as everyone continued forward numbly.

The refugees were all lacking nutrients, their bodies were weak. This long journey was basically hell for them. From time to time, some would fall to the ground, never to stand again.

Those who fell in the middle would be trampled to a meat pulp by the rest behind.

One soldier complained, “Damn it! This mission is damn f*cking annoying. If not for this, this senior would be enjoying Lil’ Tao Hong’s ass right now at the Fragrant Pavillion.”

Another soldier mocked him, “Little Tao Hong’s expensive, how’re you able to afford to play with her?”

The first soldier continued to boast, “But of course, this senior’s big rod is enough to let her have a taste of heaven! Now, whenever she sees this senior, her eyes brighten up! You guys better learn!!”

“I won’t bother talking more! This senior has seen some good stuff!!” The soldier swept a glance across the human crowd, and his eyes brightened. He charged forward, grabbing a little girl from the group and pulled her out.

When the refugees saw this, they quickly got out of the way, afraid to provoke the ire of the soldiers. Even some righteous young men fell silent when they saw the ray guns on the backs of those soldiers. On this road, even if the soldiers killed a few people, they would just be reprimanded at most. Whereas the refugees could not reclaim their lives if they died.

Another soldier came over, taking a look at the girl grabbed by the first soldier. His eyes brightened as well, “Old Wang, you’re capable eh!! Good eyes!! This chick looks pretty lithe. Damn, this senior wants a round as well! It’s my turn after yours!”

The little girl in front of these 2 depraved soldiers had messy hair, her entire body covered in dirt and grime. Her clothes were tattered and her body was emitting a slightly foul stench. However, her eyes were wide and clear. At the same time, beneath the dirt, her features were exquisite, and upon close inspection, one can tell that she was a little beauty. Lastly, she looked young, but her chest was already developing well, thus, attracting the attention of those 2 sick devils.

When the little girl was dragged out, she struggled frantically like an alarmed rabbit. However, no matter how she struggled, she had no way of escaping from the clutches of Old Wang, a Type 2 Divine Warrior.

The physique of people of Cloud Region was considerably stronger than other places. Even the most ordinary of soldiers would possess a strength of at least Type 2 Divine Warrior. It was naturally impossible for a young girl to fight against such soldiers.

Old Wang cursed out, “Damn, this senior discovered her, why should I let you play with her? 2,000 credit points. Fork it out and you can have a turn!”

The other soldier stared greedily at the little girl and gritted her teeth, “Fine! 2,000 credit points it is!!”

After their short discussion, Old Wang panted, and pounced on the girl, tearing her clothes apart like it was nothing.

The little girl cried and screamed, before opening her little mouth to bite down harshly on the hand of Old Wang.

“F*ck!!! You little bitch!! You wanna die?!” Old Wang roared out in pain and rage, sending a vicious slap across her face. The cheeks of the girl started to swell as blood flowed down her mouth.

She cried out, before twisting her head to stare at him fixedly with a glare that was eerily similar to an enraged wild wolf, her gaze filled with hatred.

Old Wang was momentarily taken aback by that stare, his hairs standing on end. He retreated 2 steps uncontrollably, before he roared out in shame, “What are you looking at?! Do you believe this senior will dig out your eyeballs!!”

Even with that loud shout, the girl continued to stare at him fixedly. Old Wang felt a chill in his heart, and he emitted a killing intent.

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!”




Right at this time, there were cries and screams of shock from behind. A number of laser beams and electromagnetic shots fired from behind. The crowd began to panic and ran in different directions, causing some to fall under the stampede.

“Xue Luo guards!! They’re the Xue Luo guards!! The Xue Luo guards are killing their way over!!”

“It’s the Xue Luo guards!!”

“We are allies!! Why are they attacking us?”


The intense battle lasted no more than 10 minutes, forcing the thousands of soldiers back in retreat.

The soldiers of Evergreen City were far from comparable to the Xue Luo guards. Furthermore, their equipment was lacking, adding on to them not being prepared for the Xue Luo guards, they were thus easily crushed by Han Qiong. Many fled in other directions.

Old Wang watched his comrades fleeing past him, and his eyes flashed with fear. He grabbed the girl and tried to drag her towards his motorcycle, “Come with me!!”

The girl was weak, no matter how hard she struggled, she could not resist.

Right at this time, an electromagnetic beam shot from a distance, directly penetrating Old Wang’s head. Blood showered all over the girl.

The girl turned to look in the direction of the shot, only to see Han Qiong riding over valiantly on her own enhanced motorcycle, decked in a black Type 3 Body Suit.

When she came up to the girl, Han Qiong asked, “Are you alright?”

The little girl nodded.

Han Qiong surveyed the surroundings but did not discover any parent-figure. She sighed lightly, “Come on up!”

She had seen plenty of such cases.

The little girl scrambled up the motorcycle.

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