God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 877

Currently, the entire region around the Capital City had somehow transformed into a desolate area. There were only buildings without any signs of human life.


Within the inner regions, the upper-class society resided, whereas the area outside the Capital was for the poor and homeless.

Yue Zhong walked among the ruins and would find some incomplete human corpses littered on the roadside from time to time. Such a sight gave him the chills, and he was clearer about the tyranny and cruelty of Wei Ming Qing.

“For the sake of his own strength, he had sacrificed over a million people. This person is worse than a beast!”

A strong surge of fury arose in his heart. Yue Zhong was no saint himself, having walked a tough road since the apocalypse, his personality growing more vicious and decisive. However, he would never do such a thing to strengthen himself. It was too cruel, sadistic, and cold to slaughter a million people.

In the various towns, there was a stifling atmosphere lingering. Yue Zhong continued to travel through the towns.

Right at this moment, a strong sense of danger rose up in his mind. He channeled his Dark Dou Qi, twisting his body at an impossible angle, evading towards the side.

A black dagger flashed across his chest with a trailing light, tearing through the Type 5 Mutant Beast hide Yue Zhong was wearing. Fresh blood flowed from his wound.

Had Yue Zhong’s reaction been slower by just a little, he would have been killed instantly by that dagger.

Yue Zhong twisted his body once more, quickly activated his Third Order Gravity Manipulation, causing the owner of the shadow to sink. He then sent an explosive fist towards the assailant.

At that instant, the fist went right through the black shadow, feeling as though he passed through the air. There was no sensation at all.

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed and swiftly turned back to assess his surroundings. However, he did not discover anybody. The bloody wound on his chest gave him a reminder that there was a powerful and terrifying expert hidden within this barren town.

“Expert! There’s an expert here!”

Yue Zhong looked all around at the dilapidated buildings, his pupils constricted. The expert could flee from his hands, which meant that he was not some riff-raff, and was likely at least a peak Type 4 Divine Warrior.

After checking his surroundings, he did not discover anybody. Proceeding into an alley carefully, he flipped his hands and took out a multi-purpose helmet.

Yue Zhong put it on and walked out. With Bai Yi’s control, the helmet was able to scan for signs of life within a radius of dozen meters, sending the information to Yue Zhong. With it on, his sensing abilities became stronger.


Yue Zhong walked carefully through the town for a period of time but did not discover any signs of life. A sense of doubt arose, but he still proceeded on cautiously.

At this moment, there were the sounds of motors roaring to life from a road far in the distance. His heart pumping, Yue Zhong swiftly leaped onto the roof of a nearby house and activated his Third Order Stealth, blending into the surrounding.

Soon, a 100 enhanced motorcycles came roaring past, each of them driven by an elite soldier that had an enhanced Battle Spear on his back. They had ray guns hanging by their waist, their Battle Suits all of the Type 3 level, and they were all wearing multi-purpose helmets. They quickly came charging right through the town.

The moment they entered the town, they quickly got off their motorcycles. Spreading out, they quickly went to occupy several locations.

A soldier in Type 4 Battle Suit turned to his comrade who was in a similar armor, asking doubtfully, “Sir Luo Hai, will Phantom truly be here? There’s already nobody in this town, why would she be here?”

Luo Hai swept a glance across the village, his eyes brightening, “She will! This is where she was born, there were her friends here. At that time, when we swept through this place, there were no signs of anybody. We had already surrounded them, they could not possibly have escaped. It is obvious that there’s some mechanism somewhere here, hiding the people. This is also a trap we set. For the sake of saving her kin and friends, she will risk her life to come back here. Based on the reports from the superiors, she has already reached here. Today will be the day she dies!!”

Luo Hai turned to the soldier and chuckled, “That’s right! We have over a hundred brothers here, she’s just merely a Type 4 assassin. As long as we discover her, she will definitely die.”

Suddenly, one soldier’s countenance turned pale as he screamed out, “No. 3!! No. 4!! No. 5!! No. 7!! Respond!!”

Inside the village, a black shadow flitted about, her black dagger slicing through the air, directly drawing blood across the throats of 4 soldiers.

Before the 4 soldiers could even respond, they slumped to the ground dead.

Another 8 soldiers quickly made their way over. When they saw the corpses of their 4 comrades, one quickly pulled out his communication device, “No. 3, 4, 5 and 7 are dead!!”

The faces of Luo Hai and the other soldier turned dark. In a split second, they had 4 dead soldiers, it was practically a slap in their faces.

When the report was over, the dark phantom suddenly shot out from an alley, the black dagger in her hands easily slashing across the throats of 3 other soldiers, before she disappeared into the darkness.

12 soldiers rushed over, their faces turning ugly at the sight of the corpses of their comrades.

One soldier reported sullenly, “No. 16, 19 and 20 are dead!!”

At this time, the phantom shot out from another ally, pouncing towards the back of one soldier like a shooting star. The dagger flashed across his throat, and she continued darting through the remaining 11 soldiers.

In the span of a breath, the remaining 11 soldiers were all killed with a knife across their throats, as they slumped noiselessly to the ground.

“No. 78, 77 and 56 are dead!”

“No. 34 and 35 are dead!”


Seeing all the bad things happening, Luo Hai’s expression was turning extremely bad. Within 10 minutes, he had already lost 20 men to the phantom. If things continued on like this, they would all be wiped out.

Luo Hai fell silent for a moment, before making an adjustment, “Convey my orders. Everyone is to form 20-men groups, and head to the west.”

The elite soldiers quickly gathered within the town, forming 4 huge groups and they proceeded carefully towards the west.

The distance between the 4 groups was not too far apart, able to provide reinforcements or backup if necessary. As long as the phantom had no means of wiping out 20 men within a short time, they would be able to surround her.

With the 70-odd elites and their Battle Suits, even a Type 5 expert might fall at their hands.

Facing such a formation, Phantom had no way to make a move.

The impasse continued for a while, before a sudden blast of an electromagnetic beam shot out from an alley onto the body of an elite soldier, piercing through him directly.

The rest of the soldiers quickly ducked behind cover, firing at the direction of the electromagnetic beam.

The crossfire of laser beams rained upon the broken-down homes, tearing through walls, causing large holes in the structures.

As they opted for cover over the formation, Luo Hai and his troops continued westward.

While Phantom opted to fire out a few beams from different alleys in a bid to impede them, Luo Hai and his men were still able to advance.

Very quickly, the entire troop came to a short hill at the west of the town, and a few soldiers quickly stepped up to bury a few energy bombs into the ground.

Luo Hai shouted loudly, “Phantom! I know you’re here in the village, just give it up! Otherwise, I’ll detonate these bombs and bury everyone under here! I know your friends and kin are all hiding underneath this hill right?! Are you willing to watch them die?!”

A clear and bright voice resounded from the village, her tone dripping with venomous hatred, “Despicable, you actually dare to use innocent people to threaten me?! Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?!”

Luo Hai’s eyes flashed as he continued, “So what? Phantom, come on out. As long as you surrender, I will not hurt you nor your kin.”

Phantom’s clear but enraged voice resounded once more, “Impossible! Wei Ming Qing has already gone insane. So many innocent people have fallen at his hands. If I were to give up, my kin and friends will become his prey!! All you scumbags who are still serving him, have you no morality nor ethics?!”

Luo Hai barked out furiously, “Shut up!! How dare you speak about His Majesty like that?! Those who have died are trash who cannot do anything for our country. They’ve received our protection, and yet, aren’t willing to sacrifice themselves for the country. His Majesty is just helping them realize their usefulness. His kindness and magnanimity can only be understood if you join us!”

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