God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 879

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed, his Third Order Gravity Manipulation activating. A strong gravitational force spread out and enveloped the approaching Type 4 expert.

When enveloped by the gravity force, the body of the Type 4 expert sunk slightly. Yue Zhong punched out with his fist covered in Devil Flames, and the moment the flames touched the head of the Type 4 expert, it consumed him. Amidst his miserable screams, his head was reduced to ashes.


Luo Hai watched his vice-commander killed in one second and he was filled with shock. His second-in-command was also a peak Type 4 expert, together with the enhancement of the Type 4 Battle Suit, he could even reach the initial stages of Type 5 realm. Yet, he was killed by Yue Zhong in a single strike.

The other Type 4 expert thrust out with a spear, aiming for Yue Zhong’s heart like a coiling dragon.

Yue Zhong raised his blade in a profound movement, bringing it to meet the spear. His Dark Dou Qi billowed out and enabled the spear to be knocked away.

He then shot forward to the side of the Type 4 expert, smashing a single fist towards the head of the Type 4 expert.

The Type 4 expert watched the incoming fist covered with Devil Flame, his eyes flashing with despair.


Luo Hai roared out in anger, his Battle Spear and his body like one as he thrust towards Yue Zhong. If Yue Zhong insisted on killing the Type 4 expert, he would be penetrated himself as well.

Yue Zhong did not evade nor dodge, his eyes flashing with a ferocious glint. He slapped the head of the Type 4 expert, and with a flash, the expert’s head was incinerated into nothing.

With the death of that expert, Luo Hai was not devastated, instead, he rejoiced. With his spear, no matter how strong Yue Zhong was, he could not possibly dodge it.

A void appeared in mid-air, and a dozen bone spikes shot out suddenly, slamming into Luo Hai’s spear.


White Bones’ eyes shone with a ferocious glint as it jumped out from the void.

Ever since Yue Zhong evolved to a Type 5 Divine Warrior, his Summon Skeleton skill had also reached the Third Order. Currently, White Bones’ structure was shimmering with a black, metallic luster, its bones dark and menacing. The aura it was emitting was incredibly oppressive and terrifying.

The moment it jumped out, White Bones dashed towards Luo Hai in a gust of wind, a number of sharp bone spikes sticking out of its body.


Luo Hai’s face fell, however, he was still an expert almost reaching the Type 5 Divine Warrior stage. In this critical moment, the Battle Spear transformed into a whirl as it slammed the bone spikes away.

White Bones’ number of bone spikes was too many, some of them passing through the defense of Luo Hai. The bone spikes struck the Type 4 Battle Suit, causing a number of scars and slashes.


Luo Hai had just blocked the attack from White Bones when Yue Zhong suddenly appeared behind him, his right fist bringing the red-hot Devil Flames towards his head.


An imminent sense of doom overcame Luo Hai, and his eyes flashed with fear when he suddenly roared out towards the sky.


At that instant, a shockwave spread out from Luo Hai, forcing White Bones and Yue Zhong back.

Luo Hai’s bloodshot eyes fixed on Yue Zhong, as he pulled out a pill and tossed it into his mouth, “Beast!! You forced me!! Today, everyone will die here!!!”

Phantom, who was still weakened on the ground, screamed out, “Red Dragon Pill! That’s the Red Dragon Pill!! Kill him quick!! Otherwise, he’s going to turn into a monster!!”

White Bones waved its hands and sent out a number of bone spikes towards Luo Hai.

Yue Zhong’s figure darted as he pounced towards Luo Hai from behind. He did not have the habit of waiting for his enemy to power up.


After Luo Hai swallowed the Red Dragon Pill, his face contorted as his eyes turned red. The veins bulged out from his face, and his entire body seemed to be covered in a red hue. His body grew to 3m at one go, the claws on his hands extending. He looked truly like a monstrous freak.


The Type 4 Battle Suit could adjust automatically to suit the user’s size. After Luo Hai’s body underwent changes, the armor also became enlarged.

After the transformation, Luo Hair’s eyes flashed and with a tap of his foot, his entire figure disappeared from his location. He reappeared in front of White Bones, kicking out viciously at White Bones.

With a loud crack, White Bones’ chest caved in and shattered, as its entire frame was sent soaring towards the distance. A large number of bones that were even tougher than the hulls of armor fell to the ground.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed as he made a swift assessment, “Strong! His speed surpasses even a Mid-Grade Dino-General!!”

After sending White Bones flying with a single hit, Luo Hai let out a roar. His legs went taut and charged towards Yue Zhong, leaving 7 or 8 afterimages.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed. He activated the Third Order Gravity Manipulation, and a powerful gravitational force weighed down on Luo Hai.


Enveloped by the gravitational force, Luo Hai’s body sunk slightly. He readjusted himself and continued towards Yue Zhong with intense speed.

Yue Zhong slapped out, activating his Devil Flame, as a powerful flame dragon shot towards Luo Hai.

Luo Hai’s body twisted continuously, evading the attack of the Devil Flames. He suddenly appeared in front of Yue Zhong and kicked out viciously.

Yue Zhong raised his left shoulder to defend against the vicious attack from Luo Hai.

Luo Hai’s monstrous strength immediately exploded out, sending Yue Zhong towards the distance like a cannonball.

“What terrifying strength!”

Yue Zhong was still in mid-air, and felt his entire left shoulder hurting as though it was about to fracture. If it had been before his evolution to the Type 5 stage, he would definitely have suffered broken bones.

After Yue Zhong was sent flying, Luo Hai’s eyes gleamed with incomparable ferocity. He tapped his foot and disappeared from his location, appearing behind where Yue Zhong was about to land and slashed out at his chest.

Yue Zhong was still in mid-air and had no choice but to twist his body at an impossible angle to dodge the hit.

Luo Hai’s claws managed to tear apart Yue Zhong’s Type 5 Mutant Beast hide, piercing into his skin.

“I got you!! Go to hell!!”

Yue Zhong grabbed hold of Luo Hai’s right claw, his eyes flashing viciously. Channeling the Devil Flame, a powerful blaze threatening to consume Luo Hai.

Luo Hai was likewise vicious as well. He saw the flames and with a decisive look, he slashed down at his own right arm, before kicking Yue Zhong viciously, sending him soaring once more.

Facing the continuous blows, Yue Zhong spat out a mouthful of blood, feeling like his organs were displaced.

On the other side, Luo Hai was still covered in the Devil Flames that could incinerate even a Type 5 Divine Warrior. It was spreading all over his body, causing a smoking smell.

Luo Hai roared out once more like a wild beast, a large Radiance of Life bursting out from him, forcefully dissipating the Devil Flames.


After relying on the Radiance of Life to extinguish the flames, Luo Hai’s hair turned white, dropping from his head. His face started to be covered in wrinkles, looking as though he aged suddenly.

The Red Dragon Pill could turn Luo Hai into a killing machine, but at the same time, it depleted him of his vitality and life force. Since the Radiance of Life was an ability that invoked the innate life force, he had not much time left to live.

Luo Hai had barely managed to extinguish the Devil Flames when suddenly, 10 sharp bone spikes pierced him from behind. They began twisting mercilessly, tearing his body to shreds as his innards splattered everywhere.

A short distance away, White Bones came over, its bone spikes already retracted into its body.

Seeing Luo Hai dead, all the refugees of the town heaved a sigh of relief. They walked over to surround Phantom, staring at White Bones and Yue Zhong with fear.

“The Third Order Regeneration is simply overpowered! My body’s regeneration is on par with a Type 3 Mutant Beast already!!”

As Yue Zhong landed, he surveyed his body and was pleasantly surprised to discover the deep gash across his chest already healing and closing up. Based on the healing speed, it was likely that he would be as good as new in 20 minutes. The only downside was that the faster the recovery, the hungrier he got.

Feeling his strength, Yue Zhong pondered, “Seems like my body is becoming stronger. If I can evolve to the peak of the Type 5 realm, maybe Mid-Grade Dino-Generals might not be my match anymore.”

Yue Zhong’s God and Devil Imprint was the best tool that helped him absorb pure Life Force, helping him to evolve further. Along the way, he had broken through the various bottlenecks of humans, reaching greater heights each time.

After checking himself, Yue Zhong came up to Phantom and asked, “Phantom, you’re someone who escaped from the Capital right?”

Since he had reached the Type 5 realm, Yue Zhong’s sense had become more acute. He had heard the exchange between Phantom and Luo Hai earlier, and it was the reason why he decided to save her.

She looked at him warily, “That’s right! Who are you?”

Yue Zhong pulled out the antidote to the weakening serum, and replied indifferently, “I’m Yue Zhong, one of the leaders of the rebels. I want to know information on the Capital. This is the antidote. If you’re willing to speak, it’s yours.”

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