God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 881

“We surrender!! Stop attacking!! We surrender!!”

The 1st Battalion had just rushed into the broken wall when they discovered a person raising the white flag.

Behind the envoy, the various commanders and soldiers of Evergreen City stared in fear at the soldiers who had charged in.

The envoy approached the commander of the 1st Battalion and explained, “There’s no need to fight! The City Lord has already fled, we’re all surrendering!!”

Evergreen City’s forces were thus taken down easily like this. Although there was recruitment over the years, many of their morale was low, and their equipment subpar. Thus, they had no way to muster any fighting will.

When the City Lord had discovered Shao Yun’s Reapers as well as the other energy-based weapons, he immediately packed up all his assets and brought a hundred members of his guard to flee with him.

Without a leader, the rest of the people had no desire to swear loyalty to Wei Ming Qing, thus, they submitted.

Shao Yun cursed upon hearing this, “Fled! Damn bastard, I was still looking forward to a good fight!”

However, he still brought his troops in to began taking over.

On the other side, Han Qiong led 4,500 soldiers as they neared Greatwood City.

Greatwood City’s defenses put up more of a resistance when compared to Evergreen. However, under the assault of the 20 heavy cannon launchers and 20 Reapers, they were easily crushed.


After they defeated the resistance from Greatwood, Han Qiong swiftly took over and began delegating jobs.

Roughly 5,000 km away from the 20 Forts, it was the location of the Tyrannosaurus Kingdom, the lifelong enemy of Cloud Region.

The Dino-warriors within this Kingdom followed the evolution line of the Tyrannosaurus, giving them fearsome close combat abilities.

A single weak Tyranno-warrior had a half-step Type 4 strength, when enraged, they could kill even a Mid-Grade Dino-General from the Stegosaurus Kingdom.

At the same time, the experts in the Tyrannosaurus Kingdom were rampant. There were already 7 experts with the Type 6 Strength, whereas the Stegosaurus Kingdom only had one.

Yet, while the Tyranno-warriors dominated in power, they had a weakness, which was their numbers were low. In the entire kingdom, there were at most 300,000 citizens. The other was that they loved slaughter, and seldom captured enemies. Thus far, the total number of slaves was at most about 600,000. Compared to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers from the Stegosaurus Kingdom, they were very much weaker.

Because their numbers were low, each time they attacked the 20 Forts, they had no choice but to retreat the moment their losses hit a certain threshold. In order to take down all 20 Forts, it would take their entire kingdom, but even so, they had no sure victory.

The converse was similar for the humans of Cloud Region, should they wander too far, they would be killed by the elites of the Tyrannosaurus Kingdom.


The Reapers had truly astonishing combat power, but in a one-on-one, a Type 6 Tyrannosaurus Dino-warrior would destroy a Reaper in 5 seconds.

At the same time, the night was not as favorable to humans. Even with the multi-purpose helmets, human warriors could not compare to what they could do in the day.

Originally, there were little humans in the Tyrannosaurus Kingdom, be it in their vast expanse of forests or plains. Currently, there were the Stegosaurus Dino-warriors with bone plates all over their bodies, the Pterosaur Dino-warriors with wings, the large Diplodocus Dino-warriors, the small but speedy Velociraptor Dino-warriors and various Dino-warriors all gathered at the Tyrannosaurus Kingdom.

Other than them, there were also the various branches and vassal races. Among them, there were even some Winged Race people.


Shailene and her Winged Race was not the only Winged people around. On this huge planet that was the Third World, there were other Winged Race people as well.

There were many storage warehouses that were being built, and huge amounts of food, dried fruits, dried vegetables and other resources were being transported in.

The entire Tyrannosaurus Kingdom was turned into a huge army camp. Every day, there would be a large number of dino-warriors and their vassals rushing over, adding on to the entire force.


Inside the center of the Kingdom, there was a huge palace, and a throne sat in the middle of the room. The throne was inserted with a single Type 6 Nucleus, 10 Type 5 Nuclei, and countless runes were enraged on it.


On the 2 sides of the throne, there were many Type 6 Divine Warrior-level High-Grade Dino-Generals. The total number reaching over a hundred. Each one of them was their own Kings and lords of their factions or countries.


However, they were sitting quietly right now, not daring to make any noise. This was because seated on the throne right now was the ruler of the Third World, who had been behind the scenes all this while, the Tyrannosaurus Emperor, a peak Type 7 Divine Warrior.


Unless more than ⅔ of the High-Grade Dino-Generals worked together to attack the Emperor, any one of them would easily die in a single strike.

Other than the immense power, this Tyrannosaurus Emperor was one out of three surviving ancestors from the previous Great War, a person held in high regard.

A female Dino-warrior with a voluptuous body and decent looks stepped forward, her body covered in green scales. She had a huge tail, and her claws were sharp. She reported, “Your Majesty, we are currently at 30% of our intended army size, it would take another 6 months for the rest of the forces to arrive.”

The movement of the army was a huge undertaking. Even if the speed of the Dino-Warriors were faster than humans, on this huge planet, it was not a simple thing to do.

It was an impressive matter for the current force that had gathered here with haste, reaching 30% of their total force.

From the shadow of the seat, an imposing voice rang out, “Ku Bao Xi, based on the past few times that we have clashed with the 20 Forts, do you think our current force is enough to contend against them?”


The female Tyranno-warrior had a glint in her eyes as she gave her suggestion, “Your Majesty, based on our current force, it is enough to storm the 20 Forts. However, we will have to pay a heavy price. We could choose to wait for the rest of our army while sending the vassal forces first to wear down their strength. If all our forces are gathered, not only would it be easy to destroy the 20 Forts, we can take down the Capital in one shot, and gain the entire Cloud Region, eliminating the last stand for the humans.”

Eradicating the last stand of the humans had always been the wish of the Tyrannosaurus Kingdom. They had once broken through the 1st Fort, however, in that battle, one Tyrannosaurus King had been bombed to death with an energy bomb buried, his body blown up to bits.

In the hundreds of years, this sort of battles had been going on constantly, and the Tyrannosaurus Kingdom had not managed to wipe out the humans in the Cloud Region.

The cold voice filled with killing intent sounded out once more, “No! Convey my orders, we must take down the 20 Forts, at all cost, within the shortest possible amount of time, and I want everyone in there killed! If there’s anyone with a gold imprint on him, capture him and bring him to me!! If he’s alive, I want to see him. If he’s dead, I want his corpse. Whoever dares to hide him from me, I will eradicate their entire clan, is that clear?”


All the High-Grade Dino-Generals present felt a chill as they replied.

After the threat, came the incentive, “Whoever brings the person with the gold imprint to me intact, I will gift them with an entire kingdom. Capturing him alive, I would do my best to push the person to the Type 7 realm.”

When the High-Grade Dino-Generals heard that, their eyes lit up and their hearts were filled with excitement, “We’re willing to die for Your Majesty!!”

A Type 7 Divine Warrior was at the peak of power in this Third World. Other than the 3 ancestors, no one else had reached the Type 7 Divine Warrior.

It got harder to breakthrough each new realm the higher one went. A Type 3 Tyranno-Warrior might be able to defeat a Type 4 Stego-Warrior. However, it was hard for a Type 4 Tyranno-Warrior to defeat a Type 5 Stego-Warrior. A Type 5 Tyranno-Warrior would simply be killed in a second by a Type 6 Stego-Warrior.

Other than the huge divides in realm, a Type 7 Divine Warrior was likely to live over a thousand years.

The Dino-Warriors were strong in combat, but their vitality was lacking. An ordinary Dino-Warrior could live for at most 80 years. The Low-Grade Dino-Generals could live up to 150 years or so, while High-Grade Dino-Generals would live up to 300. The Type 7 Dino-Emperor level beings were able to live till 1500.

After the previous Great War, the number of experts was reduced drastically. Other than the 3 Type 7 Dino-Emperors, everyone else had perished. To think that they would be able to become a Type 7 existence, many of the High-Grade Dino-Generals became excited and were filled with a strong motivation. They were raring to go and destroy the 20 Forts and kill the humans within, capturing the person with the gold imprint and presenting him to the Tyrannosaurus Emperor.

Ku Bao Xi was feeling elated, but at the same time, there was a sense of doubt, “Gold imprint, is there a secret to it? Why is His Majesty insisting to capture such a person?”


Under the orders of the Tyrannosaurus Emperor, the entire Tyrannosaur Kingdom moved out in droves, marching towards the direction of the 20 Forts.

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