God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 154

Yue Zhong and Cheng Yu first ensured the safety of the 9 children that Cheng Yu is protecting by moving them to Yue Zhong’s camp. Once the children are safe, Yue Zhong then asked Cheng Yu “What do you know regarding strength of the Ice King Group?”

At this time, Cheng Yu has already taken the medical grass medicine, and is feeling much better. Colour had returned to his face. He seemed to consider for a while, before carefully replying Yue Zhong: “Of the Ice King group, the strongest among them is Ice King Zhang Yun. Nobody knows how strong he had evolved, but all the men who had crossed swords with him in the past had already died. Other than Ice King Zhang Yun, there is one more man call Zhao Xiong who is also a powerful evolver. Zhao Xiong specialised in speed, and is Zhang Yun’s most loyal follower. It is rumoured that after the apocalypse, Zhang Yun had once saved his life. In addition, Ice King also have about 100 more underlings.”

Yue Zhong considered the information carefully, before asking, “Do you know where the Ice King group’s headquarters is?”

“Yes, I know. It is in a massive villa at the end of Xing Hua road.”

Yue Zhong then spoke to Chen Yao: “Chen Yao, please may I trouble you to pass a message to your uncle, Chen Jian Feng? Please inform him that the Ice King Group wants to kill me, and I retaliated in self-defence. Please ask him to let the military exercise restraint (and do not interfere in the fight). But only do this 5 mins after we have left the premises.”

“En” (means yes in Chinese.)

“Bring me to the Ice King Group’s headquarters. I want to destroy him!” Yue Zhong stood up, and his killing intent burst forth. Sitting down and waiting for others to attack him is not his style.

The area around Xing Hua road is the territory of Ice King Zhang Yun. Ice King Zhang Yun is one of the four strongest evolvers in Long Hai survival camp. Although Xing Hua road is not part of the special administrative region, the lights in a massive villa at the end Xing Hua road still shone bright, as if there is no difference before and after the apocalypse.

A team of about 12 people were patrolling outside the villa grounds.

Just when the team of bodyguards rounded the corner, 12 sharpen bone shards were fired from among the tall grasses. Each bone shard hits one member of the bodyguards in his head with unparalleled precision, and the impact of this sneak attack was shocking. All of the team of bodyguards were immediately killed by the bone shard, and not one remained standing!

“What an amazing skill!” Cheng Yu was hiding among the grasses when he saw the strength of White Bones and could not help feeling afraid. Even at his peak period, he could not kill a team of 12 bodyguards without making any sound and without alerting anyone. That White Bones is able to easily accomplish this task clearly illustrated the difference between an evolver and an ordinary man.

After killing this team of patrolling bodyguards, Cheng Yu quickly moved from cover to cover, and made his way to the entrance of the villa. At the entrance, there was two bodyguards that was protecting the area, but they posed no threat to someone of Cheng Yu’s caliber, and was quickly eliminated with two gunshots. Cheng Yu’s guns were equipped with a silencer to avoid alerting the rest of the guards.

Yue Zhong also brought his men and quickly slaughtered his way into the villa

Inside the villa, Cheng Yu skills did not put his reputation as a top killer in the pre-apocalypse age to shame– his marksmanship was outstanding, and any men who appeared within Cheng Yu’s sights were immediately shot and killed before they even realised what is happening.

After entering the villa, Yue Zhong’s men immediately dispersed and charged towards the door of each room within the villa. Upon reaching each of the room, they would break open the door, and then killed the men who were sound asleep.

A lot of Ice King Group’s men were still asleep when they were killed. In addition, some of the women who were in the villa was also killed.

But Yue Zhong’s men were a tad too noisy in caring out their massacre, and after killing a number of men, they were finally discovered, and the villa was shook awoke under a burst of extremely shrill cry: “Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

Ice King Zhang Yun who was sound asleep with 4 beautiful women in his arm was jolted awake by this cry. He pushed aside the women who were soundly sleeping besides him, and immediately grabbed his level 2 protective vest armour and equipped it in an instant.

A massive white bone axe crashed on his door, and the force of the impact broke the door into pieces.

Yue Zhong stepped into the room, and using his type 79 submachine gun, he wildly opened fire and spread a hail of bullets into the room.

Against the hail of bullets, Zhang Yun sucked in his breath, and activate his evolver skill “Ice manipulation”. A sheet of ice mirror seemed to appear in front of his body. The hail of bullets landed on the ice mirror, but only managed to nick a small white dot on the mirror, and immediately bounced off the mirror.

While Zhang Yun may be arrogant and despotic, his reputation is well deserved and his skills are indeed top-notched. He used the ice manipulation skill again, and an instant, 5 chucks of ice cones appeared from thin air, and shot towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong dare not to receive this attack, and dodged to a side to find cover among the walls.

The 5 chucks of ice cones hit the place where Yue Zhong was originally standing in, and the force of the impact created 5 fists size holes on the wall.

“Very impressive!” Yue Zhong’s heart turned cold. This Ice King Zhang Yun skills is indeed extraordinary for being able to manipulate ice to this extent. The strength of these ice-cones can be considered equal to a level one ice magic spell. But seeing that Zhang Yun can manipulate ice almost at will, it means that he has strong spiritual force, and should had applied more than one point of skill on his ice manipulation ability.

Yue Zhong took out a heavy grenade, pulled out the safety (pin), and threw the grenade into the room.

“Grenade!!” When Zhang Yun saw the heavy grenade, his face immediately turned paled, and used his ice manipulation ability again. Under his skillful usage of ice manipulation ability, the heavy grenade was enveloped and frozen in a chuck of ice, and harmlessly dropped towards the ground.

Once he did this, Zhang Yun immediately rushed out from the room. Each second of using his ice manipulation skills consumed some stamina and spiritual strength. If he could not finish the fight in a short period of time, he will exhausted his spiritual strength and stamina, leaving him unable to fight.

Just when he rushed out of the room, he immediately saw that Yue Zhong had already retreated at least 10m away from him. Even worse, Yue Zhong had readied a massive type 89 styled 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, and it was pointed towards him.

Once Zhang Yun appeared in Yue Zhong’s sights, the massive 12.7 mm heavy machine gun that can easily tear an armoured jeep apart immediately let loose a long barrage of heavy fire. The numerous massive bullets seemed to turn into a hail of golden lines that streaked towards Zhang Yun.

Zhang Yun’s face turned even paler, and again he used his skill of ice manipulation to create a thick wall made of ice to block these bullets. Countless number of bullets repeatingly slammed against the ice wall, and created a massive hole in the ice wall that was expanding each second as each bullet penetrated deep into the ice wall and tore some of the ice out.

“Damn it! Why is there a heavy machine gun over here!”

Immediately after creating the wall of ice, Zhang Yun immediately ran back towards his room. His ice manipulation skill may be very powerful, but it is not invincible. Creating an ice wall that can withstand a barrage of bullets from the 12.7 mm heavy machine gun had drained a massive portion of his spiritual force and stamina. If he is continuously assaulted by Yue Zhong’s barrage of bullets, it is certain that he will die here today!

“White Bones, attack!” Yue Zhong commanded White Bones who was standing beside him.

White Bone immediately grabbed his massive bone axe and rushed towards Zhang Yun.

To ensure that he get the maximum benefits for his unique ice manipulation ability, Zhang Yun had continuously poured all his skills points into stamina and spiritual force each time he leveled up. The rest of his statistics are average and is only enhanced by equipment that he had gathered from the system. Therefore it is no surprise that his speed is inferior to White Bones. Just as he reached the window and is about to make his escape, White Bones finally reached him and a massive axe chopped down towards him.

Zhang Yun waved his hand, and the ice jade ring on his finger immediately launched its special skill. An ice magic array appeared from thin air, and a cone of ice slammed against White Bones. The impact sent White Bone flying for several meters. In addition, White Bones’body also shown signs of being frozen, and is covered with a thin layer of ice. What is worse is that the bones in the chest area has been penetrated by the cone of ice, and countless cracks appears on the bones close to the chest area.

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