God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 883

When Yue Zhong came up to them, he barked out, “Scram!”


“What the f*ck, he just told us to scram!”

“Fool! Are you looking to die?”


The men looked at Yue Zhong as though he was a clown.

One blond-hair, blue-eyed man stood up, shooting Yue Zhong a glance, before spitting a glob of saliva on the floor. He pointed to it and declared coldly, “Lick it up, otherwise, I’ll break your legs. Here, as long as no one dies, the guards won’t give a f*ck.”

“Lick it clean!!”


They surrounded him, their eyes filled with excitement. In this sealed up dome, toying with women and humiliating other men were their pastimes.

The majority of the people sat coolly and ignored whatever was going on. They were filled with dread towards their own future, and could not care about others.


Yue Zhong shot forwards, sending a fist towards the face of the blond man. He broke the poor bloke’s nose, before grabbing him and tossing him to one wall.

“Go! Attack!!”

The rest roared out in anger and charged at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong flitted right into their midst, employing his various close combat skills. With his physique, he took them out easily and temporarily disabled their fighting capabilities.

Seeing how ruthless he was, the couples engaged in their romp quickly squealed and darted to one side.

Yue Zhong then pulled Phantom to the corner, shooting daggers towards his left and right. He activated a mild form of Art of Fear and sent it out, filling the nearby refugees with dread. No one dared approach, and the entire space was left private for Yue Zhong and Phantom.

He then tugged her as they sat down, before he spoke softly, “From this camp, are you able to get me to the capital?”

The Capital was split into the outer city and inner city. The outer city had tall and thick walls, with a powerful defense. The inner city was a further layer within, only allowing those higher clans and the King himself to reside.

Phantom buried her head in Yue Zhong’s chest as she replied, “There’re surveillance and listening devices here!”

Yue Zhong bent down towards her fair neck and spoke, “No need to worry, I’ve already controlled the electronics here.”


Phantom felt a slight tingling, and her face flushed red, giving her an increased allure, “Ok! As long as we can get out from this camp, I can bring you to the inner city. However, the experts within the inner city are aplenty, and the defense is tight. Furthermore, security is a lot heavier, and we might not be able to sneak it as easily.”

Yue Zhong replied, “No problem! Let me handle the rest.”

As they were discussing the details, the doors of the dome suddenly slammed wide open. Soldiers stepped in, as a commander barked out, “All you trash, get the hell out here!!”

With such a shout, those refugees who had just entered had no choice but to step out from the building.

The refugees walked out and were led to a large enclosed area.

Yue Zhong surveyed his surroundings, before suddenly frowning. He discovered that there were a number of mech fighters, each about 8m-tall, made out of alloy and installed with various electromagnetic cannons.

Inside Cloud Region, there were 2 types of mech fighters. One was the Reaper, made with a large amount of resources and advanced technology. The other was the ordinary mech fighters, similar to the RH2 from the Second World.


Due to the requirements of the Reapers, many camps chose to manufacture the ordinary Mech Fighters. However, they were more common in the 20 Forts as well as the Capital, compared to other places.

When the refugees were herded towards the enclosed area, they saw the surrounding mech fighters and felt a growing sense of unease.


As for the soldiers, they hurried out of the place and closed the door shut.

“No one is to leave the field, anyone who does so will be executed on the spot!!”

A bright announcement rang out within the area. When they heard this, the refugees did not dare move. After all, every one of those soldiers was cold-hearted killers.

“Damn it, don’t tell me?”

Yue Zhong stood there and when he looked once more at the huge crowd of people, he felt his scalp go numb.

At almost the next instant, his premonition came true, as a loud buzzing sound drew closer to them.

“Blood-sucking Bees!! F*cking beasts!! What should I do?!” Yue Zhong saw the clouds of bees and his heart plunged.

To Yue Zhong, a Type 5 Divine Warrior, these bees were of no threat. He could easily make use of any of his techniques to prevent them from nearing.

However, these tens of thousands of refugees would fall prey to them, becoming corpses.

Although Yue Zhong was vicious and harsh in his methods, to imagine the tens of thousands of people dying in front of him, even someone with a cold heart like him would falter. They were fellow humans after all, not some livestock.

“Blood-sucking Bees!! Those are Blood-sucking Bees! Quick escape!!”

“We’re over!! Those are Blood-sucking Bees!!”


Amidst the tens of thousands of people, some of them with good vision had already caught sight of the cloud of bugs. Their countenance was pale, as they tried to flee.

Hearing the term ‘Blood-sucking Bees’, everyone was thrown into a panic, as they scattered around, stampeding over one another.

“What do I do? Do I save them?”


The thoughts continued to swirl around his head, his expression alternating between green and white. With his ability, if he gave it his all, he could save many of them. However, it would reveal his position in the Capital, and he would be forced to reveal some trump cards.


As he was hesitating, he suddenly caught sight of a small boy being pushed to the ground. Behind him, 7 or 8 people were rushing forward in a frenzy, stampeding towards the boy without concern for his safety.

With a flash, Yue Zhong quickly grabbed the small boy into his arms.


The boy opened his eyes wide, thanking Yue Zhong profusely, “Thank you, Uncle!!”


Yue Zhong saw the innocent and untainted look of the small boy, and his heart was softened. He gave up on his initial plan, “Forget it! If I don’t have the ability then that’s too bad. Now that I have the strength, I will save them!!”

Phantom came to Yue Zhong and said, “The bees are here!! Yue Zhong, let’s escape quick!!”

Yue Zhong replied, “No! Our objective has changed. I want to control this jail! And save these people as much as possible!”


Phantom had a look of disbelief, “Are you crazy?!”


Even though Yue Zhong was a Type 5 Divine Warrior, facing a swarm of Blood-Seeking Bees, he would be hard-pressed to protect himself. In order to wipe out the whole swarm, it would not be enough with him alone.


Furthermore, the defenses of the camp were extremely tight. The army was not something an ordinary Type 5 Divine Warrior could handle.


The most important thing was that Phantom did not expect Yue Zhong to be someone who would throw away his own life for a bunch of strangers.

“I’m not crazy! I just still have some humanity in me left!”

Yue Zhong sighed, and with a flip of his hand, the handheld computer appeared in his hands. He opened it and commanded, “Control all the computers inside this facility.”


Bai Yi’s eyes flashed with data, “It would take another 3 minutes for all the equipment to be under my control.”

Yue Zhong pointed towards those 40 mech fighters and asked, “What about those robots?”


Bai Yi replied, “5 seconds!”

Yue Zhong ordered swiftly, “Control them immediately!! Order them to break into one of the domes, and get the refugees in!”

“Understood!” Bai Yi’s eyes immediately flashed with data.

After 5 seconds, the eyes of the mech fighters all lit up, as they swiftly charged towards the domes and punched them wide open.

Seeing the holes, the refugees went crazy and charged towards them, fighting among themselves to get ahead.

“What’s happening?! What’s going on?! How come the mechs are acting on their own?! Is there something wrong with the central computer?!”


Inside the prison command center, the prison head Wei Tian watched the scene unfold and roared out in shock and fury.

The 40 mech fighters were directly under the control of the central computer, on auto-pilot. With such strange movements, it was obvious that the central computer was the problem.

One officer came up to Wei Tian and reported, “Prison Head! The technician has arrived. They discovered a Super A.I. breaking into our central computer. The strange movements of the mech fighters are due to the Super A.I.!!”

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