God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 884

Wei Tian’s face fell as he gave an order, “Immediately cut the power supply to all the automatic units!! Shut down the central computer!! Go cut the supply to the Reapers as well!!”

“Understood!” The soldier quickly left when he received that order.

Although there was no Super A.I. like Bai Yi within Cloud Region, their ancestors had come across experts who had similar abilities, thus, they knew ways to counter it.

Wei Tian and the rest had never encountered a Super A.I. before, however, now that they have met one, they did not lose their calm.

Wei Tian’s eyes flashed with a cold look as he pointed at the large domes, “Convey my orders, go destroy those storehouses!!”

A number of electromagnetic beams fired onto the domes, causing large holes.

Yue Zhong saw the electromagnetic beams and cursed out loud, “Beasts!!”

In the skies, the swarm of Blood-sucking Bees swooped down, making their way for the people below.

“Save me!! Save me!!”

One man ran frantically, as the cloud of bees enveloped him. He was soon covered in a layer of black, moving bees, as he screamed out in terror.

Many other refugees were also enveloped in the multiple swarms of bees, as they screamed out and struggled on the ground.

After mere seconds, they stopped thrashing, while the bees flew off, leaving behind emaciated and dried up corpses.

The black cloud was like a plague, everywhere they went, there would be screams and deaths.

Yue Zhong stood with the rest of the refugees, pretending to be helpless as well. He might be a Type 5 Divine Warrior, but faced with a million bees, he could only try to preserve himself.

“Save me!! Ah!!!”

One woman in tattered clothes ran towards Yue Zhong. She had run just a few steps when the cloud of bees swarmed over her, sending her to the ground. She struggled for a while before her twitching stopped.

“F*ck!! Wei Ming Qing, wardens, you bastards!!”

Yue Zhong looked at the corpse of the woman who had fallen barely 20m away from me. His fury had reached a peak.

When Yue Zhong heard that over millions of people had been sacrificed by Wei Ming Qing to be sources of nutrients for the Blood Honey just for his own personal benefit, he had been furious. However, right now, he was witnessing these helpless refugees die in front of him. This hell-like scene was truly crossing his line.

Yue Zhong did not claim to be a saint, he had killed over thousands of captives in his rage before. However, those were enemies. Such a merciless sacrifice of countless refugees was worse than a beast.

“Come with me!!”

Yue Zhong looked at the chaos and grabbed the small boy beside him. He wrapped himself in Devil Flames, while keeping the boy safe, and ran towards the center of the concentration camp.

Phantom continued to follow beside Yue Zhong.

A large number of bees shot towards Yue Zhong, however, they were burnt by his immolation, turning into crisp ashes that fell beside him.

The boy whose eyes were exceptionally clear looked at Yue Zhong, his eyes flashing with admiration and respect. It was the first time he saw someone so god-like.

Wei Tian was currently inside a sentry tower. He saw Yue Zhong rushing towards them and ordered loudly, “That guy in flames!! He’s a Divine Warrior! At least Type 3!! Attack him!! Kill him!!”


The shutdown of the central computer meant that most of the defenses in the prison were not working. Automatic weapons, sensors, radars, targeting systems were all obsolete. The soldiers could only rely on their naked eyes.

Even so, most of the 400 human soldiers in the prison were not affected. With their Type 3 Battle Suits, ray guns, and even Electromagnetic Cannons at their posts, they began firing at Yue Zhong and Phantom.

A number of lasers and electromagnetic beams shot at Yue Zhong.

Having lost the guidance of the central computer, the accuracy of the human soldiers suffered. They were unable to hit a 100% accuracy within 300m. However, the rain of firepower still proved to be a threat to Yue Zhong.

With a flip of his hand, Yue Zhong pulled out an energy converter shield, his body flickering consistently like a specter as he dodged the various beams. When he could not fully evade one or two shots, the shield could deflect it.


After 5 seconds, he appeared near the fort of the jail. He flipped his hand and pulled out an energy bomb, throwing it into the castle.


When the dozens of soldiers guarding the fort saw the bomb, their eyes flashed with despair as they screamed out in terror.


Following a loud boom, the intense explosion rocked the building, directly blasting 3 of the soldiers to death.

On the other side, Phantom darted around, throwing multiple bombs into the castle, blowing up the various soldiers.

Yue Zhong had gained 8 of the 20 Forts, thus he had come across a huge amount of resources. He could basically afford to splurge on the energy bombs.

Wei Tian, who had been hiding and observing, turned white upon seeing the destruction. He turned to his subordinates and hollered, “Go notify His Majesty and request for reinforcements!! The enemies are 2 Type 5 Divine Warriors!! If His Majesty does not send aid, the 1st Prison is going to be destroyed!! Hurry!!”

“Yes! Warden!”

The officer rushed out quickly, speaking to his own subordinate. Soon after, 12 warriors leaped onto their enhanced motorcycles and roared towards the direction of the Capital.

“Drag the time out! Before the reinforcements come, we need to impede those 2 assholes. If they break into the city, they will incite a rebellion among those not of good intent.” After Wei Tian gave his order, he walked towards the deeper recesses of the jail.

Wei Tian was just a Type 4 expert, and upon wearing the Type 4 Battle Suit, under the enhancements, he could technically be at Level 5. However, as he relied on an external source of power, he was still far from comparison against a proper Type 5 Divine Warrior. If he was not careful, he could easily be killed. He was not willing to die here.

When that officer led his dozen subordinates about 1km away from the prison, they fired out a signal flare into the sky.


As the bright light flashed, it soared over a hundred meters before it exploded in a bright, red light, following by an intense rumble.

Inside the capital, 20,000 city guards were eyeing the 12 flares in the sky, their eyes narrowing, “The 1st Prison is under attack!! Those bastards actually dare attack out 1st Prison, they must be tired of living.”


Wei Ye’s face suddenly fell as he barked, “Not good! If the 1st Prison did not use the central computer to send a message, this must mean that the enemy has a powerful A.I.!! Not good, we definitely cannot let them succeed!! Otherwise, half of our city will definitely fall!! Li Jing!! Come over!!”

One burly, bear-like general came over, wearing a Type 5 Battle Suit as he saluted, “Commander!!”


Wei Tian barked, “Bring 2,000 city guards with you immediately and make for the 1st Prison. You must take out the enemies there without any mercy!!”

Li Jing replied respectfully and left, “Yes!”

Soon after, a 2,000-strong unit of city guards, each of them wearing Battle Suits and armed to the teeth charged out of the city, heading for the direction of the 1st Prison.

Inside the Capital, there were many other eyes that had caught sight of the flare.

Inside a luxurious villa, where surveillance and sensing equipment was scarce, there were 4 middle-aged man and 30 burly bodyguards standing and eyeing the distance.

The 4 middle-aged men who were seated were the clan heads of the 4 strongest clans within the capital, beneath only the Emperor.

The Head of the Dou Family, Dou Meng, frowned slightly as he spoke, “That’s the distress signal from the 1st Prison! Why would they fire it? How come they didn’t use the central computer to signal for help? Would Wei Tian make such a foolish mistake?”

Zhao Sheng, the Head of the Zhao Family tried to assess, “Wei Tian is one of the most talented people of the Wei Family. He would definitely not have made such a mistake. If I’m not mistaken, he’s likely pushed to the edge already. The people assaulting the prison is likely someone who has a Super. A.I. or some form of ability to control the machines and equipment inside. Other than that, they most likely have a Type 5 expert as well.”

Lu Yi, the Head of the Lu Family, had a glint in his eyes, “A.I., or an ability to control equipment?! Isn’t that what we sorely lack right now? What should we do?”


The Head of the Chen Family, Chen Mu, spoke slowly, “Go despatch some experts to welcome him. He must be invited here, otherwise, our plan would have to be shelved back again. Our time is running out. That lunatic Wei Ming Qing is already insane. If he acts against us, we will all die without a burial ground.”

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