God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 885

Chen Mu finished speaking, and everyone fell silent. Wei Ming Qing had slaughtered over a million people without so much of an excuse. Such a vicious and tyrannical person had thoroughly frightened everyone within the city.


Furthermore, he had eradicated those clans which opposed his position without mercy. Although this had shocked the rest of the clans, causing them not to speak up out of fear, in secret, many of them were filled with fear and hatred. They were unsure if they would be the next ones to be targeted.

The undercurrents of a coup de grace was already brewing within the capital. If it wasn’t for the mighty forces under Wei Ming Qing’s command, there would have been a rebellion long ago.

Dou Meng continued solemnly, “Let’s go rescue him! We must pull the person into our side. If we can control him, our success of taking down the inner city will increase by 30%!”

The remaining 3 Clan Heads exchanged looks, their eyes flashing with resolution as they nodded in agreement.

After the 4 Clan Heads made their decision, a small unit of 30 experts ran out towards the direction of the 1st Prison.

“I surrender!! Don’t kill me!! I surrender!!”



Inside the 1st Prison, a number of wardens had raised their hands in surrender, eyeing Yue Zhong and Phantom with fear as they walked out obediently.

They were all human after all, and were fearful of death. When Yue Zhong and Phantom killed over half the wardens in the 1st Prison, it had crushed their morale instantly.

Yue Zhong brought a gun coldly towards the head of one warden and spoke icily, “Where’s the central computer?”

The warden hesitated for a moment. The location of the central computer was classified, if he revealed it, it would mean his betrayal towards Wei Ming Qing.

A single electromagnetic beam directly pierced his head, causing white and red matter to ooze out from the hole.

Seeing such a cruel scene, the little boy who had been standing quietly by Yue Zhong’s left trembled a little. His face turned pale, yet he did not throw up.


The refugees had come from afar, and due to the numerous deaths along the way, the little boy was already numb.

After killing the warden, Yue Zhong pointed his Electromagnetic Gun towards another warden and barked, “Location!”

The warden was so frightened that he wet his pants, as he cried out immediately, “Go along this tunnel, in another 50m, then go downwards for another 30m, you will see the central computer. Don’t kill me!! Please don’t kill me!”

“Better hope that you spoke the truth, otherwise, only death will await.”

Yue Zhong eyed the warden coldly, before leaving the boy and White Bones behind. He then darted forwards, heading towards the central computer.

Only by controlling the central computer of this prison, Yue Zhong could then gain control over all the weapons and equipment here.

“Retreat!!” Just as he was about to enter the basement, he felt a sense of danger arise, and he barked out loudly in alarm while stepping back explosively.

Phantom was shocked as she activated her ability and flashed, disappearing from her location.


With a loud bang, the entire entrance of the basement exploded, sending a powerful shockwave that billowed towards Yue Zhong.


Yue Zhong’s speed of retreat was quick, and he was able to get out of the epicenter. However, there were a few pieces of shrapnel that shot towards him. In response, he slapped out with his hands, knocking them away.

After the dust settled, Yue Zhong’s expression turned ugly when he discovered the rubble blocking the entrance. With his current abilities, it would take too much time to clear the debris.


Yue Zhong eyed the tunnel and frowned slightly, “Seems like there are some intelligent people.”

Hong! Hong!!

Right at this time, there was an earthshaking explosion somewhere in the 1st Prison. The powerful blast traveled outwards, blowing many things away, shaking the entire place.

Yue Zhong was also caught in the tremors, his balance affected.

Bai Yi appeared on the handheld display, reporting, “Master, the backup energy generator of this prison has been blown up. If the enemy had cut off the power, then the entire prison is in a state of no power. There’s no point in controlling the central computer then!”

This vicious move of Wei Tian had thwarted Yue Zhong’s plans to control the 1st Prison with Bai Yi.


Yue Zhong slammed his fist furiously into a nearby wall, destroying totally. He was currently infuriated. Without the chance to control the 1st Prison, then he could not make use of the facility to rescue the refugees.

The millions of Blood-seeking Bees would soon suck the refugees dry.

He forcefully suppressed his raging fury and ran towards the armory.

Without the 1st Prison, he would still sweep the armory clean.


Inside the 1st Prison, there were 2 Reapers, both their computer systems already destroyed. They were basically junk metal.

Yue Zhong swept a glance across the area and decided to keep both the Reapers in his Storage Ring.

“That’s… That’s a heavy assault helicopter!!”

Yue Zhong had just left the armory when he saw a number of assault helicopters flying over. The total number was over a hundred, blotting out the skies.

“No good! Are they going to kill everyone here?” Yue Zhong eyed the helicopters and felt a growing sense of unease.

Yue Zhong rushed back to the room where they kept the captives and threw a watch to Phantom, “Phantom, bring the kid and go hide. Quickly leave this place. Those bastards have deployed huge numbers of assault helicopters. They’re likely planning to level this whole place.”

Phantom’s face turned pale as she asked, “What about you?”

“I’ll try my best to impede them, and buy you time to flee. Don’t waste any more time, go now!”

Yue Zhong left immediately after speaking, disappearing from the place like a specter.

“Don’t go!! Bring us along!!”

“Please, save us!! Take us with you!!”


When the captives heard that a hundred assault helicopters were coming, their faces fell, and they began to beg.

“Shut up, when those poor refugees were being sent here, you bastards did not even give them a chance. This is your retribution.”

Phantom shot them a cold look, before taking the boy as she ran out quickly. In a few breaths, she disappeared, leaving behind the wardens with looks of despair.

Yue Zhong shot out like a bullet, coming to a small hill near the 1st Prison. With a flip of his hand, he pulled out an Electromagnetic Sniper Cannon.

He then laid down on the ground, before asking Bai Yi, “Bai Yi, are you able to gain control over them?”

If Bai Yi could wrest control over all 100-odd assault helicopters, then Yue Zhong’s military might would gain another huge boost once again.

Bai Yi dashed his dreams, “Impossible! The enemy has already destroyed the computer systems and switched to manual! I have no way of establishing control.”

“Guess we have to rely on ourselves!” Yue Zhong then aimed his Electromagnetic Sniper Cannon at the skies. After locking on to a target, he fired once.

The electromagnetic beam flashed out, slamming into the rotor engine, directly destroying it.

The moment the engine was lost, the helicopter lost control and began to wobble in the skies. When it descended to the ground, it exploded out with a loud bang. The region around it was consumed in flames; there were obviously terrifying energy bombs being transported on board.

Taking out one helicopter with a single shot, Yue Zhong attracted the attention of the other helicopters as though he had struck a beehive, as 30 of them immediately changed directions towards him.


Multiple electromagnetic beams began firing at Yue Zhong.

Since they disabled their central computers, the accuracy of the soldiers all suffered. However, with their superior firepower, it was enough to suppress Yue Zhong, forcing him to evade constantly.

The remaining 69 heavy assault helicopters continued towards the direction of the prison.

In a camp of the 1st Prison, one wall suddenly exploded, as the butcher-like Wu Heng walked out in tattered clothes, his eyes bloodshot.

A large number of Blood-sucking Bees flew towards Wu Heng, however, the moment they got close, they would be enveloped by a mysterious force. Their bodies were then crushed by that unseen force, as the juices got squeezed out.

Wu Heng laughed out madly, “Hahahaha!! I have awakened as a Type 5 Divine Warrior!! I’m invincible!! Haha!! The world is my oyster now!!!”

His arrogant and unbridled tone had shaken Phantom who was fleeing. As she fled, she turned around to glance at Wu Heng, her eyes flashing with shock, “Type 5 Divine Warrior?! How did he awaken as one?”

During the journey to the prison, Phantom had assessed Wu Heng and did not discover anything off about him. Seeing him suddenly become a Type 5 Divine Warrior, her heart was full of shock.

Even so, she continued to flee frantically. She was very clear about the destructive might the heavy assault helicopters were bringing. Even a Type 5 Divine Warrior would not be able to survive that kind of blast zone.

Amidst Wu Heng’s maniacal laughter, the fleet of heavy assault helicopters arrived above the 1st Prison.

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