God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 887

Deep in the forest, Phantom looked at the unconscious kid and frowned with worry. She did not like having a burden during missions.

White Bones stood quietly by the side, its dark eyes flashing with demonic fire.

Suddenly, the tall grass rattled beside her. Phantom’s pupils narrowed, as she fixed her gaze over at the direction. A dagger appeared in her hands, and she was ready to pounce.

Yue Zhong walked out from the grass, eyeing the kid, “What’s wrong with him?”

Phantom replied simply, “He’s in a coma and running a fever!”

At this time, a dozen other experts walked out from the grass.

The moment Zhong Bu came out, and caught sight of Phantom, he stared right at her as he exclaimed, “You’re Phantom!! Assassin Phantom!!”


Hearing Phantom’s name, everyone inside Zhong Bu’s unit faltered, their expressions full of fear and caution.

Assassin Phantom was one of the sharpest ‘daggers’ in Wei Ming Qing’s hands. She had killed many experts who had opposed Wei Ming Qing before. Even a Type 5 expert of the rebels had been killed at her hands. She was a legend among the assassins.

Phantom looked at them coldly, not saying anything. This was her character. Other than those she cared about, she held nothing else in her eyes. To other people, she was just an aloof beauty.

“Let’s go!”

Yue Zhong took a look at the kid and left.

White Bones took the kid into its arms and followed beside Yue Zhong.

Phantom disappeared into the night. She was not used to being in a crowd, there was no sense of comfort. Compared to men, she trusted her dagger more.

Zhong Bu saw Phantom following Yue Zhong’s instructions and was impressed, his valuation of Yue Zhong becoming higher, “He could even subjugate the Queen of Assassins. This Yue Zhong is not simple!”

One soldier was licking his lips when he saw Phantom earlier, his eyes shining with lust, “So that was the Queen of the assassin world, Phantom? Truly beautiful!”

“Let’s go!”

With Zhong Bu’s command, all the soldiers quickly left.

Since the 4 large Clans had invited Yue Zhong, the moment they left the forest, they came to a clearing where a number of vehicles were long since prepared for them.

The moment they came to a villa, a beautiful woman with long, black hair, a voluptuous body, and exquisite looks, came out to greet them. She was dressed in a white silk dress and her smile was radiant, “Sir Yue Zhong, I’m Cai Wei, please come with me!”

Yue Zhong followed silently behind, as they came to a living hall.

Inside the hall, there was a young man who was incredibly handsome. When he saw Yue Zhong and the rest, his expression immediately became professional as he welcomed them, “How do you do, Yue Zhong. Welcome! I’m Zhang Huan, the leader of the largest Republican Rebel Group here in the city.”

Yue Zhong frowned, his mouth twitching as he shot a sarcastic look, “Republican group? I have not heard of any such organizations within the Capital. If you guys aren’t sincere, then forget about it. Hiding the head while sending the tail, I’m not interested in cooperating with such riff-raff.”

After that, Yue Zhong directly turned around to leave.

Zhang Hui’s face turned pale as he called out, “Wait!! Mr. Yue Zhong, please stay behind, we can discuss this!! We can discuss this!!”

The 20 bodyguards who looked skill stood in front of the door and shuffled to block his way.

Yue Zhong eyed those 20 bodyguards, his gaze turning incredibly cold. A strong killing intent emitted from him as he declared, “Are you all seeking death?”

The 20 bodyguards were thoroughly spooked by that oppressive killing intent, and their expressions flashed with fear. However, they gritted their teeth and remained where they were.

Yue Zhong kept his gaze level, as he spoke icily, “Fine, since you’re looking to die, let me send you on your way!”

At his current realm, killing 20 Type 3 Divine Warriors was an easy feat.

A wizened voice resounded from the side, as 4 middle-aged men stepped out, “Stop, Yue Zhong. We’re sincere in working with you to eradicate Wei Ming Qing.”

Yue Zhong turned to them and spoke with an impassive face, “You finally decided to come out? 4 great Clan Lords?”

He had known from Phantom’s report about the power division and the factions within the Capital. A faction that could extract him noiselessly from the 1st Prison was definitely only the work of the 4 largest clans.

The rest of the factions could not pull out 30 Type 4 experts just to escort Yue Zhong.

Dou Meng reached out with an extended hand, intending to shake his hand, “Hello, Yue Zhong. I’m Dou Meng of the Dou Clan. These are Zhao Sheng from the Zhao Clan, Lu Yi from the Lu Clan, and Chen Mu from the Chen Clan. This matter is grave, do forgive us as it concerns the life and death of our clan. We had to be cautious. We seek your pardon for the behavior earlier.”

Yue Zhong went to sit on the sofa and shot them a look, “I can understand, but I truly hope that it’s a cooperation we’re talking about. I don’t have the habit of being someone else’s pawn.”

He did not intend to flip out with the 4 leaders, however, by dealing with this obvious puppet Zhang Huan, his position of negotiation would be lower. He did not intend to be a tool nor cannon fodder for these people.

Dou Meng wore an amiable smile, “Of course. Yue Zhong, I want to know if you have a Super A.I or the ability to manipulate electronic systems?”

“Shouldn’t Zhong Bu have already reported this information to you guys?”

Dou Meng kept his gaze fixed on Yue Zhong, his pupils constricting slightly, “I hope to hear it directly from your mouth.”

The other 3 Clan Leaders also stared at him, their gazes expectant. His answer concerned the success of their stratagem to attack the inner city.

Yue Zhong did not hesitate to reply, “Super A.I.”

Wei Ming Qing’s power was too large, Yue Zhong had to work together with others with their gathered strength in order to defeat him.

With just him and Phantom, even if they were 2 Type 5 Divine Warriors, with the help of a Super A.I., if there were no accidents, they still would not be able to reach Wei Ming Qing’s side.

As the Emperor of Cloud Region, he had plenty of Type 5 experts beside him. There were at least 20 of them. Individually, they could not possibly be dealt with alone by Yue Zhong, much less an entire group of them.

The eyes of the 4 Clan Lords flickered with joy, “That’s great!”

Dou Meng continued solemnly, “Yue Zhong, we hope that you can make use of your Super A.I. to block the technological aspects of Wei Ming Qing’s forces.”

With the help of a Super A.I., they could gain control of the systems, and while Bai Yi’s clones might not be as powerful as herself, they could still affect the central computer in Wei Ming Qing’s hands.

Yue Zhong agreed, “Not a problem! As long as you guys provide enough computers.”

Suddenly, a servant came running into the hall with a panicked expression, “Lord! There’s an army heading towards our villa right now, there’re over 200 of them, and they’re likely the City Guards!”

Hearing this, the faces of the 4 Clan Lords fell, “City Guards!! What the hell are they doing here? Are they already intending to act against us?!”

In the past, any time the City Guards were deployed, it signaled a massacre. At each location where the City Guards were dispatched to in the past, there would be bloodshed.

Zhong Bu’s expression was unsightly, almost tumbling to the ground as he ran into the room, shouting, “Clan Lord!! Clan Lord!! Things are bad!! The Black Fox unit has sent a report, saying that Wei Ming Qing is already acting against us!”

Black Fox was the intel unit that the 4 Great Clans paid a huge price to infiltrate the City Guards, sending crucial reports at the most crucial times.

Dou Meng’s face fell, “Damn it! He’s already making a move just because of suspicions?! This bastard is truly unscrupulous!”

In the past, Wei Ming Qing had given some consideration to the 4 Great Clans and did not try anything funny with them. However, he actually deployed his cards today, obviously intending to wipe them out without even talking about evidence of any traitorous behavior.

Such an act might incur the ire of the residents in the capital. However, at this point, the madman could not care less about anything, that showed how much caution he had thrown to the wind.

Chen Mu’s eyes flashed with anxiety, “What happens now?”

Dou Meng declared, “Seems like we need to bring forward our plan!!”

The other 3 Leaders also nodded.


Dou Meng immediately gave an order to the 4 intelligence soldiers beside him, “Convey the command, Operation Kill-King is in effect!!”


The 4 intelligence soldiers quickly retreated, and worked on transmitting the order.

Dou Meng then spoke to Yue Zhong, “Yue Zhong, please come with me, we have already prepared the computers for you. You just have to create clones of your A.I. within the network.”

Against the impending attack of the 200 city guards, Dou Meng seemed to not mind them.

Yue Zhong also knew the severity of the matter and quickly followed Dou Meng into a secret room.

Dou Meng pressed a button, revealing a long tunnel in front of them.

The party quickly ran in.

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