God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 889

All of a sudden, the 4 corners of the outer city suddenly split open, as a number of guided energy missiles shot out, firing towards the center.

Hong!! Hong!! Hong!!

Following the loud explosions, multiple areas of the city blew up, as powerful shockwaves rocked outwards. Many defenses crumbled, and over thousands of elite soldiers were crushed under the falling debris. The entire outer city felt the intense tremors.

In the aftermath, Wei Shou was hiding in one corner and he roared out furiously, “What the hell is going on? Why wasn’t there any warning? What did we get those on sentry duty for?!”

One military officer came up to Wei Shou and reported in a pathetic state, “General, the sentry and guard personnel did not receive any notification from the central computer. They suspect that the central computer has either been destroyed or compromised. What should we do now?”

Wei Shou shot up in anger, charging towards the command center, “Retaliate!! Convey my order, we retaliate with all we got, and we must eradicate these bastard rebels!!”

The officer suddenly shouted out with a panicked expression, “General! Watch out!!”


In the skies, 2 guided Energy Missiles descended from the skies, directly exploding right in front of Wei Shou. The resulting blast enveloped him.

The rebels of the 4 Great Clans did not know that the General in charge of city defense had been blown to death by them. They continued to fire out multiple guided Energy Missiles.

The intelligence of the 4 Great Clans was extremely advanced. They knew clearly what the city guards were capable of, and they had high-tech equipment. If attacked by them, they would not be able to resist.

“Damn it!! They’re rebelling!! They’ve betrayed the Emperor!!”

“Where’s the General?! Where’s the General?! Why isn’t he giving any orders?!”

“Attack!! Fight back!!”


Having lost Wei Shou’s command, the city guards were thrown into a panic, not knowing whether to defend or to attack.

A troop of a thousand soldiers went to attack the west, while another attacked the north. There were many other units who were at a loss, running about like headless flies.

Under the constant barrage of the guided Energy Missiles, the outer city was being demolished, as debris flew in all directions.

The imposing city wall, which had seemed invincible and impossible to be destroyed, finally came crumbling down, the massive effort and resources gone down the drain.

There were many experts within the city guards. At this critical moment, a number of Reapers, heavy assault helicopters, as well as enhanced motorcycles came roaring out. The elite experts began to clash with the rebel forces with bloodshot eyes and bloodlust.

Soon, as both sides clashed, the casualty toll was rising. The best warriors of the human race were not killed in combat against other races, but due to in-fighting, it was truly a huge pity.

“Wei Ming Qing wants to kill all of us to help himself breakthrough to the Type 7 realm! Everyone, stand up against him, and wipe out this demon! Otherwise, we will just be fodder for him.”

“Wei Ming Qing is no longer a human, he’s a freak now!! Let’s revolt!”

“The 4 Great Clans have begun to rise against Wei Ming Qing’s tyranny! Outside the capital, we have over 2 million allies! We will definitely win this battle!! Everyone!! Join us and eradicate Wei Ming Qing!! Or else, we’ll only face death in this godforsaken land!!”


The various pawns planted in the Capital began to act. Those various upper clansmen who had trembled and stayed silent under Wei Ming Qing’s tyranny began to respond as well, leading their own clan to join the uprising.


Wei Ming Qing relied on slaughter to maintain his rule, especially massacring those that oppose him without any constraint. This has already caused alarm and fear in the rest of the clans. They were long since upset with his rule, they were just afraid of voicing it out. Now that the 4 Great Clans had taken the lead, their pent-up feelings exploded out.

As the mob grew, those police and moles that belongs to Wei Ming Qing were dragged out and killed. Those who were loyal to him were quickly captured and forced to make a choice: defect or be killed.


The elite city guards were forced to retreat within the inner city.

The rebel troops of the 4 Great Clans did not immediately launch an attack on the inner city, instead, they swept through the entire outer city, ensuring no loose ends were left and that the city was thoroughly in their control. After that, they began to deploy the various troops to the battlefield between the city guards and rebels.

The 4 Great Clans were clear about the might of the City Guards. They were truly the most outstanding elites with advanced equipment, resources, and training. Other than the Xue Luo guards, no one could be a match for them. Furthermore, they had retreated into the inner city and were defending it, preventing the rebel troops from invading.

While the 4 Great Clans could take down those in the outer city, it was because that was their turf, and they had many pawns set up everywhere. Each pawn that was activated could cause the death of a unit.

They had to leave the tough City Guards for the last. Once they have taken out the outer city troops and regathered all their forces, it would then be possible to launch an all-out attack and assault the inner city.

As both parties were at a standstill, numerous guide Energy Missiles fell upon the inner city like rain.

The various radar-like devices within the inner city got activated, firing out beams that formed a huge energy shield above them. When the guided missiles struck the shield, they exploded and caused ripples.

There were guided Energy Missiles within the capital as well. The next moment, one could see the ground within the inner city splitting apart, as multiple missiles were fired in response, shooting out of the region.

“They’ve fired!! Fools! Go to hell!!”

The officers of the 4 Great Clans watched the retaliating firing of missiles with cold, sarcastic looks.

When the missiles passed the energy shield, they suddenly turned around and slammed into the shield, causing more damage to it, and whittling down the energy.

At the same time, the rebel troops within the city began to attack the energy shield, firing their weapons at it, causing ripples and wearing it down.

The energy shield of the inner city was truly hardy, but the energy consumption was likewise astounding. The more powerful the attack, its energy spent would be larger. As long as the threshold was met, the entire shield would collapse. However, before it crumbled, the inner city was still as protected and solid as a rock.

The head of the inner City Guards, Wei Meng, looked out into the distance, his expression steely. He was silent for a long while, before speaking slowly, “Jin Sheng!”

A subordinate wearing a Type 5 Battle Suit stepped forward, “Your subordinate reports!”

Wei Meng stared at him and spoke, “Go take 5,000 City Guards to attack the rebel. They have a Super A.I. with them. The firepower support I can provide is very little. Do you have the confidence to crush them?”

Jin Sheng’s tone was filled with pride as he replied, “Your subordinate promises to finish this task!”

Wei Meng waved his hand, “Set off!”


Suddenly, the city gates opened, and 5,000 City Guards wearing Battle Suits charged out under the lead of their various commanders, swiftly attacking the rebel troops of the 4 Great Clans.

Without any preparation, the rebel troops were only able to fire off two volleys before the 5,000 City Guards sliced through them like knives.

In this battle, the disparity in strength between both parties was highlighted. Many of the rebels were easily slaughtered in the clash.

The intense battle went on for not long, and the rebel forces on the frontlines were forced back. The 5,000 City Guards continued to slaughter their way throughout the crowd, and the situation fell into a deadlock.

Wei Meng looked at how easily the rebels were being killed with a condescending look, “Hmph! Bunch of riffraff! Even if you have a Super A.I., you can’t beat our City Guards!”

On the battlefield, Jin Sheng was like a rampaging tiger. He charged everywhere, the battle spear in his hands would pierce out and kill the rebel soldiers like it was nothing. He would laugh maniacally, his visage frightening and evil.

Right at this time, there were sounds of whirring from the distance, as a dozen assault helicopters flew over.


The moment they appeared, electromagnetic beams were fired down mercilessly.

Under the shower of firepower, many City Guards were pierced through.

In order to dodge those electromagnetic beams, the City Guards had no choice but to duck behind cover. However, it was not enough, as the missiles fired were enough to blast their cover and the soldiers to smithereens.


Wei Meng looked at the sudden appearance of the assault helicopters and lost control, slamming his fist into the wall, leaving a deep imprint, “Beasts!!”

If it were not for the Super A.I., the Capital could easily make use of their targeting missiles to take down these assault helicopters.

Being unable to utilize those automatic targeting missiles meant that no matter how much the Capital was firing laser beams, they were unable to hit them accurately.

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